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Top Ten Tuesday | Fathers + Daughters (aka the Post in which I Admire My Dad and other Memorable Father-Daughter Fictional Duos)

With Dad’s special day just around the corner, it’s no surprise that today’s Broke and Bookish requests blogger’s put the spin on fathers in literature.

Broke and Bookish June 13 | Father's Day Related Freebie - Broke and Bookish

Ah, the ties of fathers and daughters. It’s a wonderful sort of bond.This I know because I’m a daughter. Biased or not, I think my father is a pretty cool guy. We’re very similar when it comes to temperament, observations or how we deal with things, though that’s where the similarities end (my sense of creativity most definitely does not come from him, nor did I inherit his early bird status), yet still he’s taught me so much.

He’s taught me the importance of hard work every day through his work ethic.
He’s taught me to never compromise on something when it’s the right thing – even if it is the harder task.
He taught me to always make time for the silly; like when he indulged his seven-year-old daughter who wanted to “ice skate” in the kitchen.
He’s taught me how to laugh at myself. (When the situation calls for it.)

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. You’re the best.

In the past, I’ve written posts about favorite father-daughter duos in fiction (books, movies and TV). It’s always been a fun thing for me to put together and take a closer look at the complicated and heartwarming relationships between these memorable father’s and their daughter. Particularly when it comes to TV, I’ve met some amazing characterizations and relationships between fathers and daughters. I think the reason why some of these characters linger with me so long is these types of relationships are fewer than they are commonplace. Everything today is all about the romance, and don’t get me wrong, I love this (because, yeah, I’m a romantic), but sometimes it’s refreshing to become immersed in a show or book and find there’s a strong bond between parents.

The YA market in particular seems to lack strength in this department. In these stories, parents receive a passing mention (like, for example, the book I’m currently reading, which is Before I Fall) but don’t play a pivotal role in the life of their children. If you’ve been a reader for a while, I’ll warn you, the following list may seem redundant. (What can I say, I still adore these characters.) If you’re a more recent visitor and reader, read on to discover who these characters (from books, movies and TV) are still near and dear.

» Memorable Fathers and Daughters in Fiction «

1. Mr. Bennet and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen |While I like the idea of the relationship Mr. Bennet has with all of his daughters, its Elizabeth and he have the closest and most special relationship with. Their bond encapsulates in the final scene…
“…I could not have parted with you, my Lizzy, to anyone less worthy.”
2. Cinderella and her Father from Cinderella | Through their time together is cruelly cut short, these two are so sweet together. The affection this man has for his daughter is always portrayed beautifully. 
“To him she has always been a princess” 
3. Hazel and her Dad in The Fault in Our Stars by John Green | I don’t remember their interactions in the book, but do recall appreciating the role Hazel’s father played in the film. Add on Goodreads
“You are not a grenade, not to us. Thinking about you dying makes us sad, Hazel, but you are not a grenade. You are amazing. You can’t know, sweetie, because you’ve never had a baby become a brilliant young reader with a side interest in horrible television shows, but the joy you bring us is so much greater than the sadness we feel about your illness.” (Hazel’s dad, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green)
4. Jack and Sydney Bristow | Complicated though this relationship is, I still liked it. It evolved and shifted over the five years this ABC show was on air. The one flaw I grew most wearisome of was the lies.

5. Nancy and Mr. Drew from Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew Mystery series | ‘Tis true I’ve never read one of these books, but I do love these characters as I’ve met them in TV shows or telefilms. Or in the 2007 version with Emma Roberts! 

6. Ramona (and Beezus) and her Father from Ramona and Beezus | Another duo I've not met in the books, but in the film? Aww... this father daughter trio is super cute! 
 “I wouldn’t change a thing. You girls make my life very colorful.”
7. Richard and Alexis Castle from Castle (ABC) | I remember when I first met these two (way back, some eight years ago) being impressed by their relationship. It was probably the first father-daughter TV relationship I’d seen that worked and worked really well, not to mention didn’t feature a daughter who was disrespectful.

8. Mr. Walker and his kids, Kate, Logan, Becket and Raegan from Melissa Tagg’s Walker Family Series | Who doesn’t love this family?? Melissa’s fun-loving and relatable family saga is beautifully written. Find the Walker series on Goodreads 

9. Veronica and Keith Mars from Veronica Mars | Despite the fact that this WB show is older than ABC’s Castle, I didn’t start watching Veronica Mars until more recent years. Of course, now that I have seen all the seasons, without hesitation these two are forever in my heart and always find a place on any of my father and daughter list features. I feel like this is the Father-Daughter equivalent of the Gilmore Girls.

