After All These Years by Sally John

Saturday, August 20, 2011

About the book:
Author: Sally John
Publisher: Harvest House
Source: Purchase
Publish Date: 2008 (re-release), 2002 (first printing)
Find Elsewhere: Goodreads
Series: The Other Way Home - Book 2
Rating: 4 out of 5

Synopsis: two people are re-connected when big-city reporter Tony Ward shows up in Isabel Mendoza’s small-town haven. Isabel just happens to be Tony’s college girlfriend and the two of them parted on unsettled terms. Valley Oaks sheriff Cal Hunntington becomes friendly with the towns new pharmacist Lia. The woman has issues in her past, not the least of which include complications involving her young niece but it isn’t until Lia is threatened that Cal assumes a more protective nature.

Review: reading this book was my favorite of the series – so far. I loved the rapport between the characters and both couples individually. BUT Cal and Lia were my favorite blossoming friendship and two of my preferred characters to get to know. Their friendship is one that jumps right off the pages of the book. Cal is so kind, patient and considerate with Lia. It was nice to find Lia an independent woman who still found out, it didn’t hurt her to allow another to help carry the burden – to take pleasure in a “white knight.” On the other hand, I grew a little weary of the constant references to Cal’s personality quirks or the things that made him who he was (i.e. comparisons to his being a teddy bear because of his stature). In this book everyone except Tony is a Christian. He is struggling with faith because of a past involving his sister.

All the characters do go through changes of heart and questions about their convictions and relationship with God, but they all rely on His strength too, which, in part makes the book an easy read. There is romance, there is a little bit of danger and a fair amount of Christianity. Characters turn to God in prayer when they are feeling alone or as if life is dealing them an unfair hand. It is interesting to read how Sally weaves multiple stories into one novel. Normally there are secondary characters but they aren’t at the forefront as much as this series has done. In the end, I really liked the story. Isabel and Tony have a lot of baggage but through a conversion and discussion, they are able to reconcile that, in the process giving up the burden to God.

Simple things like a young girl’s first dance or a fiancĂ© winning his love’s heart all over again are what this novel is made of – and it is a touching journey.


  1. I love books where characters are screwed up and yet, the story is about them coming into repentance. For me, it makes the characters become even more real, as I find it very hard to relate to perfect people ;-)

    You have made me want to get this series....when I don't have four other books going that is ;-)

  2. Hello!

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    Miss Grace

  3. Ella - I am glad this series sounds interesting! It has been sitting on my shelf for... well, forever! The number of "new" books I have to read on my "mental list" (and on my shelf) is insane!

    There is no such thing as "perfect people" or a "perfect" world - that is just unattainable. So, yes, when there are characters in books/movies who aren't "piture perfect," that is wonderful for us "real" human beings - hope you can read this series someday. If you do, you'll have to let me know your thoughts - or write blogs about the series. =D

    I think I am half-reading four or five books and "seriously" reading about two, so I totally know what you mean about reading multiple books. =)

    Grace - I went on-line to see your blog; the bracelet looks lovely! Thanks for making fellow bloggers aware of the giveaway.

    And, thank you for stopping by; I appreciate it. =)


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