Morning Glory (2010)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Morning Glory

Movies that revolve around the stereotyped workplace seem to be catching a wave of popularity. One of the most “classic” movies in this category is Office Space, and in more recent memory The Devil Wears Prada. Some movies leave a smile on your face, no matter the race to see how many trite things one two-hour (sometimes that is being optimistic) movie can preserve. Others can’t quite mange an entertaining time no matter the happy nature of its story. Luckily, I think this particular title falls into the former category, or at least it catered to my preference of film-making. 

Wake Up. Get Job. Find Love. Busy Morning.

Mornings are when Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) is supposed to do her most brilliant thinking. Her job as a morning show assistant producer is hectic… to say the least. The next step in her plan is to get the coveted promotion of senior producer, only her boss is being forced to cut costs and instead, he fires her.  Determined and plucky, Becky is not one to be deterred, so in spite of her instantaneous shock, she heads out to pound the pavement and earn herself a new position. The only opportunity she can find is executive producing the tanking Daybreak morning show. Becky takes on the job, despite warnings from upstairs producer Adam (Patrick Wilson) – a man who becomes another complication.
She fires the veteran but oh-so-annoying co-host, immediately earning the attention of her co-workers who realize she is no novice. In his place she hires the Pulitzer Prize-winning, arrogant, his-way-or-the-highway Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford). This pits Becky at odds with co-host Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton) who loathes the man – and the feeling is mutual. Now, Becky must not only prove her worth as a producer, one willing to turn around the failing show’s ratings, but also play referee to co-hosts who boil at the very sight of each other – all while trying to balance her life and decide what she really wants out of it.
Initial impressions of this I think, were that I’d be in for a colorful, happy time full of entertainment value. Or that was what I took away from trailers and fellow reviews on the whole of this delightful little story. I didn’t expect the story to change movie-making history or be wholly perfect, but I did enjoy nearly everything about this sunshine of a flick.

Morning Glory

Written by the screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses (movies I am excessively fond of), this takes on a likeness to those, or more precisely the former but also delivers a fun vibe it creates all on its own. Its premise takes place in the work place which makes for a funny setting. Going into this, you should be aware that is where the heart of the movie lies – the workplace. There isn’t much excess left to dive into other ideas or story threads, neither are the characters as examined. Rachel McAdams won me over in a limited number of her roles. I've heard that she is choosey about which parts she takes as well, so it is somewhat of a surprise that each role I have seen McAdams in, is a character she has made her own. Here she is just plain darling. I love her rambling hard-to-resist Becky; she gives her all to anything and makes up her mind that a cranky anchor or loss of employment won’t stop her.

The rest of the cast is kind of “blah.” (In all likelihood because I'm their greatest fans.) Rachel and Wilson are cute together, although their scenes are too rare, but it is really the veteran stars that I couldn't "feel" much for (as characters). Admittedly, they are funny together (in fact without them, the script wouldn’t have delivered half the comedy it did), but that doesn’t reverse that two other stars could have played their parts just as well. Ford’s deadpan humor was fabulous; I just wish it didn’t come at the cost of such crude material.
Really, this is a cute treat that offers a heartfelt heroine that you cannot help but love even in her harried state plus the music is fabulous. Unlike most comedies that can leave you empty at the call of “cut!” this does have a tug to it that is... heartwarming. Perhaps it is all accredited to the script or its leading lady, but nevertheless its bright, cheeriness is hard to resist.

CONTENT: foul mouths abound, and not just swearing. Within the first fifteen minutes, Becky lets off a sting of “sh*t” venting frustration, an emotion that could have been aptly expressed through her humiliated body language. That appears the favorite buzzword. Christ is misused along with other abuses of deity including GD. Plus there is one vocal f-word, a near miss of “mother f” and possibly two other inaudible uses. Lesser profanity consists of bullsh*t, a** and the like. Mike has a crude dialogue and references male and/or female body parts a handful of times. Eventually Becky and Adam spend the night together; once they merely get into a state of undress and make-out before she dashes out the door. The film is rated PG13.


