Castle, Season Three (2010)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fortunately for fans of this comedic show, the prior season didn’t end on a terrible breath-holding, life-threatening scene. Instead it was something of a frustration. The fact that writers merely continue a back-and-forth easy banter between its leading characters instead of moving them past “just friends” is a constant source of annoyance for those of us who desperately want to see them be a couple. Writers argue that if that should happen, the “magic” would fizzle in Castle and Beckett’s relationship – there wouldn’t be that same “spark” any longer. I just say, what-ever

He said he would call. Now it’s autumn in New York and detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) knows without a doubt that best-selling-novelist-turned-amateur-detective Richard Castle is not about to return to their crime-fighting partnership. Partners Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) silently wish Kate would call Castle, even dropping suggestions she do so but she is convinced that he’d have called them if he was interested in resuming their relationship. Besides, Kate has an active murder investigation that takes precedence and no amount of cheering up is going to change her mind! M.E, Lanie Parish (Tamela Jones) rules the victim died from several gunshot wounds and not the fall from her three story window. But oh - wait! Why does Castle’s life-size cut-out have to appear in the window of the book shop underneath the victim’s apartment? Even when he isn’t around, the guy still annoys her!

He really meant to call. He was going to call. But first things first and Richard Castle (Nathan Fillon) had to go on a book tour to promote his latest fresh-off-the-press novel. After all, there was a reason for his leaving. At the beginning of the summer, Castle and his family left for the Hamptons but that was only after Castle thought what he saw was Kate falling deeper in love with a fellow co-worker. Instead of getting to the heart of the matter, he started dating his ex-wife… and is found standing over a dead body with a gun by Beckett, Ryan and Esposito when their first clue to the previous murder leads them to an address. Booked for murder, Castle is quickly cleared but manages to weasel his way back into the squad room – despite everyone giving him the cold shoulder. At home, Castle learns his precocious (and sometimes smarter) daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) is dealing with her first taste of separation from her boyfriend and wants a scooter while his mother (Susan Sullivan) thinks she has the authority to give him romantic advice – right before she plans to break her boyfriends heart.

Have I mentioned how much I love this show? No… Yes… Maybe… Well, I do! It is comical genius. (And, when I say that, I really mean it.) Irrespective of its comical premise, the show isn’t without its stronger plot lines, and in fact, I’d argue, that the scripts are actually some of the cleverest on TV today. For those of you that have just considered watching it or have only to be let down through expectations being raised by reviewers, then this review is not for you. If either scenario describes you – especially the first and you are a viewer who would rather form your own opinions, then you probably shouldn’t continue reading – because, trust me, there will be gushing galore about Castle in the paragraphs below.

Just one of my very favorite episodes has to be “Punked.” It is a fabulously intriguing episode that mixes into the plot – somehow, the steam-punk culture along with the usual mysterious hints and murder. Although it isn’t the most clever murder case, the concept was loads of fun – an underground society pretending to be back in the 1800’s might be a little crazy, but it sure makes the show look good. Other memorable episodes are “Nikki Heat” (that’s right Castle’s book is being turned into a movie), “Knockout” is superb as is the two-parter that exposes Castle and Beckett to high-level radiation and later locks them in a cold storage container (and we think we have bad days *grin*). During the latter half of the season, writers revert to concocting murders as being more unusual, a trend that began early on in the first season.

For a television show that really caters to its viewer’s funny bone, this show actually has some talented writing chops backing its happy-go-lucky premise. The forty-five minute teleplay that is the basis for each twenty-four episode season is normally quite complex – in short, the series isn’t all “fun and games.” Audiences that aren’t all that fond of mixing serious crimes and comedy will not be able to appreciate this writing. Certain episodes do end with a feeling of sentimental sap, but that is okay because the majority of the show is not made of all sappy declarations and feelings. Probably the most recurring theme in season three are the relationships that build and strengthen at the police department. Aside from Castle and Beckett’s sometimes unusual one, there is a new pairing and another supporting character gets engaged (with adorable results). A couple of people who share my love of this show told me this season was one of the best yet, but I wasn’t hit with the realization of how much stronger – in directional plots and character strengths this had become until midway through the season. Until then, I merely enjoyed the show as I always have. Following its summer-filler premiere, Castle has definitely written itself a place among some of the best television airing on TV today.

