Martina McBride: Eleven

Monday, November 7, 2011

About the Album:
Released: 2011
Writing Credits: Martina McBride, Brett James, Hilary Lindsey, Brad and Brett Warren
Label: Republic Nashville
Genre: Country
Number of Songs: 11
Debut: #10

My thoughts: October eleventh + record number eleven + eleven tracks = Martina McBride’s Eleven. Released on the eleventh of the month, in addition to all of these other factors and - naturally, Martina’s latest release would be titled… eleven. One of the “leading ladies” in country music, this album is much the same of what we’ve come to expect from Martina. It’s fun but yet has some funky tunes that are a different sound for her. As usual, this artist is one of CMA’s finest. Her voice sounds magnificent on every single track. Carrie Underwood is one of the rare “new” artists that I even liken to Martina because her voice and its range is true talent. 

Co-penning several of the tunes on Eleven, there is more than one jewel among the usual rubble. “Broken Umbrella” is a romantic ballad that is not only a pretty thought but its engaging beat makes for a great sound – the instrumentals (Martina used French horns) are so cool on this track while the adorable “Marry Me” makes me happy each time I hear it. Such songs are countered with deeper, more profound lyrics like “I’m Gonna Love you Through It.” Martina’s latest single, this song is a story that tells of a woman's reaction to being diagnosed with cancer and her husband vowing to stand beside her – no matter what. It is a powerful song, but I am not sure it’s my favorite despite its praise. Likewise the song “Long Distance Lullaby” is a beautiful song that conveys its personal meaning to the songstress through her emotional vocals. The flirty “Whatcha Gonna Do” and “You can Get your Lovin’ Right Here” are something a bit different than the singer’s usual sound while the catchy and comical “Teenage Daughters” is priceless.

Overall, I think this record is a solid release. The first since Martina switched record labels, it has a diverse compilation of songs. Most of them do have that twangy-country sound, but there are a handful that have more of a light-rock beat. The result is just another grouping of classic songs that are destined to become future number one singles. 

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  1. I absolutely love Martina! Her voice is just amazing! And she almost doesn't age. I've got one of her albums from 1990 something, and I swear, she looks exactly the same except her hair is longer now.

    She was one of my first country heroes, and she always will be. She's amazing.

  2. Martina is a classy lady - and you are right; she never seems to change. She has this youthful beauty.

    Lucky her. ;D

    The only criticism I do have of her is that she has three young daughters and sometimes her clothes / photo-shoots (i.e., for Eleven) can be... a bit immodest. She should be setting the right example for them.

    Her music and voice are phenomenal though! Love her!


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