Femnista: Arsenic & Lace

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good Morning, Readers! Once again, today, I am excited to invite you all to read yet another edition of Femnista! In this issue, the writers give us a glimpse into some of the most-loved PI's, detectives and three-letter government agents. When I heard about this topic, I was thrilled that Charity chose this as one of the webzine's subjects but... it was also more challenging than usual for me to chose just one topic to write about! Crime shows are my primary genre of TV shows, so to narrow it down to one was "difficult."

This issue features Lydia's ever-popular "Ask Lydia" column, articles on Richard Castle (Castle) and the always enigmatic Sherlock Holmes is featured in the "Book vs. Film" column. Also in this issue is Bones (welcome, Danielle!) and White Collar (absolutely love this show), and many, many more! I hope you all check out this issue and enjoy the mysterious "twists and turns" these characters become entangled with.

Scroll down this page to find the link on the right sidebar to read it on-line, or click on the link below to download or print out this issue to read at your leisure. Please let us know what you all think of this issue - feedback is always great! We hope you join us again February first for a look at iconic author Charles Dickens' and his vast library of classics.

Femnista: November/December 2011 - "Favorite Sleuths" 

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  1. Thanks for the pitch, and for contributing! I was delighted at how this issue turned out. =)

  2. Me, too, Charity! I thought you put together - once again, a great issue. =)

    It was my pleasure to post it here. I hope some of my followers check it out.

  3. Thanks Rissi! (And Charity!) Femnista is such a great publication.. I'm researching my next contribution as we speak..or type..;)

  4. I thought your article on Bones was just great, Danielle! I loved reading it; I, for one will be looking forward to reading your article in the next issue!

    Cannot wait for this upcoming Dickens issue - hopefully it will be grand. =)


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