  1. thanks for visting me, now following you. I absolutely adroe Rachel Mcadams, so i'll have to see this! :)

  2. thanks for the review! very helpful. and, yes, could you please do a review on The Time Traveler's wife soon?

  3. I'm so thankful you always include the PG part!
    I don't think I would be allowed to watch a movie with stuff like that in it.
    But, other than that, it sounds like a really interesting movie!

  4. Juliet - Rachel M. is a really talented actress in my opinion. She sparkles in every role - whether its comic or dramatic. "Morning Glory" is definitely worth seeing; it's cute and perky but yet there is some heart involved in the story. (Plus, Rachel is just adorable in this role.)

    Thanks SO much for following me - I appreciate my followers very much! Feel free to visit often and share your thoughts.

    Cubette - you are welcome.

    Sure, I will be happy to post "Time Traveler's Wife" this week. It is in my drafts all ready for me to simply hit "publish," so I'll do that in the next couple of days.

    Rebekah - I can totally relate to you about being cautious in what one watches. I grew up in a household that was much the same. Unless it was pre-viewed by my mom, I never saw a PG13 movie when I was a young teen. Even now, as a young adult - and Christian, I still don't appreciate some of the inappropriate material.

    "Morning Glory" is adorable. It has some "crude" conversations, but otherwise, it's just adorable. =)

    Glad all three of you stopped in - don't be strangers. =)

  5. I love getting someone else's opinion with movie reviews....because commercials always make the movie appear worse than it actually is....I didn't know what to make of this one.

    As a young teenager, I also wasn't allowed to watch PG-13 movies, and even though I am older and can, I still won't do certain content. Know what I mean?

    But who knows, I might have to add this one =D

  6. Great review! I love McAdams and Wilson together - especially in 'The Wedding Crashers'. Also looking forward to seeing 'Midnight in Paris' where they are back together again.

  7. Ella - me too! I always read others reviews even if I've seen the movie because it's interesting to find out what other viewers thought of something - especially if it's an opinion I trust.

    "Morning Glory" is adorable but has its "issues." I don't know that it's any worse than your average PG13-rating though...

    I do know what you mean about "certain" material in movies. Generally speaking I steer clear of R-ratings because they are just... that bad! However I have the ClearPlay system, so that helps - a LOT. And, I've seen a handful of the R-rated movies I wouldn't have touched beforehand, and you know what? They've been "wonderful." =)

    Enjoy this one if you decide to rent it. I bought a used copy at the video store and just re-watched it - so cute.

    Danielle - thanks! Rachel is just great, isn't she!? I always love her performances. Not seen "Wedding Crashers," but did think about it when I found out she was in it.

    Actually Rachel's co-star in "Morning Glory" is Patrick Wilson, and it's Owen in "Midnight in Paris" and "Wedding Crashers." I think that "Midnight" looks quirky, but I'll likely rent it because of Rachel - have I mentioned that she's a fav actress!? lol! =D

  8. I saw this movie at Blockbuster the other day!! I LOVE Harrison Ford and I really, really want to see this! Not a huge Rachel McAdams fan, but...
    nice review! :)

    God bless!
    ~Miss Raquel

  9. Raquel - this movie is too cute! Every time I watch it, I smile at the "perkiness" of it.

    Ahhh! You don't like Rachel!? I think she is just adorable - Harrison is totally hilarious in this role, so if you are a fan of his, you'd likely enjoy "Morning Glory." =)

    Thank you SO much for following my blog. It is very appreciated. Visit often. =)

  10. i have just watched the movie yesterday and it was sooooooo great.. i am in love with the character Adam Bennet played by Patrick Wilson. Rachel is sooooo sweet and lovely

  11. My thoughts exactly, Miss More! I love this adorable flick! And, Rachel is such a bubbly actress that her roles are always ones to look forward too. =D

    I am so glad you stopped into my blog - I hope you do so again soon.


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