Thoughts, anyone? Which season has been the best? As always, comments are welcome! 

(Rated TV14 which equates to a MPAA PG13 rating because… as before, numerous references to murder or discussion pertaining to how every victim was murdered is often the topic of conversation. Sexual tension crackles between this mis-matched pair as do a few sexual innuendoes hinder the script on occasion. H*ll, da*n, SOB and the like make up the profanity.)


  1. I adore Castle.
    I'm loving this season because the attraction is becoming more obvious to everyone around them.

  2. Castle is unique in that it gets better season to season...."NIkki Heat" was one of my favorite episodes, but season 3 had its fair share of them. I am so very excited--I got all three seasons on Black Friday for 18 buck EACH! So excited that I can have my Castle as often as I like.

    Oh, since I have completed that NaNoWriMo challenge, I shall be back to blogging much more frequently. Just thought you would like to know ;-)

  3. Apparently it happens a lot... all the anticipation, and the will-they won't-they, keeps viewers tuning in - but when the characters actually get together, the viewers lose interest.

    Writers have the same battle on Bones - and are constantly thinking of new ways to keep Bones apart from Booth, only to bring them back together and separate them again.

    Same story with Buffy and Angel, and Mulder and Scully...

  4. I love this show so very very much. I was talking with my sister-in-law over Thanksgiving about it, and we both agreed that the writing for this show is just stellar -- especially considering it is in its fourth season!

  5. Juju - me, too!

    I have noticed the attraction continuing to grow even in S3 but since I've only seen the TV spots for S4, I am, naturally anxious to watch it because the current airing season looks grand. =)

    Ella - agreed. There were a number of fab episodes in S3. Not including S4 since I've yet to see it, I think S3 has been my fav so far.

    Oooh! Good deal on that Black Friday shopping, girl. I can never wait when they release so I've paid a good ten bucks or more for each season. =O

    Hearing you are back to blogging is great - I am thrilled. I look forward to our "chats." =)

    Danielle - I agree with your assessment of TV's bid to follow the will-they-or-won't-they cliche; it is way too popular on network television. I don't know that I entirely agree that it would be off-putting for viewers to see beloved characters "together" though... I know I'd still watch Castle - but that is just me. =)

    Yeah, I've read a lot about Bones. (Great article BTW in Femnista!) I am way too tempted to try it because Ella has made me super curious by her reviews... I am thinking I'll likely "break down" and see it eventually - and that is all I need: another show to become "addicted" to! LOL! I think the characters are more "together" in this season than before because of their child.

    Ruth - right there with you! The show does keep getting better and better - you and your sister-in-law are right on. =)

  6. I've heard of that new film adaptation of the great hatsby; I love Carey Mulligan, so I'll probably see it too!
    Though I don't know if it is the kind of book that can be made into a film well, it doesn't read like that..
    Thanks for commenting!

  7. Oh my. Love this photo of the gang. I am a true Castle fanatic. Just finished season three and it ended with quite a bang, literally, so I am eager to start season 4. The script writing for it, compared to other shows out there, it is phenominal and the character interactions are so real time. Love it!

  8. Romi - Carey Mulligan is a very talented newcomer. I think I've liked everything I've seen her in. Actually this will not be the first film adaptation to be based off of The Great Gatsby novel - it is more like the third or fourth. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how it fares.

    You are welcome - and thank YOU for dropping my blog. I hope you do so again sometime; I love comments. =)

    Jeanine - me, too! Isn't it cool!? The look is very retro and it just works for the show.

    Love Castle! I always run through a season way too fast and then its over for another year (I watch the DVD sets). S3 did end with a cliff-hanger but since I already knew how it turned out (by reading spoilers), I was "all good." Scripts are awesome for this show. I am constantly surprised by how clever they can be - which is always a good thing where the viewer is concerned.

    Hopefully S4 will continue to be dynamic - enjoy it. =)


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