10. Garner Bradford and his Girls from Then Came You and True to You by Becky Wade | Ok, so thus far, this relationship hasn’t developed because a. Garner’s (novella) story is told entirely through journal entries, so we don’t really “see” him as a father. Then in his middle daughter’s story (book one in the series), he’s MIA, but still. I love him as a character simply for him and the way his daughters talk about him. Knowing he raised these amazing ladies says a lot about him! Add on Goodreads

BONUS! 11. Margaret and Mr. Hale from North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell | Again, I know theirs isn’t the primary relationship, but I do love what’s there.

*publishes Tuesday (channel linked above)
Time to chat: Tell me, what father/daughter duos do you love best? Who makes your favorite lists – tell me all about them? Do you like any of these father/daughter duos? How did you spin this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic? Leave all these bookish thoughts –and Top Ten Tuesday links, down below.

Thank you for visiting Finding Wonderland.
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  1. Veronica and Keith are the best, maybe the best parent-kid relationship on television ever. I also adore the relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Bennet. I think part of the reason they were so close was because their similar personalities made it easier for them to be understood by one another in a household sometimes filled with...well, Mrs. Bennet's ambitions for her daughters. Great list!

    My TTT

    1. The way Mr. Bennet stands up for his daughter when her mother wants her to marry Mr. Collins? So lovely. I appreciate so much about this character, but that's one of the best things. :)

      Keith and Veronica are epic. I feel like they're the father-daughter Gilmore Girls comparison. :)

      Appreciate you visiting, Alicia.

  2. Mr. Bennet is frustrating in some ways but the fact that Elizabeth is his favorite daughter shows that he has some sense and they are really sweet together. And Veronica and Keith Mars - definitely my all time favorite Father-Daughter on TV. THey are THE best. Great list!

    1. I love Mr. Bennet for several reasons, the primary being that he doesn't make Lizzy marry Mr. Collins. That's a BIG win in his favor. :)

      LOVE Keith and Veronica. They're epic. They're unforgettable. They're the best.

      Thanks for visiting, Stephanie. :)

  3. Cinderella and her father! What a great choice :-) I'm happy to see Carson and Nancy on your list. I picked them too. I always remember thinking Carson sounded like a fantastic father. :-)

    1. I kept thinking of Cinderella and her dad in the new Disney version. I loved them in that, and appreciated that her father got to see her grow up. Also, Carson does seem like a great dad! I've not met him in the books, but I loved him in the TV shows/movies. So, yeah, book Carson HAS to be great. :)

      Thanks for visiting, Chrissi.

  4. I can't believe that I forgot about Richard Castle. Now, I want to do my TTT over. Our TTT

    1. Richard Castle is, without question, one of my ALL TIME favorite (fiction) dads. From the first series to the end, he was a memorable character. Love how he and Alexis relationship stayed the same, yet changed when she helped him set up his Private Eye business. So cute!

      Thanks for visiting! :)

  5. Mr. Bennet and Elizabeth is a good one. I love their dynamic (granted I've only seen the movies, I haven't read the books- but still). Nancy and Mr. Drew is another great pick! And I wouldn't have thought of the bristows, but... yeah. I miss that show sometimes!

    1. I've not read Pride & Prejudice either, Greg, but do love those two. They share a really good relationship and I appreciate that he stands up to her mother in regards to the Mr. Collins situation, "An unhappy alternative is before you, Elizabeth..." Yeah. In this situation, the choice is a no-brainer. ;)

      Complicated as their relationship was, I did love Jack and Sydney.

      Thanks, as always, for stopping by! :)

  6. Veronica and Keith! I am in the midst of rewatching that show right now and I cannot agree more. Such a great dad!

    1. *high five* And you've reminded me: why haven't I re-watched Veronica Mars?! *she asks rhetorically* ;)

      Glad you visited, Tara! Thank you.

