Thor (2011) - Celestial World Introduces Marvel's Hero, Thor of Asgard

Monday, October 10, 2011

Never have super heroes and action figures been larger than life than in recent years at the box office. Some of them I’ve seen, others really don’t interest me and others still I really want to see but have as yet to rent. Don’t ask me how, why or when an interest in this came about, but ever since its media hype, I’ve been intrigued by it. As usual, I feel like I am the “last” person who has yet to see it, but nevertheless, I am still going to insist you all read about my thoughts – just kidding. *grin*


Ancient history cloaks the fated battle between the Norse gods and their immortal enemy in sworn secrecy. The Frost Giant's army took over the multitude of lands and murdered hundreds of innocent people – mere mortals. The King of Asgard, Odin (Anthony Hopkins) along with his mighty army saw that the Frost Giants were never a threat to mankind again by driving them back into their own world, and removing the power that drove them. Odin’s two young sons grow up knowing one day one of them will be king, but from their father’s perspective the crown will fall to the son who will rule with the most wisdom. 

Years later, Odin is preparing to pass his throne onto the god of thunder, his eldest son Thor (Chris Hemsworth). Thor is the cocky son, the one who is ready to charge into battle at a moment’s notice. When his coronation is thwarted by a rebel few Frost Giants, Thor is ready to declare war, but his father forbids it knowing it will shatter a delicate balance. Disregarding his father, Thor rallies his tight knit circle of warrior friends and his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and wages a small war against the enemy. Arriving in the knick of time, Odin saves the young warriors… and then banishes Thor to earth and strips him of his powers, never to allow him entrance again... unless he becomes worthy of his title.

Thor awakens in man's world in on the edge of a small New Mexico town. What’s more he quite literally collides with a team of dedicated scientists doing research. The trio is led by the driven and dedicated Jane Foster (Natalie Portman); then there's her mentor Eric Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard), and is assistant, Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings). When Thor falls into their hands, she is sure he is an answer to all her questions... unaware that a battle is about to be unleashed right on her front doorstep.

To be upfront, I really enjoyed this movie. Having said this, it is a bit silly. Since I kind of expected that it didn’t affect my viewing experience and isn’t that what super hero movies are anyway!?  Silly costumes, constant special effects, the cool gadgets and powers (if it weren’t so, we might all feel let down). The first fifteen minutes of the movie, and again the last fifteen or twenty is a little corny because of its special effects. In all other regards, the movie is actually an impressive piece of cinema. The acting is good and the story decent, I just wish they’d plotted it a bit better. 

It clocks in at close to two hours, so the script does not lack time, but still so many of the gestures or emotions felt a bit manufactured. From Thor’s perspective, I can accept his being enchanted with Jane because that is the kind of world he came from, but seriously, is Jane going to be so smitten with him after two days? On the other hand, I thought the two scenes that threw them together were well-written and sweet. Basically, in the end everything runs down way too quickly. We want to be thrilled with its ending and it is exciting (in a Terminator-like way), but it might be construed as something of a let-down when we realize the entire movie built itself around this one face-off. In that regard, I think the scene could have been staged differently or written to a better end. The script has “just enough” humor not to be thought cheeky.

Thor has a magnificent score, marvelous cinematography, and the set is magical – especially as regards Asgard. In short, this is one of the most entertaining I’ve seen in a good long while. I can definitely see myself watching this on multiple occasions and am among the thousands of people who think it will be way cool to see four superheroes sharing screen-time in next summers highly-anticipated Avengers. He may have started out with selfish motives, but Thor ends up a noble hero worth cheering for. For those of you already familiar with Marvel, you’ll smile at the reference to Tony Stark and Marvel (comic book) aficionados are sure to pick up on things that I missed (a Marvel know-it-all, I am not).

Basically, Thor follows tradition where sci-fi superhero flicks are concerned, but I’ve a feeling this will be one of my favorite summer blockbusters from the year. I admired its reflective, somewhat “brave” ending and look forward to Thor’s triumphant return in The Avengers and, eventually, Thor 2. Until then, make sure you catch the origins of his story here – and don’t forget to let the credits roll for a one-minute scene setting up The Avengers.

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CONTENT: several warriors are impaled with spears. The one battle scene isn’t all that graphic; various hand-to-hand combat scenes are interspersed through the movie. Nearer the end a man is killed by a giant metal dude as are various cars flipped and flung through the air. Profanity is basically non-existent, but there are likely a few scattered in the script. Darcy and Jane check out Thor’s “hot” physique while he changes his shirt. Thor is rated PG13. 


  1. Cool :) Sounds like a good movie!

  2. I feel that you should add "Darcy and Jane AND RENEE check out Thor's "hot" physique..." LOL those Hemsorth's are hunky. I can't wait to see Liam in The Hunger Games next year.

    Thank you for the review.

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I thoroughly enjoyed Thor -- it was one of my movie surprises of the year. I actually saw it in theaters TWICE...the first time I thoroughly enjoyed revelling in its silliness and heroics (then I wrote my review the next day with a horrible case of the giggles), and then I took a friend to see it for her birthday. I'm really looking forward to The Avengers & happy to know a Thor 2 will be following!

  4. I was glad to have posted this! Even though I saw it a couple weeks ago, I hadn't posted it, so it was way past due.

    Rebekah - "Thor" is a good movie, or better yet, it is cool! It kind of surprised me, but at the same time it can be somewhat silly. (And, I LOVED that about it.) Check it out sometime.

    Renee - ;-D (Well had I known that, I could have added it. LOL!)

    I've seen a lot of "Hunger Games" headlines but haven't read a lot about it - I'll have to check it out.

    Ruth - me too! The movie was, yes, a tad silly, but I will more than likely buy it because it was just a fun time. Right now, all the focus is on "Avengers," but a sequel to "Thor" is planned (although I don't know which cast members will return in "Thor 2").

    Goodness sake, I forgot the link to your review! I am sure I had seen yours and it simply slipped my notice when I posted mine - it is at the bottom of my review now. =)

  5. Thor was an excellent movie for a superhero movie. ;-)

  6. Ashley - it was, actually. I even bought a copy the other day, which is quite unusual for me; I've got very few superhero flicks in my collection. Cannot wait to see it again.

    Thanks SO much for dropping in and sharing your input, Ashley. I hope you enjoyed looking around my blog - visit again soon. =)

  7. I Like this movie and the its soundtrack.
    It's got a good sense of humor in it.

  8. Me, too, Ella! I really enjoyed this one - something that was a shocker for me. After seeing the movie, I picked up a previewed copy and now really want to see it again. =D


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