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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prom (2011) Disney Review 

I read a “teaser” blurb preceding a review of this movie. In the span of one sentence, the reviewer remarked that he probably wasn’t the prime audience for this movie. Obviously, he was right and I must admit, I'm not either as it's teens Disney gears this towards, but still, this movie is infectious – in the best sense.

Prom Disney

It's the last night; the one night that lasts forever. It's the night that brings people together. It's the one night differences are put aside and the senior class comes together as friends. For Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden), it's this night that makes her take this year’s senior prom very seriously. She's class president and she, along with her friends Mei (Yin Chang), Ali (Janelle Ortiz) and Brandon (Jonathan Keltz), make up this year’s planning committee. Together, they tirelessly work on everything from decorations to tickets. Nova hopes Brandon will ask her out while Mei already has a prince charming, her boyfriend Justin (Jared Kusnitz).

Then the small building housing Nova's decorations is accidentally set on fire. Upset at the loss, and in order to meet the deadline, Nova is paired with rebel bad-boy Jesse (Thomas McDonell). 

Meanwhile, the sophomore class navigates first crushes; Lucas (Nolan Sotillo) is seriously enchanted with Simone (Danielle Campbell). Turns out, she isn’t the person he thought – especially when he learns she hasn’t been honest with him about her affections being held by someone else.


Fortunately for me, I wasn’t a part of the “who’s in” and “who’s not” crowd in high school (because homeschool rocks). Believe it or not, such clich├ęs aren’t over-used in this charming flick, which Disney helms. A film that, yes, is very sappy but also has a calm maturity. I like watching this genre (these “types” of movies) because they often project a wholesome story, which is a feeling often forgotten. Prom may be “forgettable” in the sense that it won’t revolutionize film making, but it is a pleasant little movie that you can enjoy. I was actually a little surprised that writer’s threw in so many different characteristics, most of which are not of the usual teenage angst-driven variety.

Typical topics are covered from a dad who left home to a young couple struggling over where their relationship will be post high school, but it doesn’t matter because we're so charmed by the innocent story we don’t care. The story doesn’t give everyone a rosy “happy-ever-after” at credits closing, instead certain characters stand their ground and remain true to their convictions without letting the person who inspired such self-confidence continue to charm them. Some characters realize who their true friends are; others show a kind side when extending unexpected invitations to the prom.

The acting is surprisingly good from everyone involved and there are several adorable scenes (like the creative, albeit juvenile ways guys come up with to ask their girl to prom). Plus, most of the guys treat their girlfriends with respect, namely Lucas and Justin. The ending is really cute as is the opening and closing title sequence. All in all, I loved the movie for what it is. This is one trip to the Prom, I’ll actually enjoy re-visiting.

(Prom is rated PG. A guy punches out someone. The girls wear some immodest clothing and there may be a mild swear word or two. Another guy lies about seeing other girls – there are one or two chaste kisses.)

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  1. This movie reminds me of my vacation this past summer....I saw it with two friends of mine. (One wanted to see it because she thought the main guy was cute ;-) Great reason to go, right? LOL)

    While it wasn't a favorite of mine, it was nice to not worry about content. I could just laugh, cringe at myself for actually watching such a tween movie ;-), and have a jolly good time with friends. And you know what, I didn't think about not everyone getting a happily ever after....but it is true. I liked that.

    Glad to have some new posts from you to read. I have missed you! Oh, I found a way to watch Downton Abbey Season 2....SO GOOD thus far!!

  2. I had this written up for at least a couple of weeks now and suddenly remembered it today: YIKES! Believe it or not, "Prom" was one of my favorite tween (forgot that "buzz" word - it fits perfectly) movies in recent years. It is rare that I find one really worth promoting. I can think of maybe two other titles that have stuck with me. This will be one of them. (I actually bought a copy of the DVD because it was a decent price and I wanted to see it - both my mom and I liked it.)

    Hey, seeing it because of the leading guy works - I do it all the time! LOL! =D And, you are right: it was just good old-fashioned fun.

    Aww... thank you, Ella! That is so kind: I've been here, but have posted some different stuff in the form of Bristol's book and music (LOVE Lady A's new music - been listening to it non-stop!) "Chatting" with you has been a lot of fun.

    O.K., I am really jealous right now! SO. NOT. FAIR! =D No, really I am glad you can see D.A. - I am looking forward to it more than anything else. =) Such a great show; it is very telling that everyone is just as thrilled with S2 as S1.

  3. I meant to comment about Lady A....I LOVE their stuff! I haven't gotten their new CD yet...I need to.

    I can send you the link to how I got to watch Season 2...if you want =) Love chatting with you!

  4. Thanks a bunch, Ella for offering to send a link! I really appreciate it. I was just teasing you about being able to watch S2 - I did just watch the first five minutes of it earlier today and was already hooked! For some reason, I much prefer watching my DVD's while snuggled up on the couch and not while sitting in front of a computer screen, so I'll just await the DVD's - no matter how much I want to see S2 now. =)

    Enjoy Lady Antebellum's new album - in my opinion, it is aweome. I finally took it out of the player last night, because I figured I'd wear it out! ;D

  5. Me, too, Elisha. So sweet. =)

  6. AnonymousJuly 13, 2016

    I absolutely love your review of this often over-looked sweetheart of a flick, and agree with everything you said. Having a rather huge soft-spot for the 'bad-boy with the heart of gold' trope, my favourite story-line is, naturally, Jesse and Nova's; I loved seeing their misconceptions about each other get stripped away, and a beautiful connection built. The comparison between her reactions to when Brandon fails to ask her to prom, and when Jesse doesn’t was an especially nice touch, as it underscored the depth of her feelings for both in a wonderfully simplistic way. Incidentally, the actor who plays Brandon is also featured on Reign as one of my favorite characters!

    I appreciated how Justin and Mei's struggles were written as well, being both realistic and sweetly resolved. However, one of the best things is how this film sees everyone get exactly what they deserve in the end, Lucas and Simone being particularly lovely.

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    1. Funny thing is, Eleanor, I recently edited this film (not what I said or ultimate conclusions, just how I said it since this was written so long ago) and it made me want to re-watch this one! At some point I need to just for nostalgia's sake. As I remember it, it'd a darling little film. Nova and Jesse were favorites of mine as well. Who doesn't love any kind of Lizzy/Darcy start in these romantic courtships!? :)

      There's a mention of Reign again, which reminds me: someday I must try an episode. :)

      Thanks so much for commenting about Prom and sharing what you liked best. I'm glad, as always, to see you visit. :)


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