Kristin Chenoweth: Some Lessons Learned

Thursday, September 29, 2011

About the Album:

Released: 2011

Writing Credits: Diane Warren, Victoria Shaw, Kristin Chenoweth

Label: Sony Masterworks

Genre: Country
Number of Songs: 13

My Thoughts: anyone who has heard Kristin’s music before will likely laugh-out-loud at reading the latest genre of music she has decided to tackle. Kristin is an opera singer – I kid you not! – and as such, it makes it a little comical to see she recorded a country album, which are two genres that couldn’t be more different. Believe it or not, she actually sounds really good on every track of this, her country debut. 

As an operatic with a killer soprano voice, Kristin had a challenge ahead of her to tackle a county twang. I am please to report though, that she passes the “test”: she nails every song – just as we have come to expect form her. Anyone who has a close relationship with their father will probably get misty-eyed on the tender “Fathers and Daughters.” Its soft-spoken vocals make the song that much more endearing. Then there are some more flirty-laced songs like the toe-tapping “What more do you Want.” The most obvious display of Kristin’s true talent shines through on “Borrowed Angels” and “Wreck You.” Both songs are spot-on “perfection”; one has a Christian bent (and appeared on her previous As I Am album), the other is a love-song ballad.
Hearing the title track – “Lessons Learned” might stir a memory in country music fanatics because Carrie Underwood also recorded it on her debut album. This track sounds just as great as the rest of the songs, but I have to be honest: Carrie nails the song, and I am not sure anyone could surpass her awesome pipes on this song. (Pardon me for a second reference to Carrie, but Kristin’s song “Fathers and Daughters” is also reminiscent of Carrie’s “All-American Girl.”) The listener can definitely hear the handful of cuts that Kristin’s operatic voice is struggling to be kept at bay. Nevertheless, the best part of the album is Kristin’s voice being showcased – something the instruments and arrangements allow for. “I was Here” is a barrage of easy sounds and a good start to this compilation. One of her better songs is “God and Me.” It’s a cute little ditty that wonders what God would say if we could invite Him to tea and question Him about the “pain of love.” In the lyrics, she talks about God creating the universe (very accurate) and His perfect design, but she also has the “disrespect” to suggest that she might be allowed to point out a “tiny flaw” in His otherwise grand design. And that might just be her only flaw on an otherwise flawless album. *smile*

Favorite Cuts: “God and Me,” “Wreck You” (don’t know why except that I love the vocals and music), “Borrowed Angels,” “Fathers and Daughters,” “What if we Never” and “Lessons Learned.” (If anyone is interested in purchasing the album, if you pick it up at Target stores, you get an extra two tracks.)


  1. Thank you, Rissi, for clearing something up for me....I kept staring at "Lessons Learned" wondering why it was so familiar...then when you said my favorite singer sang it (Carrie Underwood ;-), the bells went off.

    However hard it might be for me to think of Kristen doing country, I should give her a try. I am used to her from "Wicked"...and loved her in that. But there are always many sides to a person.

  2. I have never listened to Kristin's music before, but I'll have to check her out!
    On the other hand, I listen to Carrie all the time :)

  3. Ella - Kristin started singing on that track and as I was listening to it, I was like "Carrie sings that!" In my humble opinion, Carrie does it best, but all things considered, Kristin pretty much nails every song.

    I know what you mean! I kind of wanted to L-O-L when reading she was releasing a country album - REALLY, an opera star switching to country!? ;D

    Rebekah - Kristin has a really great voice. As usual, I do not like every track on this album, but the good outnumber the "bad."

    Carrie is truly a great talent - in any genre. She has a phenomenal voice.

  4. Wow!
    I never knew that people could sing country and Opera at the same time:)

  5. Yeah, it is pretty ironic - Kristin carries it off though. =)


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