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Friday, October 14, 2011

Since I have nothing “better” to say or post today, I thought I’d share what I’ve seen and read are the “must-haves” for the fall 2011 fashion season. So far, from what I’ve seen of the styles, they are very classic and chic with exception to a rare few that are simply... not attractive. The most recurring theme overall seems to be color – anything that is colorful goes, whether it be a pattern (plaid) or solid. Gone are the duller tones of neutral colors and in with the brilliant shades of autumn. Below is a short list of a handful of trends (that will last all of five minutes) I've compiled and what I think of them. Enjoy!

The autumn color palette is full of rich regals like marigold, purple and fuchsia. Not only does this apply to clothing, but also nail polish and make-up. I like to dress my nails up but as I grew older and transitioned away from “cutesy” colors, wanting to go for a more versatile, sophisticated look, I often went with a French manicure (the do-it-yourself kind). In recent years, the nail kits have improved a lot. (Kiss actually now makes one that holds its “professional” grade look for an event and it is only about six dollars.) Every once in a while, I want to do something a little wild and so, I will paint my nails in the brightest shade I can find. This season, the perfect nail shades are purples and neutral tones. The latter will be perfect for those of us who don’t want to have to paint the nails for one day of the week matching it with our outfit only to need a drastically different shade for the next day. As for make-up, rich shades are also in. (Considering I was already going for color when picking out eye shadow, that worked out well for me. *grin*) The rule this season is not to go above the crease with the brighter shadows, otherwise it will look “dated.” And, just through my own trial and error; so long as your eyes are made-up, the rest of your face, with exception to some lip gloss can be left void of make-up – the eyes are where you should focus the attention.

Although I like lace, I am not sure I am wowed with the designers' use of it. I’ve seen anything from a dress that is seemingly made of no other material but lace to something less noticeable like adding a feminine touch with a smart-looking trim. “A touch of lace” is just one of Glamour’s must-have fashion trends and, I definitely would prefer lace not being the primary material in an ensemble. Lace has the ability to lend itself to a vintage look, but I’d much rather see it brought in through accessories. I have a gorgeous set of costume jewelry from Maurices that does the trick; the necklaces have pieces of lace and pearls along with various trinkets like cameos. It goes beautifully with a lightweight sweater I have where nary a piece of lace is found, but I have still incorporated just a “touch” of the delicate cloth.

According to, “edgy” is the only way to go if one wants to layer pieces this season. Their primary tip for this look is to make that cute summer dress you loved  fashionable through the fall by wearing a longer cardigan over top and pairing boots with it instead of sandals – but make sure the cardigan isn’t “form-fitting.”

In outerwear, I am so glad that peacoats still seem to be in. I have wanted one and just ordered one – and the reason is twofold. One is for practicality’s sake: I need a jacket for the “transition” season. Right now it is still too warm to pull out the heavy winter coat, but some nights are cool enough that a jacket would be required. The second reason is purely for fashion’s sake – they are so cute and remind of eras past. Plus, they are made available in some of fall’s hottest colors.

A polka dot pattern is one trend I hold much the same thoughts as with lace. I like the pattern and in fact, have a skirt (which I love) with a black-and-white polka dot ruffle at the bottom, but that is the maximum that I want to see the cute, flirty pattern – no matter the style. I have seen a lot of designer’s creations that incorporate dots everywhere, from a pant-suit to a maxi dress. That just isn’t a good look in my humble opinion. Once again, SheKnows recommends "adding" the popular fall fashion runway trend to your closet with a cute clutch, blouse or skirt and (*ta-da*) instant polka-dot without the head-to-toe look!  

So, there are my thrown together thoughts on the biggest, brightest and best trends of autumn’s 2011 season. Not all of them are that eye-catching, but there are several I loved and will, no doubt keep in mind as I shop. Perhaps the MOST important thing is to have fun with the trends; play around with different styles and/or techniques until you find the one that is uniquely yours. I am so glad that oversized sweaters, sweater dresses and cardigans are still “in,” because I have a closet full of them! Personally, I love tones of brown for the cooler months, so I will definitely still use that natural shade in my wardrobe, additionally, I think the cute fedora or felt hats are adorable. I didn’t come across any editorial that proclaimed them as an accessory “must,” but I just might change up my style and buy one. (Also, Marie Claire has a fun article for all you college girls listing the must-haves for your closet: just a few are a well-fitting pair of jeans, ballet flats and a sheath dress.) If you have any favorite trends of the season, feel free to share them below. 


  1. I love that girl's outfit in the picture! I am sooo in love with her jacket!
    Me? I just wear lots of warm clothes :) I get cold quickly!
    But, I like jeans and warm fall colored tops!

  2. I know! It is cute, right!? I had about three difference pics and I was trying to decide on which to use. This one works well though because it has the "color" that everyone in the fall fashion scene is talking about. (Plus I like the sweater paired with the jean blouse: so cute!)

    I LOVE the colors of Autumn, so I do enjoy purchasing stuff in those rich, warm colors. Glad to know they are still "trendy." =)


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