Knight and Day (2010)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Since I’ve posted a couple of breezy spy thrillers in the past week or two, I figured why not keep up the trend with another? Summer blockbusters always have a draw that is not easily explained. Most of them, I don’t ever get around to seeing in theaters and this was one of them. While not the smartest to come out of Hollywood, it was a heck of a lot of fun, and provides more than one laugh along the way. Plus the man behind the camera is a capable director whose movies brought two of Hollywood’s most famous their Oscars.

The airport brings all sorts of travelers to busy terminals, all with different destinations. June Havens (Cameron Diaz) is on a return trip to Boston after a quick trip to Wichita in order to purchase specialty parts for a 70’s car she is restoring. Her plan is to give the car to her “little” sister as a wedding present. It is that wedding that prompts June to attempt getting on an earlier flight, when she does she also literally bumps into the same man – twice. Initially denied a seat on the same flight that the stranger is also boarding, she is let on just before takeoff where she properly meets the mysterious Roy Miller (Tom Cruise). During the flight, June's attempts at flirty banter gets off to a rough start. Her eventual absence (leaving to clean up after she spills a drink) gives Roy an opportunity to eliminate every single person on the plane… including the pilots.

Upon her return, June doesn’t take this news well. Somehow she, along with Roy, survives a crash landing, only to awake the next morning… in her own bed. Assuming her life will go back to normal in spite of warnings from Roy that certain men would try to talk to her, she goes about her day as any other. When she is snatched by Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard), Roy again appears in her life. Complete with car chases and exotic travel, June quickly learns, "normal" is no longer an option.

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Knight and Day
It would be an indisputable point to say that watching this feels like landing in one of the biggest cinematic messes to appear on screens in some time. (Which I mean in the best sense.) In fact there is rarely a moment that pauses to catch a breath. Let's just go through the checklist. Guys wielding heavy guns: check! Guys running around trying to kill everyone who crosses their paths: check! Exotic locations: check! For an action flick, this has everything “required” for something where the bad guys have no agenda other than to chase the people who are really the good ones but are, of course, being framed. And yet, I loved every single second of it.

Being categorized in such a genre provides many challenges. Knight and Day meets some adequately but others it did not. Much to my delight, there were actually several levels of this film that surprised me. My impressions of it was a semi-serious action movie that would bring a fair balance of emotions with the appropriate themes of mushy occurrences, but instead, what rules is slapstick comedy. Unfortunately, for all of today’s technology, incidents that are supposed to be dangerous are not filmed to look “real” and because of that, it doesn’t feel like the setting really poses a threat to the characters. It is understandable because you know that filmmakers and stunt coordinators are not going to put their leading stars in a situation like that but it seemed like there should have been a better way for scenes to have been filmed. Having said that, if a high-octane, action-packed film is something that sounds appealing on a Saturday afternoon, this does not disappoint (it's something I've liked better and better each time I've rewatched it.)

Knight and Day
Since it seemed like June spent a lot of time drugged, it doesn’t give Cameron Diaz much time to embody a character nevertheless she still does a decent job with what she was given to work with. I liked scriptwriters take on her character. They kept her grounded as the naïve, girl-next-door who at first finds meeting a mysterious man of danger “cool” but ultimately feels threatened by this man who isn’t all he seems. Likewise Roy was a likable hero (despite my mediocre feelings about Tom Cruise); there were a lot of quirks that were entertaining about him. However, that is where a respectable script ends. The plot is almost laughable since it is nothing extraordinary. The mystery of not knowing who Roy Miller is – what he is running from and what he is protecting creates some nice suspense even with such an emphasis on comedic antics, but writers’ kind of fall flat when the mysterious mission is revealed.

With this pair constantly on the move, the filming is full of exotic locales; from an island then Austria and Spain, and some U.S. locations, there are some gorgeous filming locations. It was the action sequences that I felt needed improvement. Despite petty complaints, I know I thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially since this accomplishes wiping away all serious thoughts, something that is too heavily on the minds of many of us. And I liked the super cute “twist” at the end in seeing June get in her tiny act of “revenge.” *wink* 
CONTENT: this movie is rated PG13 – bullets spray the air constantly as men wield machine guns. Punches are thrown and with that the inevitable amount of screaming bystanders; characters die a variety of different ways – knives are thrust into chests, bullets riddle them or they are hit by a speeding train. Two car chases bookend the movie; one involves flipping vehicles. A plane crashes before erupting into a ball of flames. Profanity peppers the script [s**t, d**n, etc. “Christ” is misused at least once]. June is given a number of different drugs, unknowingly but each merely knocks her “out” to save her life. After being given a type of truth serum, she is a bit loopy and exclaims she’d like to have sex with Roy [apart from a kiss, nothing happens].


  1. Well, as I've mentioned before, I'm not an action flick kinda girl...but this movie sounds really cool! :) I want to watch it now...It sounds like something my whole family would like!{well maybe not my mom...}{Oh, and also my little bro} Okay, so it sounds like a movie my big bro, dad, and I would watch :) 'K thanks for the review, I've added another movie to my list of "To be watched"

  2. Oh, I like a good action flick every now and then - especially if it has a good mystery to it. This one does not. It is cute and breezy (and actually a bit slap-happy). I think you'd enjoy this one, Trinka because it is more comedy than anything. =)

    Hope you get to see it with your family.

  3. I love this movie SO SO much! I may have to rewatch it now. :)

  4. It is WAY entertaining, isn't it, Ruth!? I always enjoy it. =) I remember when I first saw it, that I was a bit surprised at its slap-happy premise because I wasn't expecting that, so I think as a result, the movie grew on me with subsequent viewings. I should re-watch it too.

    (I love the ending when June comes to find Roy - so cute. ;D)


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