Britt Nicole: All this Time

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

About the Song:
Released: 2012
Writing Credits: Britt Nicole, Ben Glover and David Garcia
Label: Sparrow Records
Genre: Christian Pop

My Thoughts: it was by “accident” that I stumbled across this artist’s works shortly after she appeared on the Christian music circuit, and I’ve followed Britt’s music career after that – and what an impressive one it is turning out to be in her young life. Her 2007 debut, Say It was a combination of bubbly cheeriness and the depth of a young teenage Christian, and I truly enjoyed her songs. This single, the first off of her upcoming third album Gold, is perhaps her best song yet.

What is always evident with this artist is the emotion in her voice whenever she sings a song that goes deeper than mere entertainment. “All this Time” is a beautiful demonstration of that. I’ve heard both the audio track and seen a video of Britt performing this live at a radio station, and both versions come across as effortless while invoking thoughts the joy of a new life in Christ might bring. The song tells a story of a young girl remembering meeting God for the first time in her pain, and His faithfulness since then, never leaving her “all this time.”  

The song is like an anthem to remind Christians that God never leaves us – in our sorrow, pain and happiness, He walks with us, no matter what. It is one that is hard to get out of your head because it is masked by feel-good beats and a voice that is easy to listen too, but underneath, the message is more than a pretty thought. Here is a brief quote from an interview Britt gave about the song’s meaning:

All This Time’ is the story of how I met Jesus,’ says Britt. ‘It’s a reminder that whatever we face in life, we don’t have to face it alone, because Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us.’ 

Once again, I am eagerly anticipating another artist’s upcoming spring album – this will, in all likelihood be just one of the jewel’s among Britt’s Gold album. A+ song from a wonderful up-and-coming artist – check it out.

The Lyrics: From the first tear cry /…it was You and I / You’ve been walking with me / All this time


  1. I love Britt Nicole!! And her newest single did NOT disappoint me! I was just singing it yesterday and...voila! I see your post about it today. :)

    By the way, I know I don't comment that often...I'm sorry :/ Just wanted you to know that you do a really great job with this blog! Keep it up, girl!

    ~Miss Raquel

  2. I need to check her out. She has awesome hair.

  3. Raquel - she is such a cool Christian artist. I don't even know a lot about her like I do RSJames or some others but I LOVE her music - she seems to have such a heart for God and I applaud that because even in the Christian music scene that is sometimes rare.

    Oh! That is o.k., Raquel - just know that whenever you can, I always appreciate you adding your thoughts/comments here because I enjoy your input. And, although I am not sure if I've said it or not but, I love your blog, also. You have posted some excellent things. Your kind remarks are greatly appreciated about my blog - it makes it so much more fun to know that what I write about is read and hopefully, my readers get something from my ramblings. I do try. ;D

    Juju - do check her out! I just love Britt's music. (You can hear this song on my 'tag' post from today if you were wanting a "sample" of her music. =)

    Her hair does look really pretty in this photo shoot - she used to have an edgier, shorter haircut and looked cute then too. =D


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