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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Each year a show is put on during which everyone who is anyone in Hollywood royalty come together (using that term loosely, mind you) for a night of glamour and jokes – or basically a whole lot of pomp and circumstance where no one is really themselves - or perhaps they... are? Since this is the first year that I’ve had any kind of platform to share a list such as this, I thought I’d give you my picks for movies that might deserve an Academy Award – and after all, who cares what those liberal judges say, the public's is the right say-so… right!? *grin* Most of my picks would never even be considered for Oscars but some should be.

Below I have pulled together five of the “top” Oscar categories and awarded the title or actor that I thought was most worthy from the last year while adding in my own fun categories that would never be thought of for such a prestigious award. Read on below to uncover what movies and television shows I thought were funniest, best-acted or had the ability to tug at the viewer’s heartstrings.

I did try to make up a little video to go with this (just for fun) but unfortunately, the troublesome thing wouldn't load onto Blogger, so that idea went south, nevertheless... Enjoy!

Best Picture
The Help – this might not have had the same appeal as a lot of movies from the past year but it was a truly moving picture

Runner(s)-Up: The ConspiratorCourageous 

Best Actor*
Matt Damon, The Adjustment Bureau – maybe not the best of his roles, Matt proved yet again why he is an A-list star

Runner(s)-up: Matthew McConaughey (The Lincoln Lawyer), Michael Fassbender (Jane Eyre)

Best Actress*
Viola Davis, The Help - fabulous performance in a wonderful movie

Runner(s)-up: Emma Stone (The Help), Resse Witherspoon (Water for Elephants)

Best Costume Drama
Jane Eyre - the one movie that truly surprised me in 2011 - I expected nothing of it but it was beautiful

Best Miniseries
Downton Abbey - what else?

Best Popcorn Flick
Captain America - I had a tough time deciding which to chose for this category. Ultimately Captain America "won" because it is not only fun but also contains some wonderful messages.

Runner(s)-up: FootloosePirates 4Sherlock Holmes 2 and Thor

Best Romantic Comedy
New Year's Eve - loved this movie! Perhaps, it was because it surpassed my expectations but whatever the case, this was [my] The Proposal of 2011 (and for those of you who have been with this blog from the beginning, you know how well I liked that one)

Best New Television Show
Blue Bloods - I know this technically premiered in 2010, but since I am a year behind in television shows, I cannot comment on the shows from 2011 (there are a TON I am anxious to see though if that counts...)

Runner-up: Hawaii Five-O

Most Anticipated of 2012
The Avengers, The Bourne Legacy and Mirror, Mirror

What were some of your favorite or most memorable films of 2011? Do you have a "most anticipated" of this upcoming year...?

The Oscars air Sunday February 26th on ABC at 7pm Eastern.

*I haven't seen most of the performances that garnered "best" nominations, which explains my somewhat "lackluster" winners. 


  1. I just noticed that your header is featuring Castle peeps.. OMG<3 i love that showw!!!

  2. Whoooo!! Thanks for letting us know, Rissi :)

  3. Elisha - me, too! I LOVE the show - and my mom may even like it better than I do. =) So entertaining.

    Glad you stopped in, Elisha. =)

    Raquel - I've only watched the entire award show once (if memory serves me right) but I do usually watch the last 1/2 hour or so. All of those speeches that come off as just a little too "insincere" can get on my nerves. ;D

    Happy you dropped by, Raquel - it's been a while. =)

  4. I haven't seen too many of the nominated people/films I agree with what you have picked!! =D New Show, though, I give to either "Revenge" or "Once Upon a Time."

    I do watch the ceremony...but honestly, the last half hour is what matters =D

  5. I actually couldn't believe some of the films that were nominated, Ella... but then, that isn't unusual. Some of the movies that should be aren't and those that aren't deserving are. That is Hollywood liberals for you. =D

    Yeah, I did watch the award show in its entirety one year when I found myself home by myself but other than that... I think I generally only watch the last parts of it. I figure I can read all about the highlights if I would be interested.

    Television shows... okay, I am so excited to try Revenge this summer; it looks like way too much fun albeit a "soapy" mess. ;D I did catch the last thirty or forty minutes of a "Once" episode and enjoyed it but of course, I didn't have a clue what was all going on. (It was the one where Emma thought she had the evil Regina cornered, and instead the plans she had stolen from her office were for a playground.) Unfortunately I couldn't pick a current show to "award" because, well... I've not seen them yet!

    Hope you are doing well, Ella. Always love "chatting" with you. =)

  6. i do enjoy watching the oscars, but i do think some of the nominations are a little... interesting. as in ive never heard of them before! but i agreed with almost all of your nominees; especially the Help. I loved it!

  7. In my opinion, most of the nominees are PC and unworthy of even that much recognition. Still... some of the fashions are... how shall I put this? Interesting...? ;D

    The Help was fabulous - my aunt read the book, and I got the impression that she liked it better. Guess I should read it sometime, too. =)

    So glad you stopped in, Juliet.


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