Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) - A Killer Comedy About a Killer Couple

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Seeing this was, obviously, a “better late than never” situation. Many of us movie buffs might remember Mr. and Mrs. Smith as “the” film which cloaked its two major stars in Hollywood "scandal." Since seeing two more recent films that mirror this one, this film was randomly re-introduced, which led to today's review.

They met in a foreign land, amid chaos during Columbia’s war-torn revolution. In a spur of the moment connection they become travelling companions. John Smith (Brad Pitt) is a successful contractor who met his wife Jane (Angelina Jolie) while out for a “job.” It was a clandestine meeting that may have never been had their eyes not met across the room. Five (or six - depending on who you ask) years later, they are married and in marriage counseling. Successful in business, in all other respects their life is “boring.”

Their quiet life takes a turn upside down when they learn that the other has concealed a secret identity. Turns out they aren't he perfect suburban couple they seem to be.

Meant to be taken in the proper context of satire, this Hollywood production was in the news for more reasons than one. At the time I finally saw this, the concept wasn't a new one (to me). Recent years have produced countless other such titles that do seem to copycat this general concept, and they're actually more comedic and better. First impressions of Mr. and Mrs. Smith peg this as more of a relationship-driven story. Questionable as this may sound, there is definitely something underneath the façade that is not comedic or amusing. The majority of the film is motivated by emotions with an edge of seriousness to it. Most of the scenes are “boring.”

Believe it or not, at least the first forty-some minutes are sedate, simple and funny in subtle ways (like Jane and John eating dinner with an enormous void between them, both physically and mentally). Definitely, it’s the latter half that gets a bit crazy and less restrained. It makes the first half seem all the funnier, but at the same time the two extremes appear a little preposterous. The climax is a HUGE shoot-out that would have ensured the couples deaths but in a typical only-in-the-movies scenario, we are assured a happy ending. Following in the vibes you get from cover art and promotion, when you settle in for this you must realize that while Mr. and Mrs. Smith is sure to offer some chuckles – which it effectively does, it isn’t prefect. Flawed in many ways, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a blast, if you are willing to realize it is sometimes on two different wavelengths.

 As Christians, certain themes and/or subjects are troubling or at the very least dissatisfying because of its immorality. That is why I am of the opinion that if you chose to watch something out of Hollywood, you must be prepared to “overlook” such faults – to some extent. Certainly, we aren’t going to be influenced (as adults) by these choices, but we can find a story interesting without compromising how we live. Such – as with nearly every movie, is the case with this. If you like the premise, then this one is perfect and mindless fun.

(Parental review, this movie is rated PG13, here is the content: bullets fly everywhere. As a means of distraction, Jane dresses in a leather-clad outfit complete with whip to gain access to her targets bedroom. Mild sexual jokes invade the script. Upon meeting, Jane and John get drunk and promptly spend a night together within a matter of hours. Post-marriage there is one sex scene that gets quite sensual.  Profanity: a**, sh*t, da*n, bi*ch. Two scenes feature a risqué dance sequence. Various other moments find Jane in suggestive dress [side slits, low-cut or form-fitting])


  1. I watched this movie awhile ago with my parents -- we all loved it, but i remember the bad things you mentioned, too. I guess every movie comes with its "garbage" that we have to look past.
    By the way, I love the drop-down bars! Glad You got them up and working ;)


  2. I think this one is "cute," Jessica but I like other movies that are similar to this one just as well if not better. You are so right: everything that comes out of Hollywood has its fair share of "trashy" material and it is sad. If we want to watch films, unfortunately, we do have to overlook the bad to get to the good. =)

    Awww! Thanks - I love the drop-down menus, too! They are just what I wanted - I had a bit of trouble at first getting them started but after that, everything was really simple. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. =)


    It is so my thing! So much so that when the first trailers for it came out, I had several different people point to me and say, "This has Charity's name written all over it."

    I love how the entire film is a metaphor for marriage. It's really quite clever.

  4. I think I've only ever seen this one once, so I really should watch it again. I like it better than Knight & Day (which isn't about marriage) but not as much as Killers - or that is my initial impression. =D


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