Lady Antebellum: Own the Night

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

About the album:
Released: 2011
Writing Credits: Hillary Scott, Charles Kelly and Dave Haywood, Monty Powell
Number of Tracks: 12
Label: Capitol Nashville
Genre: Country
Debut: #1 first week secular and county-selling album

My thoughts: the first single off this country trio’s third studio album was “Just a Kiss,” and it was an awesome and beautiful ballad that – for once promoted a romantic relationship that was tender and wholesome. It begs the listener to take relationships slowly, to resist “temptation” …to end the night with “just a kiss.” On their full-length album, there are various overtures and mildly suggestive lines, but I cannot help but be fond of this album – the first I’ve actually bought. Prior to that, I had only purchased a handful of MP3 files but after being enchanted by “Just a Kiss,” I determined to buy my first album from Lady Antebellum.

The six-time Grammy award-winning group brings a lot of upbeat tempos to this – their third album. Hillary’s voice sounds really pretty on the marvelous “When you Were Mine” (a really cutesy, but tender ballad – I love the music and beats in the chorus) while fellow lead singer Charles Kelley takes lead in a heartfelt and sweet ballad (“Heart of the World”) that one can assume might stem from his own marriage. The lyrics also encourage everyone to not give up on a relationship just because things might get tough. And so the album goes. All three of the musician’s that are Lady Antebellum are really quite talented. The third member, Dave Haywood lets his talent speak for itself through the instrumental side of the band in addition to some back-up vocals – these three create some impressive music.

Many of the songs are sentimental, romantic ballads filled with longing, but some catchy tunes (“We Owned the Night,” “Friday Night”) do find their place on the track listing. I think this album is very versatile. This isn’t just a country album. There is the cool, easy “Singing me Home” and a string-infused song that is different from anything else on the album. Not all of the songs are “innocent,” but I do like each of the tracks – for different reasons. Since I’ve only heard a handful of songs from the band’s previous award-winning Need you Now, I cannot make fair assessments to previous full-length albums, but all in all, I don’t think it’s hard to believe they are so decorated and their third studio release is a solid batch of song-writing – and quite marvelous.

Check out their well-produced two most recent music videos below “Just a Kiss” and “We Owned the Night” (I’ll let you guess which my favorite is. *grin*)

Favorite cuts: “When you Were Mine” (for its chorus) “Dancin’ Away with my Heart” (for the title), “We Owned the Night” (because of its toe-tapping beats) and “Just a Kiss” (because it is such a beautiful thought).  

The lyrics: It only takes one true believer to believe you can still beat the odds… Redemption is the road to forgiveness… Cause love is the heart, love is the heart, love is the heart of the world


  1. I've really been enjoying this album -- currently my favorite track is probably "We Owned the Night," it goes on repeat whenever I start the album! :)

  2. It is funny to note that I just recently became a "fan" of Lady Antebellum. Sure, I've seen them perfom at the awards show, but didn't really follow them. The song "Just a Kiss" got me interested; I fell "in love" with the song, then bought some MP3 files. Although I've only heard a handful of songs from their grammy award-winning album ("Need you Now"), I think I like this one better. And, "We Owned the Night" is a lot of fun - the beat is great.

    I had to take the CD out of my player last night and listen to Carrie Underwood lest I would wear the CD out after less than a week of owning it! =D


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