Femnista: Edwardian Era

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guess what!? The issue of Femnista that you've (ooops!) - correction: I've been waiting for, is here. *grin*

I am beyond thrilled to share this Spring 2012 issue with all of you, my readers and friends. Seriously, this may be my favorite issue yet! Centered around "The Edwardian Era," this time around, featured is an awesome array of historical figures, memorable characters (Eliza Dolittle) and... the unforgettable world of Downton Abbey. Plus in correlation with the 100th anniversary of Titanic, many writers have also tackled the magnificence and people of the tragic ship that is now an icon in history; the RMS Titanic.

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages of this issue because it was great fun to write! Scroll down to the right hand sidebar drop-down menu ("read femnista") to find the link to browse its pages, or click the link below to download, print out or read over a cup of tea at your leisure. Stop back by and let us know how we did, and don't forget to watch for the June 2012 release of the next issue in which "Literary Ladies" will be in the spotlight. It should be grand fun.

Also, if you are a "tweeter," and like this publication, go ahead and retweet it here: @scriptsandsuch (you know you want to *grin*)!

Femnista: The Edwardian Era


  1. Loved this issue. It was SO GOOD.

  2. You and me both, Charity - I just loved it, and still, I haven't even had the time to read it through yet!

  3. *CHeers* YAY!!!!!
    Cannot wait to read it--gotta love our Downton! <3

  4. Loved this issue, Meghan - it was such fun! I miss you being a contributor though.

    Downton = AWESOME!

  5. Great job on your article, Rissi! I think this issue was amazing!

  6. absolutely adore the fashion of this era. and downton abbey, oh how i miss it!! so ready for the third season!
    what a great issue!
    xo TJ

  7. Ruth - thanks! I kind of "forgot" about this article (in terms of really working on it). I was quite proud of myself for writing it in a short period of time - but I didn't know if it "worked." =D

    I still have to really read through the issue - I've looked throw it, and just that makes me love it!

    TJ - me, too! On both accounts - I am always eagerly reading up on upcoming "Downton" news. =)

    Thanks - not speaking for everyone else involved, I had such fun anticipating this issue and contributing. Glad you enjoyed it. =) And, thanks for dropping by - do so again.


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