Marry Me (2010)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unfortunately, this is one romantic comedy that condones everything we should avoid in romantic relationships but still... imperfections and all, I see it has heart, and it was as cute and snappy as it could be.

The fairy-tale life is all Rae Carter (Lucy Liu) ever wanted… and yet it seems just out of her grasp. Already in a committed relationship with the person she thought was the man of her dreams now is no longer a reality. Rae is giving him an ultimatum – choose his career (which just happens to involve photographing frogs) or her… he chooses the frogs, and Rae finds her idea of marriage shaken. A romantic at heart, Rae long ago pushed her dreams away by opting to word as a social worker whose belief in love hasn’t changed, but made her more cautious. When her family pastor suggests she go out with his nephew, she finds it suspect.
Handsome and an architect with a creative eye, Luke (Steven Pasquale) is an easy-going gentleman who meshes with Rae’s sensibilities. Despite her best efforts, Rae falls head over heels in love with Luke – and it turns out, that feeling is mutual. Her whirlwind romance soon turns into an almost-engagement, only there is just one tiny flaw in her almost-happily-ever-after scenario: ex-boyfriend Adam (Bobby Cannavale) re-appears in her life, determined to win her back.

Just when things couldn’t get any more complicated, Luke’s best friend, the charming and wealthy Harry (Enrique Murciano) becomes smitten with Rae – Harry might have the bank account to sweep Rae off her feet, but she knows his type, and she doesn’t want a man with a Peter Pan complex.More confused than ever, Rae is about to lose Mr. Right… or maybe her heart – and logic is questioning every one of her well-laid plans.

A Lifetime miniseries event that aired early last year, this romantic comedy is one hilarious piece of film-making! I laughed so hard through the entire thing, and am already anticipating seeing it again in the not-too-distant future. The movie starts out a bit rough for reasons I cannot peg – it just doesn’t dazzle until a good fifteen to twenty minutes in. That is when the humor settles into a natural groove and the viewers become engrossed in the lives of Rae, her crazy, perfectly-proper Southern family and the three men who enter Rae’s life – even if we do feel like reaching through the screen and shaking some of these characters until they come to their senses. After all, not everything can be perfect.

Despite an unrealistic premise, I thought the film remained grounded in reality – and I realize what a contradiction that is. (Three guys proposing to the same woman in a span of so many days… yeah, I don’t think so – and two of them barely knew her!) Somehow the unfolding scenes are believable, and sometimes very relatable, as is the dialogue. Having said that, I thought the script was whip-smart. Apart from the opening few minutes, it never seemed to miss a single beat. Rae’s first meeting with Luke is the epitome of a "meet-cute" (even if not traditionally) not to mention a litany of confusing quips that is nothing if not insanely humorous – this scene displays what “good” humor should be. (And, Rae telling Luke to “drop dead” after his marriage proposal was priceless.) The characters are richly drawn with complex and real “problems” without seeming like a broken record – and I liked that. Credited cast makes for convincing characters and while, obviously someone thought the leading men were swoon-worthy, there was only one dude that I thought was good-looking. Supporting characters are phenomenal, including Rae’s parents (Annie Potts, David Andrews) but no one is more fantastic than the very talented Vanessa Marano. She commands the screen as the young spit-fire foster child whom Rae has grown fond of. Her easy banter and well-placed barbs entice nothing less than a laugh-out-loud reaction; her part may be small in comparison, but without her, the movie wouldn’t have been half as amusing.

Just because flaws haven't been mentioned doesn’t mean the movie is without its issues. Rae’s character is deeply flawed, and that isn’t a “bad” thing as regards human nature but when it’s linked to choosing a mate, it actually is very much so. Her indecisiveness is carried to an extreme – seriously if you are that confused, you shouldn’t be marrying anyone. In retrospect, writers do everything but spell it out who Rae is going to end up with, so I cannot fault Rae’s attitude, but still… she takes the meaning of the word “indecision” to a whole new level. Additionally, she is willing to fall into bed with someone else before she has even come to terms with her broken engagement – that says something very uncomplimentary about our heroine. Pettiness aside, this was a really entertaining three-hour movie. I had seen Lifetime’s prior production also, and while I did love it, I think it dealt with and used less restraint in its content. If you like romantic comedies, this one is a keeper. Not everything about it was ideal for my “perfect” romance, but I liked Marry Me too well to let the bad outweigh the good. This is nothing but a fluffy, sappy, cute way to spend a chunk of time – and I dare you to say otherwise.*grin*

(Cautions: even though this one was on TV, it was likely rated “TV14,” which equals a PG13-rating: the content is definitely “adult.” One couple refers to spending the night together as the “magic” date; when they do finally get to that point in their relationship, there is some removal of clothing before the camera cuts away to Rae leaving the hotel room. Various suggestive remarks litter the script as do the rare few profanities. A man cheats on his wife [off-camera] – they “work” things out.) 


  1. Hmmm sounds interesting! Though I don't think I'd ever watch it because I want to keep up my reputation of "hating" romantic movies ;)

  2. Sounds adorable! I mean, I am a romantic at heart anyway--so this totally seems like something I should add to my list.....

    I always love the romantic comedies you made me aware of, Rissi <3

  3. Yes! Sounds really interesting!
    I love romantic movies, so cute!
    Gosh, love that picture! Her dress is SO awesome :)

  4. Trinka - seriously!? You don't like rom-coms!? LOL!

    As you have probably learned by now, I love them. This one is really cute - and is actually one of my recent "favs."

    Ella - "Marry Me" is adorable; I laughed SO hard through the entire thing. I don't love everyone in the cast, but the story and comedy makes it well worth the few bits of annoyance.

    Hope you can see this one, Ella! I'd love to know what you thought of it if you do. =)

    Rebekah - me, too! Rom-coms is one of my most favorite genres. I know the dress is pretty, isn't it!?

    I thought this miniseries was super cute! It is far from "perfect," but I simply loved it.

    Hey, so sorry to read that you won't be blogging anymore... I hope you still drop by sometimes as I always enjoy your comments. =)


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