Point of Grace: No Changin' Us

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

About the Album:
Released: 2009
Writing Credits: Hillary Lindsey, Nathan Chapman, Cindy Morgan and Point of Grace
Number of songs: 11
Label: Word Label Group

I love these ladies. As artists, they are constantly surprising me in their music and as women of faith – from the little I’ve read written by them, they are examples. The fact that I get so much out of their songs is ironic because I am not their target audience. And still, their music constantly inspires and touches me. This album was their first as a trio since the departure of Heather Payne and is also their first to really be ingrained with a country flavored twang – and I LOVED that about the album. Right off from the second track  (“Wildflower”) is this theme allowed to come through, it is co-written by Hillary Lindsey who is well-known for penning some of Carrie Underwood’s hits along with Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans and Lady Antebellum. The song definitely is traditional country recounting the story of a girl who just doesn’t fit in at her school and is just waiting for her life to change. “Love and Laundry” is another one that has a noticeable twang (and it’s adorable to boot!) but probably the song where the fiddle-infused notes come through most is on the title track which is dedicated to the ladies husbands.

There are many songs that are among favorites on this album and I would be hard-pressed to pick just one, but the one that made the biggest impression on me – or that I enjoy playing on “repeat” the most is “Chalk in the Rain.” It is a lovely ballad about the world desiring for life to be “fair” and “perfect” which are both unachievable. Instead of hiding behind the faces we “learn to wear,” we should instead grasp the beautiful in life before it all washes away… like chalk in the rain. Plus Denise, Shelly and Leigh all sound brilliant.

I know some people who do not like artists that do not write their own music as is the case with Point of Grace. With exception to one song (“The Greatest Show on Earth”) that they share writing credits along with two other people, this trio does not write their own material. It matters not to me because I can hear the emotion in their voices when they sing – I “get” that each song has been picked or written with a specific meaning or idea behind it. There isn’t one song that doesn’t already have a meaning, even if the group didn’t sit down and personally write each word. As a result, nearly all of their songs have a hard-hitting truism – something listeners can really relate too.

Now… I just cannot wait for their next album!

Lyrics: We all fall down. We all need saving once in a while… We all lose faith and lean on mercy… Just come to Jesus. 

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