Jane Eyre (2011) - Beautiful Cinematography, Script Reimagines the Classic Bronte Story

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Literary scholars will have, by now, read the titular novel on which this is based, seen an adaptation or been introduced to Charlotte Bronte’s works through a modern interpretation, one of which features Jane as some sort of vampire-slayer

I, myself do not count this story among my very favorites, but I do love the story because unlike other Bronte works, it does retain a happy, if not completely conclusive ending. Most reviewers in the blog scene (and I realize that I am probably the only person who hasn’t seen this but, still, I thought I’d share my thoughts) who I follow adored this adaptation. My thoughts wound up being somewhat split, but nevertheless, here they are.

The Conspirator (2011)

Monday, August 29, 2011

History is always an interesting thing to delve into but you want to do so when you have a block of free time because there is so much information to be had – it can be overwhelming to take in. Most the time, British history holds more of an interest for me than American (stemming from so many British productions), but the events surrounding Abraham Lincoln do interest me and have never been explored like this before.

The Help (2011)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is there anyone who has not heard of this movie in the recent days and weeks leading up to its release? Annually when my dad takes his once a year (twice at the most) work-related trip, my mom and I always enjoy doing something fun – just the two of us. This year in addition to some shopping we went and saw this highly-acclaimed movie, and were most definitely not disappointed by the experience. Probably the majority of you, who may have wanted to see this, already have, but nevertheless, I thought I’d write up a review regarding my thoughts on the movie and the conclusions I came too.

Britt Nicole: Headphones

About the song:
Album: The Lost Get Found
Released: 2009
Writing Credits: Britt Nicole and Joshua Crosby
Label: Sparrow Records
Length: 3:40

The story: we are encouraged to stand-out; to dismiss hurtful insults and shake off gloominess resulting from such hateful offense because “love” is all-around.

My thoughts: one of the newcomers to the music scene, Britt’s music is fresh and most of the time inspiring. I LOVE this song because it is a bouncy tune that hopefully can be encouraging to young people struggling with issues of self esteem or bullying. Sometimes I do think such things are overblown, but then, I am sure plenty of others would argue with me on that point.

The young Christian songstress does a great job with this song. The music video (see it here) is one-part happiness and rainbows but still demonstrates the struggle some young adults and teenagers may face. It is cute that she can parallel something so serious to interact with something so cheerful. “Headphones” (which appears on the singer’s second album) is definitely the perfect pick for a breezy summer tune to blast on the radio – it just fits the mold. And I cannot wait to hear what’s next from Britt. Many of you may recognize her voice as being one on the Soul Surfer soundtrack. She did not record anything new for the movie, but several of her original songs are featured.

The lyrics: anytime you feel alone… love (love) is coming through your headphones…

27 Dresses (2008) - Katherine Heigl Plays Always a Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

Friday, August 26, 2011

I am always up for re-visiting (one of) my favorite romantic-comedy, so today that is exactly what I decided to do. Most of the blockbusters I’ve enjoy aren’t mainstream critics’ idea of a good time. 27 Dresses did not receive favorable approval at its press tours. However since romantic comedies often find a place among my collection (as do other genres, I promise), this was a must-see. 

Here from the screenwriters of Devil Wears Prada and director Anne Fletcher is how Hollywood identifies a young woman who “lives” the ever popular “always a bridesmaid never a bride” motto. 

Choice: Vanity or Beautiful Life

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When you enjoy any earthly comfort you want, have the attentions of a movie star with nearly everyone hanging on your every word, and the looks to go with it – and you know it, life is a walk in the park. Beastly tells such a story, although it probably won’t appeal to a much wider audience than pre-teens or older teenagers – to most all it looks like is an angst-driven story with some pretty faces and young Hollywood starlets that really have no real acting chops, but what everyone should recognize is its message about vanity… something that is only skin deep and fades with time.

Dark Blue, Season One (2009)

Officially, Dark Blue has never been released to DVD. Instead TNT offered a DV-R set on their site and eventually other retailers like Amazon picked it up – I was “first in line” to order a copy because I had been anxious to see it ever since its premiere. But what does Dark Blue have to offer that the next top-rated cop drama doesn’t already have?

Oh Sister!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sisters… We take their things. We compete with them. We fight with them, in the process hurling hurtful insults at each other, and leave things unsaid… but at the end of the day, we’d do anything for them, because they are the best friend we can always turn too… and we love them. Dozens of films, books and songs have explored the bond between sisters. Perhaps though none is more famous to we costume drama buffs than Austen’s iconic Pride & Prejudice or Sense & Sensibility. No matter how good those series are, I do not think I’ve seen the topic so well-written in what winds up being a genuinely endearing story in the 2005 film In Her Shoes. For a variety of reasons I never watched the movie and only now am sorry to not have watched it earlier, having seen just what I was missing out on.

In Her Shoes (2005)

In Her Shoes

When this first appeared in theaters and probably later on DVD, I elected not to see it. For the life of me, I do not know why it has taken me this long to see the movie. It’s cute. It’s funny. But most of all, what most of you might be surprised to discover (like I was) is just how heart-tugging the movie actually is…

After All These Years by Sally John

Saturday, August 20, 2011

About the book:
Author: Sally John
Publisher: Harvest House
Source: Purchase
Publish Date: 2008 (re-release), 2002 (first printing)
Find Elsewhere: Goodreads
Series: The Other Way Home - Book 2
Rating: 4 out of 5

Synopsis: two people are re-connected when big-city reporter Tony Ward shows up in Isabel Mendoza’s small-town haven. Isabel just happens to be Tony’s college girlfriend and the two of them parted on unsettled terms. Valley Oaks sheriff Cal Hunntington becomes friendly with the towns new pharmacist Lia. The woman has issues in her past, not the least of which include complications involving her young niece but it isn’t until Lia is threatened that Cal assumes a more protective nature.

