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Friday, October 28, 2011

Hey, Bloggers! I was asked by Danielle at The Book is Always Better to guest post, and today, you are all invited to check it out on her blog. I share my thoughts on which Sense & Sensibility adaptation is most faithful to Jane's novel. (For those of you that have not seen this film, be on the look-out for my more detailed reviews on two different versions of this movie.)

On her blog, Danielle shares her thoughts on which method of story-telling is better - book or film. She recently started blogging and has posted an awesome review on the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice (love that adaptation) as well as keeping us all updated on which best-selling novels are about to be made into major motion pictures. As an avid reader, Danielle has often found that  the book is "always better" whereas the movie tends to take too many liberties, still... sometimes the movie does surprise! Thanks so much for inviting me, Danielle!

Sense & Sensibility: Book vs. Film 
Review: Sense & Sensibility (2008)


  1. Awesome! I'll go check it out!
    Congrats Rissi!

  2. I read your gust post....and I so agree with you, friend!! You and I are exactly on the same page.

    I love that Edward is given much more of a story in the 2008 BBC "Sense and Sensibility." And Dan Stevens is so much better than Hugh Grant.....think that is why I love him as Matthew so much =D

    And it follows the book better. When it comes to Austen, that is something I am all about!

  3. Rebekah - cool. =)

    Ella - I know, right!? The 2008 miniseries had SO much more to work with. It had the added benefit of more time, plus the casting was TONS better than the 90's feature film. (Whoever cast Hugh Grant has some serious "issues." I mean, really...??)

    I love the "small" things Andrew Davies "adds" to Jane's works, but for the most part, yes, the '08 adaptation is much improved over the former versions. =)


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