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Friday, March 23, 2012

Hey, readers! What is new in your world? It has been more like summer around here than the cool, potentially snowy days of March. Today, this post is a "mixed bag" of fun, and other things. I am just glad that it's Friday! Yay! I am so "unexciting" though when it comes to weekend plans - the extent of my weekend plans is usually being home on the couch watching a movie, going to a movie or hanging out with my awesome family. Right now I am mad happy that the second season of my latest "TV show on DVD" find has arrived from Amazon. What are your upcoming weekend plans... if they have anything to do with The Hunger Games, I wouldn't be sad if you shared them... even if this is the millionth time you may have bragged about it. After all, who is counting!? *wink*

So... today, I am posting my answers to the ever-popular "11 things tag" that is almost, how shall I say this... viral in the blog world. The sweet, Emily tagged me earlier this week. Generally, there are a list of rules that accompany this but I won't post those today nor will I be writing "11 facts" about myself - I wouldn't want to bore you all to tears. Since I have done the full tag a time or two, I decided to just answer Emily's questions because that is always fun!! 

Anyone who wants to participate by doing this and answering the questions Emily has posed is most welcome - and I am sure she wouldn't mind, either. Just come back and leave your link as I'd love to read your post.

11 questions from Emily:
1. What is one food or drink that you will not eat? Avocados. I do not like it on my food - or near it. I will go for guacamole on a taco pizza but still... it is better without. 
2. What is your favorite thing about yourself? O.K., so this is going to be odd because I don't like talking about myself... ummm... favorite about myself. I like to think that when it comes right down to it, I would be and am willing to stand up for something I believe it. I am not a very confident person (meaning I am more a behind-the-scenes girl) but if I am put in a situation where I'd be the odd one out, if you will, I think I've become better at standing up for my convictions
3. Where is the best place you've ever traveled to? Well... I don't travel much but that isn't because I don't want to. The best place I've been is Alaska! I really, really loved it, although I don't think I'd like it well enough to live there. When I visited, it was the perfect weather - it was fall and the temperatures were just... perfect! 
4. What is your favorite way to relax? Watching a film or reading is always fun, but honestly if I really want to be by myself and "chill," I love to be either outside sitting in some serene place away from everyone else or somewhere with my earbuds in listening to music. 
5. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? The ability to interact with a group of people easier. As a teen, I had to really push myself to be more outgoing. Doing that was good for me. I think sometimes, I can come across as... a bit stand-offish, but that is not who I am! 
6. What is your favorite book? That is a question! There is no way, I just have "one." Gosh, I couldn't even begin to say, here are just a few... Beastly, Heiress, Let's Roll, Save the Date and There'll You'll Find Me, Split EndsUnafraid of Life, What is He Thinking?? // Mindy Starn Clark's "Tulip" series, Julie Lessman's "Daughters of Boston" series and Tracie Peterson's "Broadmoor Legacy" series (plus lots more!)
7. What is your most embarrassing moment? Hmmm... since I cannot remember much past what happened yesterday, I really can't say. *wink* I vaguely remember once trying out for a play, it was The Sound of Music. Needless to say... I'd be mortified if I ever saw a video of it. 
8. How would you best describe your personality? Observant, "artistic," and I like to think, "fun." 
9. What is something your scared of? I guess... snakes or some such thing. 
10. What is your ideal pet and why? I am not really a pet person but I do love kittens. They are sweet and generally they like to curl up and sit in your lap - and they can stay that way for a long time. Why couldn't they stay "little"? 
11. What do you value most in a true friend? The ability to be a "true" friend; to always be honest, to make each other laugh, to stick with each other through times of trial, to listen and to enjoy being together no matter your differences - to be a positive influence on each other. 

Thanks for thinking of me, Emily - that was a lot of fun!

Last but not least: On two very different topics, I wanted to give a shout-out to Ashley who authors a new Christian blog geared towards young Christian girls. Ashley has been contacting like-minded bloggers, and being new to blogging, she is hopeful to start something that will become a fun place for young Christian girls to visit. She is eleven years old, and would love it if you'd stop by her blog and check it out - it is, Pray, Love, Live. Also, I recently joined Twitter, so all you "tweeters," (is that a word!?) come by and check out Scribbles and Scripts there - yet another popular social network! 

In closing, don't forget to drop by with a link if any of you join this tag. Until then... enjoy your weekend. 