  7. Aww I love your list! And you're so right, we need more of these family relationships in books and well, fiction in general! I'm a big romantic myself, but romantic love is not the only love out there and we need the other types of love as well, such as between family or friends.
    Anyway, I love you choices here! ESPECIALLY Veronica and Keith Mars, they are my all-time favorite father-daughter duo :)

    1. Thanks, Lindsey! Glad you shared your thoughts. And I agree. I love finding a really good friendship in novels/fiction too. Makes the story fuller. :)

      Three cheers for Kieth and Veronica. Those two are unforgettable, and I agree. They *could* be my favorite too - or they are depending on the day of the week I'm asked. (Because I do change my mind. :D)

      Thanks, as always, for visiting!

  8. Ramona's dad was a great pick. I couldn't agree with it more.

    I wouldn't have originally thought to pick Cinderella's dad, but that was another good choice as well.

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

    1. Thanks, Astilbe! I had fun with this list and enjoyed that there are some on the list that aren't always a "popular" choice like Cinderella's dad. :)

      Appreciate you visiting.

  9. oooo I'm so glad you mentioned Garner Bradford. The novella undid me. All of these other father/daughters you've mentioned are some of my very faves too - and what a sweet tribute to your own dad! <3 My TTT

    1. Thanks, I was glad to mention Garner too, Carrie! That novella is BEAUTIFUL, as all of Becky's stories are, but goodness! This new series is going to be her most brilliant yet.

      My dad is awesome. But of course, I'm not biased. At all. ;)

      Appreciate you visiting!

  10. First of all, I love what you said about your own dad! You mentioned your dad's work ethic and that's one of my favorite things about my own dad...and his constant sacrificial love.

    Thanks bunches for including the Walkers!! I love Case Walker...such a sweet dad. He includes many traits of my own dad and my grandpa. AND I love that you included Keith and Veronica Mars! From the very first episode of that show, their relationship was one of my favorite things about it.

    1. My dad is an amazing person, and I admire him for so many reasons, but his work ethic is something I remember even in childhood. He's always been a hard worker and I appreciate this and so many things about him. :)

      From all you've shared about your family, I know they're amazing, Melissa.

      Case is an amazing father, and like Courtney, I do wish I'd thought to include Logan as well. He's a favorite of course. Aww! I love knowing he's inspired by your own father and grandpa. That makes him all the more wonderful.

      Keith and Veronica... those two! How could I not include them?? They seem like the father-daughter equivalent of Lorelai and Rory. :)

      Thank you for visiting! I always enjoy chatting with you, Melissa.

  11. Case Walker also made my list. I mean seriously, he's like the perfect dad.

    1. He is, Britttaney! Love him. :)

      As always, glad you stopped by.

  12. Fun post, Rissi! Totally agree with Mr. Bennet; he's the best Austen dad!

    1. *high five* Gotta' love Mr. Bennet! Especially when he stands up for Lizzy against Mr. Collins and her own mother.

      Glad to have you visit, as always, Miranda. :)

  13. What a list! I like how you included books, film, and TV all together :)

    Like you, I'm anxious to know just a little more about Garner Bradford..... the small glimpse of his character through the novella just isn't enough! (Mostly because, let's face it, he has beautiful eyes.) Ha!

    1. Thanks! It was fun to put this together... only I realized afterwards that I only added fathers/daughters, and I did think of a father-son duo I like (now I've forgotten again). Must have been because I'm a daughter, so that's where my mind wondered. :)

      Right?? I hope we learn MORE about Garner in the coming books too. LOL, I don't blame ya', girl! :D

      Thanks for visiting, as always. :)

  14. I haven't seen all of those shows/movies or read all of those books, but those that I have I agreed with wholeheartedly! I loved Elizabeth and Mr. Bennet, as well as Melissa Tagg's Walker family. And, by the way, this is such a fun, unique post- Loved reading!

    1. Thank you, Korin. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post. It got looong! I know. :)

      Yay for Lizzy and her dad as well as that Walker family. Love them all. :)

      Glad you stopped by.

  15. This was so sweet -- I love what you said about your dad. ☺️

    Love the list! So many good ones. Keith and Veronica are definitely a favorite father-daughter duo. Their relationship was so epic. And I love that you included the Bennets and Hales! 😍 I think soon I want to rewatch a bunch of Austen films.

    1. He's the best, but of course, I'm not biased. Or anything of the sort. ;)

      Keith and Veronica is amazing. Love those two. And yay for classic lit fathers and daughters. I know the Hales aren't memorable in the way of Lizzy and her father, but I do generally like them in the miniseries. :)

      Glad you stopped by, Bekah.


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