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Top Ten Tuesday | A Girl and her Book Wishes for the Book Genie (aka This Should be a Thing)

Hello, Top Ten Tuesday friends and readers! Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday, Finding Wonderland style. 

Broke and Bookish May 9 | Ten Things On Our Reading Wishlist 
things you want to see more of in books -- tropes, a time period, a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a certain plot, etc. All those things that make you think I WANT MORE OF THIS IN BOOKS! - Broke and Bookish

So, today's topic reminds me a little too much of topics we've discussed last month. Those are:

April 18: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book
April 25:  Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

Despite this, I am still participating in Top Ten Tuesday. Sort of. 

In consideration of the posts (linked above) I decided not to put together an entirely new, full bang post today. Instead, I'm just putting a little rundown of the things I talk about in the April 18th and April 25th post, plus (because I cannot help myself - and I love talking all things bookish with you all, I do share three "new" things - meaning its not on either one of the previous lists), and invite you to take a look at those if you haven't already! 

Here we go!

1. New Author, Same Publisher | When I’m in my I-really-should-be-working-on-X, but-I-really-want-to-browse-Goodreads-or-Amazon mode, sometimes I run across new authors. When this happens, I look at the synopsis and publisher. If the former hooks me, and its from a publisher I read often, my curiosity scale level goes off the charts. 

New finds include a book from actress Bailee Madison (Blink), Sadhya Menon (Simon Pulse), and Joanna Davidson Palitano (Revell).

2. Love TrianglesAgain this is another thing that can be perfectly fine if written well. My greater pet peeve (outside the triangle) is when the girl is SO. DARN. WISHY-WASHY. But I’d like to save further dissection of this for a “discussion” post. 

Book Discussion | The Love Triangle Effect


1. Bookish (People) and Bloggers | Um, how awesome would it be to meet more character in our "line of work"?? *smile* Epic, right?? (What books have you read that feature these kinds of characters?? I want all the recommendations!)

2. Roaring 20s! (Time Period) | Apart from the contemporary genre, which is my favorite, I'd love to see more novels set in WWI and transitioning into the Roaring 20s. Since Downton Abbey, I'll confess, I love this time frame! It's so vibrant, and also marked a turning point in society. 
3. Timeline (One Day) | I've not read many books centered on one day, and sometimes I feel like it can be really restricting and limiting. BUT if done well or when centered around a "big event" (like a holiday or popular pop culture event), it might be really interesting.


How about all of you: What made your bookish wishlists this week? Have you read any great books with my topics that are well done, and interesting? Recommend them down below! Or chat all things bookish. Let's get our book talk on. 

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland.
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  1. I'm always interested when it's a familiar publisher too. And I actually like love triangles, with the same exception as you! Better go check out that fun discussion post. *click* ;)

    1. YAY! Glad to meet a fellow publisher checker. ;)

      I deal with love triangles depending on the story. If I'm captivated I tend to jump on board. If not, eh, I don't care for it.

      Thanks! Hope you enjoyed. I always write a discussion post and then after I publish it, I think of a million other things I wish I'd addressed. *Sigh* That's the life of a blogger. ;)

  2. I did nbot follow the TTT this week, I just added books I had on my wish list :P
    I can not do love triangle it will break my hear if the guy I love ends up with the broken heart.
    I am reading now the Bronze Horseman, I guess you can call it love triangle and my heart break for the poor Tatiana. Really good book very very sad though.
    I can not read books in one day. I wish I could, I used to read between two to four books a week, after my second kid all that went down to hell, it would probably take me 2 weeks to finish a book. A few weeks ago I finished a book in one sit! but , that wasn't a big book though :P
    After reading Between Shades of Gray all I have been reading are books set in WW2 time period and I am obsessed with them. And I want to read more!
    My TTT.

    1. I was too disorganized to put together a legit Top Ten Tuesday, Mariela. Ah, well. It happens to us all and that's okay.

      Some love triangles are tolerable, but mostly, I find they're too "easy" of a coping mechanism (for the characters). I've heard 'Horseman' is really good, but haven't read much about it. I'll have to take a closer look at it.