  1. That was lovely. I enjoyed learning more about you! =)

  2. Check out my blog on Saturday...I gave you a blog award...YAY!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    ♥ Shia

  3. Charity - thanks. It was a lot of fun. =)

    Shia - wow, thanks, girl! I'll have to check that out. =)

  4. I loveeeeee avacados! They are awesome. :) Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog! Love reading them!! I know, the Bourne series ROCKS. I keep rewatching the movies... I'm driving my family nuts. I'll be like "I have a movie for tonight! Bourne!", and this is them "*groan* again?". :P But I love rewatching movies. :)

  5. Ha! My mother would completely agree with you, Rachel - she loves avocados as well. =)

    Thanks - I do sometimes wonder if I am being an irritant in leaving comments (they aren't meant that way!), especially if it seems like I've left one on nearly every post the blogger has left during the week, I'll think, "gosh - they are probably wishing I wouldn't comment!" ;-D

    Bounre = awesome! Love those movies, and like you, I enjoying re-watching films, as long as I like them to begin with. =D

  6. Sooo, you make me laugh! :)I totally disagree with you about the avocados. those things are pretty amazing! ;)
    I know what you mean about being more confident...that's me! I'm rather awkward with people I don't know, and I think I come off as stand-offish...though with people I know well...I'll talk {and talk and talk!} :) I reeeeally want to read Save the Date, I put a hold on it at the library months ago, but it's taking a while :P
    And I would love to see a video of that audition! ;)
    lol "snakes or some such thing." XD

    {So sorry for not commenting on your blog in a while!}

  7. *laughs*

    I do try, Trinka. =)

    My mom eats that disgusting green stuff on her salad and sandwiches - me, I just say "gross!" =D

    Confidences is something I've had to "push" myself to be, and thankfully, I have overcome a lot of my childhood "shy-ness."

    Save the Date was adorable - hope you read it soon, girl.

    Video = *if found, I would die of horror* ;-)

    Snakes = healthy fear!

    Hey, that is alright - just now that I love it when you do comment, Trinka! Your comments always make me smile.

  8. Ashley CrumMarch 23, 2012

    Thank you so much for linking my blog! Please check it out:) I would love that and also follow me please but thanks sooo much for linking me it means a lot.

    Blog Pray LOVE Live

  9. Alaska! Lucky you! My grandparents have been there. Did you get to meet Sarah Palin? ;)

    Thank you for your comment on my book post, Rissi! Yay for reading :) Sounds like you are quite the well rounder reader as of late. I should try more different types of genres like that.


  10. Ashley - it was my pleasure! Keep up the good work; I am going to really enjoying reading your blog.

    I do follow you through Google Friend Connect - you'll notice it is the widget on your right sidebar. =)

    Looking forward to all you have planned for Pray Love Live.

    Memory - Alaska was such fun. Ha! I wish I could have met the Palins - they seem like a neat family. =D

    I have recently "stretched" my reading experiences and for the most part, they've turned out well. I am hoping to add a few more book reviews to this blog because, well... I do read a lot.

  11. Hi Rissi! It's been rainy here In Texas, so yesterday I was out with the hubs and son, enjoying the park and spring sunshine. May go for a repeat today -- it will get uncomfortably hot all too soon. :-) Curious about the hunger games, but undecided.

  12. We've had some nice gentle spring rains but nothing horrible thus far - thank goodness! Still, the weather is crazy summer-like. It is only March 24th, so that is weird!! The hot weather can go away and never come back as far as I am concerned. ;-)

    I am right there with you about "Games," Gwendolyn. I will see the DVD but am still not sold on its premise.

  13. Great pictures<3:)
    Wish u a very fun day!<3

    Following you:)
    It'll be so nice, if you follow me back:)

    Have a sparkling day!

  14. Great answers! I've always wanted to go to Alaska...one of these days, I guess xD I might do this meme; I should be working on my Italian homework and finishing an application but meh, this looks more fun! xD

    Yay for Twitter! Am following you there (I'm @torulethewaves) ;)

  15. Ruth - wow! Thanks for following me. I so appreciate it. Will follow you asap. =)

    Isn't that daisy just the prettiest - love those flowers... even if I cannot grow the things! ;-)

    Lianne - thanks! Alaska is definitely worth seeing; I wouldn't mind going back myself.

    Oh! That would be great fun if you'd do this - I always enjoy it. I'll be on the look-out. =)

    Twitter - yay! Thanks - will most certainly follow you, too. =)I am having some fun with it but basically just learning how it all works!

  16. hi dear,

    i have just discovered ur blog. This is such an interesting blog. I love your blog, dear.

    Wanna follow each other dear? aia'm so glad followed you back.

    Have a nice day sweetie!

  17. Thanks for your kind words, Inggrd! I just followed your blog.

    So glad you stopped by - do so again soon. =)

  18. I REALLY wanna see the Hunger Games! I hope I can go Friday! At least that's when I want to. YES, the Vow should DEFINITELY be on your movie list; its fantastic! thanks for all the wonderful comments that have taken me forever to respond to!
    You're awesome!

  19. Have fun, Juliet! =)

    Definitely will see The Vow - not only does it look sweet but I also happen to love the main actors in it.

    Glad you stopped in to comment, girl!


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