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Friday, March 9, 2012

Calling all fashionistas! This past autumn, some of you may remember I posted my thoughts on the "trends of autumn 2011" and had some fun doing so. That made me think that it could be fun to share thoughts on what I am seeing is popular for this season. Plus, spring is just around the corner - is there any better excuse? Some of them I quite detest and others I think have potential but there really isn't one that I thought was all that alluring.

Read on to find out which I did like - and if any are to your tastes.

Color for the spring collection consists of pastels according to several popular outlets. Pale color palettes are not my favorite shades for clothing although I am fond of skin-color tones like peach tones. The "it color" for the season though is something much brighter - "tangerine tango." (Can't get much more conflicting than that now can we!) If that bright of a shade doesn't compliment your skin tone, I have it on good authority that any shade in the orange family goes. Also "in" this season is color blocking. As long as the wearer doesn't mix "more than three" colors, it's a look fashion experts are loving. Me, not so much. I do like the idea that mixing colors is a trend but how designers are doing it is not my tastes... it isn't a look that seems like it fits in today's 21st century style.

For overlapping color trends, black on yellow seems to be the one that pops up the most. Yeah, not a look I am planning on following to the same extremes I am seeing fashion designers use it. (Bumble bees, anyone?) I have seen an adorable black-and-white striped cardi with a simple, thin yellow belt and a cute clutch that looked really adorable but other than those subtle touches (or the use of jewelry to incorporate yellow), I don't think those are two colors I'll mix frequently.

When it comes to patterns, the thing to look out for is florals. Depending on the print, I can definitely go with that - personally, I think I will like it best in a cute sundress or blouse. Like the fall scene, polka-dots also seem to still be a go-to look. I like the pattern but not for an entire ensemble - as with a floral design, I'd rather see it just on a blouse. Or if I would wear the print as a dress (saw one at JCP that I did take a fancy to), I'd break it up by pairing a brightly-colored cardigan with it. Plus, the look tends to be best suited for a younger age-group because it does tend towards a flirty pattern - or in the mind of the eight-year-old I babysit, she is already past the age of pulling off polka-dots. After all, she always thought of polka-dots more appropriate for "younger girls."

Really, the only beauty tip that I saw that works for those of us who are not super models and is doable are "super bright nails." Artists also are liking brown eye shadow with some "shine" and gray eye shadows that bring a look of sophistication. Also a popular choice are peachy lips - can't get much more "spring" than that.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't find many "trends" that jumped out at me... but all that means is I will be able to recycle looks in my closet from last year. Really, any look can be made to look fresh by adding accessories like a trendy scarf or belt (both of which happen to still be "in" and belts in particular are "good" for me even though I rarely wear them) - or even a layered look. For jewelry, I am loving the "chunky" bracelets; they just seem to jump out at me. I did find an awesome new clothing store - it is now probably my favorite on-line place to shop and I wanted to buy nearly everything in their last catalog. It is Down East. I love its vintage-like, classic styles that are still fun and modern. I've purchased a lovely "maxi dress" (something I never expected to like - the style just never appealed to me until I saw their styling) from them in a basic taupe color and am looking forward to the endless possibilities I can mix and match with the color and the dress. Warmer weather, where are you?

What are some your favorite trends this season - or do you have a favorite clothing store? Any thoughts are, as always most welcome.

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  1. I'm with you.
    I am not going to color block;it just not me.
    I like the fall fashions last year,especially the tall boots,cardigans, and waist belts.

  2. Tall boots are great, Ella - I have one pair (been meaning to get more!) that I love. They are a caramel color and styled like a cowboy boot, only they are definitely a "fashion" boot. Love cardigans (although I didn't used to), and belts are really "good" (or so I learned from people far more knowledgeable about fashion than I) for me although I rarely wear them. Oh, well! I manage. =)


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