Never Been Kissed (1999)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Never Been Kissed

Stories that are mushy are actually a good thing (take note all you cynics: just try something carefree and happy before you judge). Normally it is indicative that they’ll tell a romantic story that, yes, might make us roll our eyes with its clich├ęs but won’t make us cringe in disgust. As another reviewer so eloquently summed up Never Been Kissed – when was the last time lack of physical contact (or here, an adult heroine who had yet to experience her first kiss) was romanticized?

A Lot (un)Like Love...?

Last weekend, I finally rented the movie A Lot Like Love. Most romantic comedies define their genre – they aren’t terribly intelligent or life-changing but they do provide us with a really good, if not misleading night of entertainment. This story isn’t rigidly rooted in a moral pattern (in fact it is completely lacking in moral choices), but it tries to convince us that this boy-meets-girl scenario is something we are supposed to root for – the real questions is: should we?

The Civil Wars: I've Got This Friend

About the song:
Album: Poison & Wine
Released: 2011
Writing Credits: Joy Williams and John Paul White
Label: Sensibility
Length: 3:23

The story: this lyrical song sets up a blind-date scenario about a couple who each have a friend hiding away a broken heart who they’d like to see meet.

My thoughts: I was introduced to this duo through one of its members - Joy Williams. She was a young seventeen-year-old when she first burst onto the music scene in the Christian world with a light pop sound. Since then, she recorded three awesome albums but eventually “disappeared” with exception to a few EP’s. Now I have learned what she has been doing. She is one-half of The Civil Wars. On their debut album, nearly all their songs are musically sound. This is nearly the only one though that is upbeat.

Carrie Underwood: Temporary Home

Monday, August 15, 2011

About the song:
Album: Play On
Released: 2009
Writing Credits: Luke Laird, Zac Maloy and Carrie Underwood
Label: Arista Nashville
Length: 4:28
Certification: Gold – number one single

The story: the song tells three different sides to one common thread chronicling three different people from different generations going through diverse situations who see their earthly walk in life – from different perspectives as being only a Temporary Home

Lady Antebellum: Just a Kiss

About the song:
Album: Own the Night
Released: 2011
Writing Credits: Hillary Scott, Charles Kelly and Dave Haywood
Label: Capitol Nashville
Length: 3:41
Certification: Platinum - #1 Single

The story: the song tells of a burgeoning relationship between a guy and girl who meet by happenstance and instantly feel a connection… but they want to take the relationship slowly… to get to know the other person instead of recklessly jumping into a whirlwind romance.

Covert Affairs, Season One (2010)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Naturally, after someone is left heartbroken, the thing to do is join the CIA. True maybe most people don’t go that route in order to pacify being dumped all while on a romantic beach, but that is exactly what savvy Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) has done. 

A Journey by Chance by Sally John

Friday, August 12, 2011

About the book:
Publisher: Harvest House
Source: Purchase
Publish Date: 2008 (re-release), 2002 (first printing)
Author: Sally John
Series: The Other Way Home - Book 1
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Synopsis: Dr. Gina Philips leaves behind the big-city comforts in California to attend a family wedding with her mother in the small Illinois town her mother grew up in. Suffering from wounds that have yet to heal – both physically and emotionally, Gina just wants to escape her past for the extended period of time she will be residing at her great-aunts home. Her plan backfires when she instantly clashes with the town’s local (and only!) celebrity Brady – who is a well-known author. Just as Gina begins to feel somewhat at ease, a secret from her mother’s past is revealed leading to more questions than answers. 

Who is Simon Miller? (2011)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

When family movie night comes around about every-other-month, we can most assuredly be guaranteed a nights worth of wholesome entertainment, and while this movie is a little bit of a departure from normal for that time slot, it is nevertheless, good, clean fun. This is the seventh in a string of productions sponsored by P&G and Wal-Mart, and proves yet again that when it comes to a story with moral decisions, everyone enjoys the entertainment more.

Taylor Swift: Enchanted

About the song:
Album: Speak Now
Released: 2010
Writing Credits: Taylor Swift
Label: Big Machine Records
Length: 5:53

The story: Enchanted chronicles a girl making the acquaintance of a guy and being enchanted to have met him. She wonders about him, hoping the end to their story hasn’t been written.

My thoughts: like all of Taylor’s songs, this one has a story to tell. And, this song truly is enchanting… and charming… and sweet. Some of the lines have the potential to be taken as overtures of something less pure, but all in all, this is probably my favorite song on the country darling’s latest release. What the song reminds me of is the blush of a first crush.

Soul Surfer (2011)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inspirational stories are plentiful, but few have such a personal way of portraying their story. In fact, most turn out to be a downright shame, and in that, there is little inspiring about them at credits close. It would stand to reason then that, most the time, fans like to feel uplifted following the conclusion (hence the inspiration). Many of us probably recall “fearless” teen Bethany Hamilton, and her story of faith in recovering from something that nearly stole her dreams. This tells her story. 

The Adjustment Bureau (2011) - A Thriller that Questions Morality

During one of my all-too-frequent Internet searches for news on all the latest movies, The Adjustment Bureau popped up. What fascinated me, I cannot say with certainty but its top two billed stars did nothing to hinder the attraction. It's a high-class thriller that, in the end, messes with Free Will. It won't suit everyone, but beneath its modern ideals, there is an interesting story. 


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