Google Friend Connect... No More?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have a question for you all.

So... in the blogging scene, I've been reading rumors that starting March first Google may take away Google Friend Connect for bloggers whose blogs are not powered by Google - and even those who are may lose that option which essentially means that we bloggers will lose our (awesome!) followers. A lot of my blog friends are suggesting and using Blog Lovin', and I did open an account there but have as yet to transfer my blog list over there... my question to you all is: do you know anything more about whether or not this will happen?

I don't want to miss out on keeping up with all of the blogs I follow - and, of course, I don't want to lose all of you as followers, so I just thought I'd see what everyone knew about this potential change.

My friend thinks Google is "evil."

I am beginning to agree with her.


  1. My understanding is that yes, the GFC thing is going away for non-Blogger blogs. But once you've followed someone in GFC, whether or not they are a Blogger blog, the feed stays in your Google Reader...that is my experience anyways.

  2. I actually only heard of it from other bloggers... it saddens me. Also, I don't really even like bloglovin'! :P Oh well, I guess I'll have to deal with it! Oh, and by the way, I am soooo sorry for not commenting on your blog lately!!! Seriously, I feel awful about it! But anyway, I really like your new header :) It's really cute!

  3. Oh this is sad. I didn't know about this. Starting to hate google, now too. I think it is such an easy way to join and follow other blogs. Why must they change this?? Grrrr. Not cool.

    Like this new blog design, and your header :))

  4. Ruth - well... I'll certainly be glad if Blogger blogs will still be able to use GFC because it is so simple. =)

    Trinka - yeah, I've not used BlogLovin' yet but did create an account (if nothing else, I will use it). I wondered how it was to use - glad to know it isn't the best.

    Hey, that is okay. It's great when you are able to come by and leave your thoughts - just know that I do enjoy those thoughts whenever you are able to drop by. =)

    Oh! Thanks! I had a lot of fun creating this header.

    Jeanine - yep, I am going to dislike Google a LOT if they take this option away because it is a really easy way to join/follow blogs that we want to keep up with. Good question - and it is definitely NOT cool. ;D

    Awww! Thanks. Designing this header was a lot of fun, and I am hoping this layout will be less troublesome than the last - as much as I liked the slider, the template seemed more trouble than it was worth. Maybe sometime I'll find a better one. Until then, I like this one, too. =)

  5. I don't know anything about this, but it doesn't surprise me -- Google is of the devil. =P

  6. LOVE the header!
    What you have heard is right. I've added a Feedburner button and LinkyFollowers button to my page. But I will still be using my GoogleReader to follow blogs.

  7. Okay, I love the new look. I am not the brightest technology user...was it in some kind of in between stage before or was the only for certain browsers or what? I use Opera for much of my fun stuff, so maybe this was why I could not see the new design before. Sorry if I am super dumb.

  8. Charity - don't you think that might be a bit... harsh? ;)

    Juju - awww! Thanks! Can you all tell how much I love Caslte. ;D

    Drat! I was hoping Blogger powered blogs would be left alone and still have the GFC widget - that is not cool. I've added the LinkyFollowers widget under the "follow me" drop down menu for now, but I suppose as long as GoogleReader is still usable, that is okay. I just don't use it like I do my dashboard.

    Rachel - thanks! I had a lot of fun creating it.

    Actually I had used a completely different template which is likely why it was messing up for your browser so much - I had other readers tell me much the same thing. I use IE and Google Chrome and the layout looked just fine in both, so I was at a loss as to how to fix the darn thing and finally just went back to a simpler layout. I do apologize for the way it probably looked in your browser - I know that can be annoying. =)

    And... you are NOT dumb, girl. =)

  9. I've heard plenty of rumors about Google taking away GFC, but I also heard from others that it isn't true. So I have no idea which is the real thing.

    For now, I'm not too worried about it. I keep a list of all the blogs I follow on a separate document, so I can always find them again. But if the loss of GFC means the loss of followers, well, I'm not sure exactly what to do. Getting a Blog Lovin' account seems more complicated.

  10. Me, too, Jemimah. I read that blogs powered by Google would be exempt, but others are saying that isn't true, so we'll see I guess...

    Thanks to Juju, I did join LinkyFollowers which is more like GFC and although I've not used it much so far (she is really the only blogger I follow that has it right now), I like it o.k. Joining BlogLovin' didn't seem too complicated but I cannot say fairly whether or not I like it just yet...

    Happy you stopped by, Jemimah. =)

  11. I am seriously getting weirded out by a lot of the changes that Google is making lately--following Facebook's example it not cool in my book IMO (the way things were going seemed fine).

    Btw, love the new layout Rissi! =D

  12. I know, right!? What is WRONG with Google... I do still like a lot about their search engine and Blogger, but this does not make me a happy camper. =)

    I've read that there are a lot of unhappy Facebook users, which doesn't bode well for changes to Blogger.

    Awww... thanks, Lianne! I am so glad - it was fun to make, and the prior template seemed more trouble than it was worth. =D

  13. Ok, so lemme get this straight...I use GoogleReader to keep track of the blogs I follow. Does that mean I'll lose all that or is it only the thing on my Blogger Dashboard?

    This is a huge wreck! Are we going to get some kind of warning before everything goes "poof" or should we blog about it? What should I do? Ack. :-D

    I am so computer illiterate it ain't funny. :-D

    Not to be a broken record, but I love the new layout. :-)

  14. From what I know, GoogleReader will not be affected, Alexandra. Generally I just use my Blogger dashboard to keep up with everyone else's blogs because I like its form better than "reader." I am not sure if the dashboard will stop updating or not but we'll find out on March 1st (Thursday). I guess Blogger/Google are making a lot of changes - and I am just learning it all from fellow bloggers.

    I've joined two new places; LinkyFollowers and BlogLovin' both of which are alternatives to keeping up with the blogs you follow. I've also added a GoogleReader button under "follow me..." on my sidebar, so those are two things you may want to think about.

    Hope you can find something that works for you - and don't hesitate to ask anything else if you have more questions.

    Awww! Thanks - I like to know that this layout is working better for everyone. =) I liked the slider on the last template but as I've said, it seemed more trouble than it was worth. ;D


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