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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey, Readers! So... as you all can see, I have been trying out a new design here at Scribbles, Scripts and Such. I wasn't really finding a new layout image to use for a "new look," which prompted me to be on the look-out for an entirely new template - and that is exactly what this layout is.

Now, I am asking your opinion: do you like this layout or do you prefer keeping more with the "simplistic" one I've had...? I like this one and had a lot of challenges, ummm... I mean, fun putting it together. I apologize if I had a lot of visitors during the time I was working on it, but hey, what can I say - I am slow with all those HTML coding (translation: I do not like it). In all likelihood, this would be what it would look like for a while with exception to some minor "tweaking" here and there.

Let me know what you all think of it, and which is easier to use - your opinions matter.


  1. Hey I think either option looks great...the important thing to my mind is that you're happy with it as the blog runner. :)

  2. I like this style. It's hard to stick to one style anyway. I think the other one sometimes had font or colors that were hard to read.

  3. This one is nice :) {in fact, it's pretty cool and techy-like}
    Anyway, if you like it...then who cares what everyone else thinks? It's your blog after all! ;)
    Anyway...yeah, I like it...oooh! But maybe you could add some more color?
    This is pretty cool :)

  4. *gasp* I just clicked on your blog title and it brought me to your home page.
    I have changed my opinion. KEEP IT LIKE THIS. Like, seriously. No need to change it, it looks sooooo... cool, amazing, awesomely professional!

  5. I don't like it at all-sorry. It feels like one of those hideously outdated wordpress blogs or live journal things. I prefer pretty blogs like the one you had before.

  6. Ruth - I completely agree with you. When I started blogging, I read a lot of posts about bloggers questioning which direction their blog should go in; I say as long as the writer (blogger) is happy, that is what matters - a blog is whatever every individual wants it to be, but yet, I do appreciate every one of my followers, so I thought it would be fun/interesting to get a reaction. =) Thanks!

    Lizzy - thanks! =) I am sorry that the prior layout was sometimes difficult to read especially since that was something I tried to be conscious of - for that I do apologize.

    Trinka - agreed; a blog should look/be whatever the writer wants it. Thank you for your sweet words. =)

    Isn't that "slider" cool? It sure gave me fits though! I had the hardest time finding photos that fit - but I liked the idea of it. =)

    Livia - that is alright. Thank you for your honest opinion.

    I really liked my prior layout, too. It was why I hadn't changed it a lot apart from a background image. I was getting to the point where I was going to want something different, and so I had started to think about a new backing only I never came across anything that "wowed" me, which is where this new template came in. Anyway... for the time being, this one will probably stay. It may only be a week or it may be a month, but until I find something that I really like, it will have to do. =D I do hope that it will not prevent you from visiting here and voicing your thoughts on blog posts. =)

  7. I preferred the other one. This one needs some pizzazz.

    My biggest issue is the gray font. Its hard to read.

    Good luck :)

  8. Well, I think it looks cool -- but that's because I love professional layouts and designs. =)

  9. The new layout looks great! It looks very neat and clean (I'm a sucker for clean and sharply-organised (for lack of a better word =P) layouts like this) =)

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  11. First off - thank you all for your input, tips and thoughts! I greatly appreciate them all. =)

    Juju - I don't disagree with you about this layout needing... something else. Unfortunately, I am such a slow learner with all this coding business and I haven't mastered adding any color or the like by "coding" it as opposed to using the template editor.

    Oh! I am sorry about the gray font. If I can get it figured out, I can certainly swap it out for black - I liked using the gray on both layouts because black seems so harsh, but I don't want it to be difficult to read either. =)

    I hope you will still visit often!

    Charity - thanks! Obviously this layout is way different than before but I found it on-line a week or so ago and thought it was nifty. =)

    Lianne - thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I like "simplistic" looks a lot, too, but I also like color and some accents. Still, sometimes I think "less is more." ;D

    Again thank you ALL - I've read all of your comments and appreciate your honest opinions. If anyone else wants to chime in, you are most welcome. =D

  12. If you like the design you should keep it.
    The choice is up to you.

  13. Look at that! Pizzazz already! And yay for no gray font!

    No worries! I'm sticking with you doll ;)

  14. Ella - thanks!

    I will probably leave it for the time being, but eventually, I am sure it will be changed out for the "old" layout again. =)

    Juju - yeah... I actually figured a few things out about this wretched HTML coding: YAY! That equals instant pizzazz. =D

    I might not be completely "sold" on this template but I like that it has taught me a few more things about Blogger because I do want to learn more about the design aspect in addition to it being an outlet for writing.

    Glad that the black font is better than the gray - that was one of the first things I figured out. ;-)

  15. I don't mind which layout you choose to keep. This one looks more professional, though. But I love how it looks!

  16. In all honesty, I liked your old layout much better. However, I have a suggestion for this one: it seems to me that it might look better if your sidebar and linky-things were on the right. I'm not sure why, but it always seems to me to look neater that way. :) Just my humble opinion though. ;)
    I do like the slider at the top, though, very neat!

  17. Jemimah - thanks! I am glad it looks okay to you. Eventually, the "old one" will likely reappear but for now, I'll leave this one and continue "tweaking" it here and there. =)

    Miss Dashwood - I really liked my prior layout, too (it will be back eventually)... but it is always fun to change things up plus I saw this as a good way to learn more about HTML coding (it is such a bother!).

    Sidebar... I do agree with you about it being better on the right. Unfortunately, that is one thing I've not figured out how to change yet. With Blogger's template designer it was so easy - this one, not so much.

    Isn't that "slider" fun!? That is really what I do like - I won't miss the rest of this template, but I did think that could be fun to change out. =)


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