      I'm a TURTLE reader like a boss. Trying to improve on this, but I always really want to enjoy my reading time, so... yeah. There is that! Good for you finishing a book in a sitting. That's awesome.

      For some reason I love WWII era novels. Why I don't know. Maybe the historical richness?? Not sure.

      Glad you stopped by! Always great to chat with you.

  3. I completely agree with you Rissi! The 20s are a time period I've never explored through literature. It's time to start researching books!

    1. YAY for new eras. Always fun to discover those. :) Thanks so much for visiting.

  4. I'd love to read a book where book bloggers are prominent! And books set all in one day or some other compressed timeframe could be fun too if done right.

    1. Ditto. A "one day" concept (or centered around a prominent "one day" event") has to have the right tone/set up. But when done right, I think they can be magical.

      AND YES! Bring on all the blogger/reader characters (aka bookish peeps). Love it.

      Thanks so much for visiting, Greg. :)

  5. Love triangles make me groan because usually they're not well written or just there to add tension and annoying BUT... when well done, when well done they can be excellent especially if I am torn about the outcome!

    1. For me, love triangles usually serve to keep the "meant to be couple" apart. *Sigh* Because of this, it's more often annoying than informative. :)

      If I like BOTH dudes, usually I'm sad for the loser. BUT if *I* know immediately who the better guy is (aka, the dude she'll chose), then I'm all like, "DUH! Is there even a choice??" ;)

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and sharing your thoughts, Olivia!

  6. Replies
    1. *high five*

      Thanks for visiting, Jennifer!

  7. The roaring twenties are such an interesting time period - I'd love to read more fantasy set in that time too. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

    1. Really?? That sounds super cool, Lauren. What books have you read in that genre?

      Thanks, as always, for visiting! :)

  8. Would love some more roaring 20's books! I also love to read about bookish people and bloggers. Great list!!

    1. Bookish characters and/or bloggers would be amazing! We'd totally relate, right??

      Thanks so much for visiting, Grace. Visit anytime. :)

  9. Oh my gosh, that would be the coolest to read a book about a book blogger. Someone needs to write this book. That would be the best! Great list!

    1. Wouldn't it?? We'd all SO relate, right? Bring on the awesome.

      NOTE TO AUTHORS: Book Bloggers are taking applications for best author. ;)

      Thanks for visiting, Jeanna.

  10. I always add books about bloggers to my TBR! It so fun to read about something you can relate to so well. Great list, Rissi!

    1. That it is, Lori. So much fun to discover bookish characters inside the pages of favorite books. :) Thanks, as always, for making Finding Wonderland a Top Ten Tuesday stop, Lori. :)

  11. I LOVE books about books!! They're the best because I automatically connect with the bookworm in the story.😍 And like how can you go wrong with bookworm appreciation, amirite?! Have you tried Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley?! It is EXCELLENT and set in a bookstore. 🎉🎉

    1. ME TOO, Cait. All the books about books and book worms, bring them on. :)

      Simple. You cannot go wrong with the bookworm appreciation. It's impossible.

      I haven't read Words in Deep Blue. BUT I really want too. I love the sound of it. Thanks for reminding me - and for visiting! :)

  12. Have you read The Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout? The main character is a book blogger and I loved reading about her being excited about books and arcs and making vlogs! It was so much fun to read as a book blogger myself to see those little details in that series. :)

    1. I have not read those - nor any of Jennifer's books, Wendy. I love the sound of it though. Thanks for recommending! Now, I'm curious. :)

      Appreciate you stopping by. As always.

  13. I would be so down for books about bookish people/bloggers! Yes please :) Also, I love the one day timeline! Some of my favorite movies are the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight trilogy, which is mostly just two people talking during one day, but I love them :)

    1. YES! Bring on the bookish/blogger characters. We're ready. :)

      You know, I've never seen that film franchise. But have heard good things about it. I did recently watch a "one day" film set in Hong Kong that was REALLY cute and interesting. :)

      Thanks for visiting, Lindsey.


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