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Independence Day, 2017 | Est. 1776

Here we are. July 4th. Independence day. America's birthday as a nation. With this day comes a flood of pride, happiness and gratefulness to be a part of something like the United States of America. No matter the conflicts or differences, speaking for myself, I'm still a girl proud of the red, white and blue. When those words of the National Anthem ring in my head, I'm grateful knowing all that we can be and have been. Today is a day to remember all that our Founding Fathers set out to do.

It's with a grateful heart, I thank them for their wisdom, foresight and time to shaping America.

Thanks to them, we have a country that we can be proud of through the years. A country whose freedoms I am beyond grateful for - and to the men and women who keep it that way.

Wishing you all a festive Fourth of July. I hope it's as bright, shining and spectacular as it should be.

Happy Independence Day 2017!

What did your holiday plans include? ★
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  1. I feel just like you, Rissi... Forever proud of this great nation and the morals and principles our country was founded upon! The Star-Spangled Banner will always be sacred and each word a testimony to where our country has been and where it is going! God bless America!!!

    Happy Independence Day!!! I'll be sharing the day and celebrating with family!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, too!!! :)

    1. Beautifully said, Net! So glad you had a wonderful day planned with family - those are the best kinds of days. :)

      Happy (belated) Independence Day. Hope it was a sparkling day. :)

  2. Great post! I hope you are having a lovely day! I spent the afternoon lounging around my families pool and spending some much needed time in the sunshine!

    1. Sounds lovely! I especially would have enjoyed lounging around the pool. :) Thanks for visiting, Erica.

  3. Great post Rissi! I hope you had a great day!

    1. Thanks - you too! Hope your day was fantastic. :)

  4. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! You too. Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  5. I hope your 4th was as fun as mine was! A little yard work, a little editing on my WIP, a little reading, a new pie recipe to try, and then friends over for supper and setting off a few small fireworks -- just an awesome day all around :-)

    1. Sounds like an awesome day indeed, Rachel!

      Yay for good friends and a new pie! What kind did you make? I tired an avocado s'mores pie, and it was actually quite good. (Plus, who doesn't like it when they can make a dessert pass for "healthy"?? ;D)

      Hope your WIP is going well. Will we get to see it in the world soon? :)


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