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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hey, readers! Today I've got another "book design" post for you all. This one features the fourth book in the "Nantucket Love Story" series by Christian author, Denise Hunter. Although I own all four, I've yet to read them (my mom has read some), but they look like gorgeous stories! Cannot wait to give them a read-through. They've all been re-released with new cover art to match this fourth novel... but these two designs are not a case of a re-released novel. Instead the one to the right was a working design, the left-hand side is what made it to press.
So... if you all aren't bored with this "series" of posts, tell me, what do you think of these designs? Which is better? Do, share your thoughts and inklings below...


  1. I've never read {or even heard of!} this series. But I like the cover design on the right better :) It's just...sweeter. Though, the one that was chosen is pretty nice, I like how "fancy" the title looks, and that they wrote the name of the series. :) Haha, Oh yeah, and the guy and the dog is a nice touch. :)
    Btw, your blog is SUPER cute, I love how you change it to match the season :)

  2. I have read Smitten, a collaboration Denise did with Colleen Coble, Diann Hunt and Kristin Billerbeck... and I've been wanting to try some of hers. I might have to say the one on the right because it's pink, I love the hammock and you can see the ocean behind her on the horizon kinda. But then the one on the left has more of the ocean...but I'd still probably go with the one on the right :) And I am definitely not tired of this series...I love it! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  3. Trinka - you're baaaack, girl! I missed your sweet comments around here. =) I hope you enjoyed a grand holiday season.

    Doesn't it LOOK pretty though? I haven't read the books yet, but am definitely going to. Overall, I like both a great deal but do tend to prefer the "pink one." Graphic designers did a fabulous job with the series.

    Thanks - I really enjoy playing around with the design aspect of the blog. It has been a great deal of fun... in addition to the writing, of course. ;D

    Sierra - yeah, this series looks lovely to say nothing of good plot lines. I too am really looking forward to reading them. Smitten sounds cute but not like it will be my favorite. I do so love Kristin's writing though. =)

    I think overall, I do agree with you about the "best" cover. I think the "pink one" is lovely. The actual design might coincide more with the story though as it is a reflective setting and perhaps that is more the direction the story tends. Guess I'd best read the novel and find out! =D

    Glad this "series" isn't boring you girls - I didn't know. =)

  4. I love everything Denise Hunter writes and have all of her Nantucket Love Story series, Sweetwater Gap, and another of her latest books.

    I love the design on the left. Strangely, I didn't like the redesigns made to match it for the other three books as much as I loved their original covers. I never like redesigns as much. In my opinion there's no need to mess with a good thing!

  5. I am really looking forward to reading Denise's latest series, Annie - I think it looks/sounds really good. This ["Nantucket Love Stories"] series of novels sounds fabulous also. =) All in all, I am going to be really disappointed if I don't wind up loving her works.

    I like both cover designs but I think the working concept was a bit more whimsical and I liked that. Awww! You didn't care for the re-designs of books one-three? I thought they were really sweet. =) Nevertheless the "old" covers were cute, too - especially The Convenient Groom; it was just adorable. ;D

  6. And, I think we have a winner: the working design wins! =)

    Everyone seems to agree that the "pink cover-art" is best, Juju! I like the other one but I like the model's expression and set-up more. Still... the other one is pretty. =D

  7. Okay, so I just got this from the library. I. LOVED. IT! Like, seriously. It was so sweet :) And from reading the book, I much MORE prefer the pink cover, it fits in better with her described looks :)

  8. AWESOME! I am so glad to know that, Trinka!! Now I really cannot wait to read it. =) It sounds really sweet...

    Overall, I think everyone mainly agreed that the "pink" cover was best, so I will have to pay careful attention to the character descriptions. =)

  9. Found this post when googling for info on Hallmark's upcoming Spring Fling movie, " The Convenient Groom". ;) Any word who stars in it?

    1. I'd not heard the title of Denise's upcoming "Spring Fling" movie, but am excited to hear it's The Convenient Groom. That's supposed to be an excellent read and will prompt me to actually read it!

      As for the cast, no, I've not heard anything. If you do, let me know, Lisa. I'm all about any Hallmark news. :)


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