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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hey, all! Happy Leap day! (Don't think that is really a "holiday" but hey, who cares...) The sweet Rachel tagged me one day last week, and I am finally posting my answers to her questions as well as the "rules," random facts, and my own select bloggers/followers to tag. Thanks SO much for thinking of me, Rachel - I appreciate it. I'll try really hard to come up with eleven questions and random facts unlike last time. As always, I will pick some bloggers to "tag" but any of you are welcome to participate - and in fact, I'd love if you did. Just leave a link if you do as I'd love to read your post...

Rachel's Eleven Questions: 

1) What is your favorite quote and why? Do you know... I don't think I have one. There are several quotes that have resonated with me, but I don't think there is one that has become my "mantra" 
2) What is your favorite color? Too many to list! 
3) What is your favorite type of book/movie/tv show/music? (any of these :) Hmmm... good question. Overall, I am going to say romances. Those who know me will probably think my answering this kind of quesion is redundant because I am more of a romantic than cynic, but... trust me, I like a good Jason Bourne type thriller (have you all noticed that is the movie I seem to compare all thrillers to? So... is that good or bad...) Music: I enjoy Christian, country and some mainstream pop/light rock. I am not "into" rap or hard rock music - that is just... noise
4) What is your favorite hobby or pastime?  For years, I scrap-booked - and still do, but now I am transitioning more into handmade calenders that take on a scrapbook look, and of course, writing
5) If you could meet anyone in the world, either in the past or now, who would it be? It would seem automatic that I might say Jane Austen or one of her worthy competitors but... I actually think I'd rather meet with some people from the present. Such as some of the people who have influenced the Christian scene for the better
6) What is/was your favorite and least favorite school subjects? Favorite was probably, writing and English, the least favorite? Easy one: math
7) What is your favorite kind of candy? That is a toss-up; it is either Reese's or York Peppermints... or peanut butter M&M's 
8) What is one exciting thing you're looking forward to accomplishing or doing in the near future? As unrealistic as it may be, I would love to actually "finish" one of the stories I am currently dabbling at writing. It would mean a lot to me, as well as being a good way to stretch my "ability" as a writer if I could just finish one and be halfway pleased with the results... even if I never show it to anyone
9) If you are planning to go to college, are in college or have graduated from college, where are/did you planning to go/going to currently/graduate from and what did you go for/going for/planning to go for? I was not raised with the mind-set that college was "important" to succeed in life - and I believe now as an adult that I can become "successful" at something if I want it enough (especially since none of my pursuits require a college degree). Had I gone to college I would have graduated by now. Having said that, I do have some open-ended plans to take some on-line courses that could further my writing but before I can do that, I need to get a better computer/Internet system (believe me when I say my system is WAY antiquated, LOL!) 
10) What is your favorite color? Ummm... I think this is a repeat *grin*
11) What is one thing you love to talk and/or do blog posts about? Movies. (Just in case you all thought otherwise: I don't watch a movie-a-day; most of these posts are in my "documents" folder that I've reviewed from the past... just thought I'd clear up any confusion, if you had any *wink*) It's been good for me to become more practiced at writing a review. I am such a stickler for doing things "better" and it has made me happy to recognize that I can now write a review in an hour as opposed to days (what... I try to be thorough! LOL!). Still... I am trying to expand what I write about here and am working on some spiritual/cultural posts even now. (I am also thinking about posting a few more books, music and/or fashion posts - what do you guys think?) 

These were some great questions, Rachel - thanks! 

  • Rarely do I cry in movies. No matter how sad, I just don't; it takes a lot to bring a tear - I am trying really hard to think of one that made me tear up... nothing is coming to mind
  • I don't like snow - except for Christmas Day
  • Recently I stumbled across an awesome new clothing store - I wanted almost everything in its spring catalog! I have a fashion post upcoming in which I will be mentioning it *wink*
  • For the first time in my life, I have full bangs (lovin' the look!)
  • Being an "early bird" has never really been my thing
  • I love watermelon
  • I bite my nails - although I am not as bad as I was as a teen
  • I've only got my nails painted on one hand just now
  • I live in the country
  • Breyer's is the ONLY ice cream there is - their natural vanilla is scrumptious
  • I am currently loving this song (which I also just posted about)
My Eleven Questions (some of which are borrowed from my prior 'tags'):
  1. Is there an author who's works you admire? If so, why? 
  2. How did you get started blogging? 
  3. What inspired you to name your blog [blog name]? 
  4. Do you have a favorite story-book (or fictional) couple? 
  5. Do you have a favorite Sunday comics strip? 
  6. Mac or PC? 
  7. Given a choice do you: a.) have a picnic or b.) enjoy dinner at a restaurant? 
  8. Pepsi or Coca-Cola? 
  9. How do you define modesty, and what do you think of modern fashion?
  10. What did 2011 teach you?
  11. What is one of your "guilty pleasures"?
Tag! You're it: the People I tagged
1.) Post these rules.
2.) Post 11 random things about yourself.
3.) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4.) Create 11 new question for the people you ask to answer.
5.) Go to their blog and tell them they have been they have been Tagged.

And, I wanted to share this beautiful sketch/digital artwork....
It is titled "The Lady and the Lawyer" and can be found here. (Thanks, Jessica for posting it!)


  1. Haha, oh I loved reading this! :) I agree with you on pretty much everything there...except for the Breyers thing :P Their vanilla bean flavor is my LEAST favorite... when it comes to vanilla ice cream I prefer the "fake" stuff. :) Though, the complete opposite for chocolate. :D

  2. Ha! Your comment about the ice cream made me smile, Trinka! =) There are a lot of people who prefer other brands of ice cream but that natural vanilla is AWESOME in my book. =D

  3. Love reading your answers, Rissi! :) Sorry about the "What's your favorite color" question being in there twice - I have a bad habit of not proof-reading my posts before I publish them...I need to work on that! :)

  4. I love that picture so much!! Mary and Matthew... sigh.

    Thanks for tagging me! Here's my post: http://lmswriting.blogspot.com/2012/02/ive-been-tagged.html

  5. Rachel - thanks, it was fun to do. =)

    Oh, that "double question" was fine - it made me smile because I've made my share of errors like that even though I am kind of "particular" about proof-reading my reviews/posts. Sometimes I even do it after they've been posted.

    Lauren - I know! Isn't it charming!? =)

    Cool! Will definitely head over to check out your post. =)

  6. I cry over movies all the time. It's funny because I don't cry that much "in real life."

  7. Me, either, Charity. I don't know why, I guess I am not much of a "crier." =)

  8. Love the love watermelon picture!


  9. I know right, Monika - isn't it just the cutest!? =D

    Thank you so much for dropping by here - I hope you do so again sometime.

  10. It was fun to read this! =)

    1. Thanks, Chasity - these are always fun to participate in. :)


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