Carrie Underwood: Temporary Home

Monday, August 15, 2011

About the song:
Album: Play On
Released: 2009
Writing Credits: Luke Laird, Zac Maloy and Carrie Underwood
Label: Arista Nashville
Length: 4:28
Certification: Gold – number one single

The story: the song tells three different sides to one common thread chronicling three different people from different generations going through diverse situations who see their earthly walk in life – from different perspectives as being only a Temporary Home

My thoughts: I love this song (I cannot even count the number of times I have played and re-played it). It isn’t strictly a Christian track but its message cannot be mistaken. When a song can make you cry and be uplifting, that is good songwriting. Carrie’s awesome voice carries us on a wonderful journey following the joys and trials of a young child, a single mother and an elderly man who is unwell. The song is rich in profound lyrics especially for something released in the Country scene (a genre which normally is all about having “fun,” and most the time puts a smile on your face). As usual, Carrie sounds flawless in her vocals. And, I like that underneath the slower pace, there is still ever so slightly a country twang present.

The song is one of the few I’ve heard that tells such a compelling story. It imparts a beautiful reality – this [earth] is only a temporary home. I suppose it might have the potential to come off sounding a little morbid, but, let’s face it: it is a certainty. If we see our life now as just fleeting – “temporary,” then we can also recognize what we have to look forward too – riches beyond measure.

Similarly, the accompanying music video is pretty to watch, you can see it here.

The lyrics: This is my temporary home. …Windows in rooms I’m passing through. This is just a stop on the way to where I’m going…


  1. Carrie Underwood is hands down my favorite singer. Her voice is amazing and she makes this song super powerful...

    I loved watching her performance of this at one of the award shows....SO beautiful!!

  2. In country music (and other genres), Carrie is a truely great talent; love her music. I've also played and re-played "What Can I Say." (Between her talent and the guys who lend their talent its a pretty song.)

    Hopefully a new album will be upcoming this fall. =)

    I enjoy watching those award shows, too, but sometimes the constant bid to "entertain" rather than hand out awards gets a little old.


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