Killers (2010) - A Breezy RomCom About Marriage

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unfortunately, due to the theater I most frequent never showing this I wasn’t able to see Killers upon its release. But since its release, it was just one of my most looked-forward too releases and so it was with anticipation that I popped it into the DVD player only to find myself being the most thoroughly entertained by a movie that I have been in a long while.

An exotic location like France is the perfect place for one to get over a failed relationship. Sandy white beaches, a fabulous five-star resort, and wonderful foreign dishes is just the kind of “therapy” Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl) needs. The only snag in her plan is she's the one tagging along with her parents on their vacation. Thinking herself pathetic for being a single, accomplished woman who is, of all things vacationing with her parents (Tom Selleck, Catherine O’ Hara), Jen unexpectedly finds herself being swept into a whirlwind romance when she meets her ideal guy in Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher).

Following their whirlwind courtship, the two settle into an idyllic suburb life where they exist peacefully for three years. Just when Spencer thought his past – a past his wife knows nothing of – was long over and forgotten, he is contacted by his former boss.

These “types” of movies are a dime a dozen (Knight & Day, The Tourist, Mr. And Mrs Smith). Everyone wants to concoct some sort of action-packed story, because, well, irrespective of critics, the appeal of a knock-out-comedy tends to draw a crowd. Somehow even amidst the busyness of screeching tires, and the ring of gunfire, I just “knew” this would be "old-fashioned” entertainment.

Rather than conform to initial impressions, Killers threw in some surprises along the way albeit while still clinging to its cliché twists. From previews and other reading, I had this idea affixed in my mind of how the scenarios the story presented would play out, and instead it wavers between being an outrageous comedy and a plucky comedy with heart. Basically after the first twenty minutes the laugh-out-loud funniness (from the character's perspective) is over as the realization that someone is out to kill Spencer sets in.

With so many mishaps following one right after the other counteracting this effect, it doesn’t deter the story from ever becoming dull or slow. Said to be in the “romantic-comedy” genre this really isn’t a romance. It has humor, a bit of sappiness, and lots of chaos and action, but really the girl-meets-boy bit is wrapped up during the film’s set-up; the majority of its runtime, Spence and Jen are married, which means that on filmmakers part it just isn’t as “fun” to focus on the attraction between its leading stars.

Casting directors pulled together a recognizable cast which essentially offers a wide audience interest; whether you’re in a younger age bracket or remember the oldies, this has familiar faces. As an ensemble, the cast plays well together, and since this isn’t your typical “romcom” Kutcher and Heigl do deserve props. Although typical in its idea, Selleck and Kutcher share some hilarious moments currently being dubbed as a "bromance."Although brief, the vacation spot provides for a gorgeous backdrop, and when ignoring the obvious, the script does throw in a ringer or two all to conclude on a humorous and satisfying ending. I read once that this likely would have done much better at the box office had it not had such an uninspired one-word title. As a result, earnings could barely be considered marginally well.  Alternatives were much better including one of its original titles, Five Killers or giving a fresh spin on an old catchphrase (both of which would have fit the story), but then that was just a missed opportunity.

It’s a pity this wasn’t better received or promoted. In anticipation of its premiere, there was some really cute promotional material (something more important than we realize); in a nutshell, fun is the operative word for this one. You’ll probably smile a little at the antics between Spence, Jen and her parents, maybe even sober at the mere inkling things are about to take a turn for the worse. Marriage is approached – believe it or not, positively and Jen also finds herself making a difficult choice over the course of their marriage. Because of this (and then some!), there is more than meets the eye to this killer of a comedy! 
Killers Review
CONTENT: Approx. six people die various different ways; several are shot multiple times, another is run off a cliff; a woman is impaled by a ceiling fixture. Fistfights break out that turn into more of an action-stylized scene. Profanity consists of the usual common variety; sadly, the f-word is also used not five minutes before the entire movie wrapped. Suggestive banter crops up between a married couple, and although never seen it’s implied they were intimate after mere weeks of dating. Half-dressed for work, Jen and Spencer make-out and roll around on her desk; crude references to male anatomy are used. On their first date, a fellow club patron assumes Jen is a prostitute because of her form-fitting dress. Talk of sex is bantered about between friends; a big deal is made about a pregnancy test. Jen’s mother imbibes – frequently. Killers is rated PG13.


  1. Just watched this the other night with my mom, and we both loved it! Of course we love Katherine Heigl to begin with =D

  2. Okay, don't hate me, but I disliked this movie so much I could never bring myself to blog about it. ;) Glad you enjoyed it though!

  3. I liked Mr and Mrs Smith and when I saw the trailer for this one, I thought it looked like it would be good as well. Haven't had a chance to see it yet, but i will put it in my queue!

    Jeanine :)

  4. Hey girl! Loved this review - looks like an interesting movie!! :) That pun at the end - I loved it!! ;) I also really like your layout/"makeover" of your blog - the colors are sweet!! :) Great job! <3 Happy Valentine's Day! <3

  5. Natalie - how ironic, my mom just suggested watching this one again, too. We really should because it is darn cute.

    Katherine Heigl's movies are always entertaining.

    Ruth - *gasp* you didn't like this one!? LOL! =D

    I could never hate you, girl. Some movies are just like that - believe me, I probably have a "list." ;D

    Jeanine - this does have a Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe going for it... but I like this movie better... I think. I do have a review of that one, too, so one of these days... =D

    Enjoy Killers - it's fun.

    Rachel - this one is fun - I get a kick out of it each time I watch it. The pun... I just couldn't resist. ;D

    Oh! Thanks, girl! I am glad the layout looks okay on your browser - a couple of people commented that it didn't, so I was trying to figure out ways that it would but when it looks fine on my two browsers, it can be a challenge to figure out the problem. The colors... I was totally going for a light, happy spring look; hope I accomplished that. =)

    Happy valentine's day to you!


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