Elizabeth Camden's The Lady of Bolton Hill

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Here, I am posting another "alternate cover art" post. I've done two prior to this one and it has been fun. Today, I am featuring Christian author Elizabeth Camden's debut novel. There were a handful of working concepts for this novel before the final design was sent to press. Published by Bethany House and designed by Jennifer Parker, here were three differing versions of the early working designs:

...and below, here is the final cover art from back to front: 

Overall, I definitely prefer the final design. It is pretty and compliments the story well (which is a charming story fashioned after North & South). Of the prior designs, the middle cover is my favorite and the other two are just... "okay." Jennifer Parker is a well-known graphic designer whose work is often found on the the books published by Bethany House - including authors such as Cathy Marie Hake and Janette Oke. 

What are your thoughts about these designs? 


  1. I'm with you on preferring the final one. :) It's so much prettier :) Though I also kind of like the third one because it shows most of her face. {I'm seriously big on being able to see a pic of the main character's face on the cover...it just helps :)}
    I just noticed, though that the second cover looks kind of...modern. But it's still pretty ;)
    And...well, I just don't like the first one. At all. :P It looks like it was done on a very low budget or something :P
    Haha, oh wow, I'm picky! :D

  2. i actually bought this book to read a while ago and i ADORE the final design! i can't imagine it having any other cover than the one it does.

  3. Trinka - oh, goody! Glad you like the final design best, too. =) I do not mind the cover art showing the "character's" features if the model meshes with the author's physical description. It drives my mother insane if the cover doesn't match the description whereas I can "deal" with it. ;D

    I'd agree with you about that first pic. - it does look like designers were working on a low budget! Jennifer Parker is a talented artist though - her covers are gorgeous! (If I post more like this, you'll see some of her other work.)

    Annie - isn't this story charming!? I finished it and realized it was "simple" (an easy read, too), but I found that all a part of its beautiful charm.

    This cover does the novel justice. =)


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