Bones, Season Four (2008)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I’ve promised myself that after this review, I won’t post any more seasonal reviews of Bones on my blog. Partly this is because television show reviews are not in the highest demand here (that could have something to do with my seeing them a year late *grin*) and secondly because I don’t want to bore you all with my continuous raving about this show. (Can I help it if this show makes it easy to write about? Plus it is way more fun than it should be.) So without further ado, here are my thoughts on season four of Bones – which finds the duo in jolly old England.

Just as fair warning: anyone who may not have seen season three yet, spoilers will be revealed in this review.

In their field of expertise, they are the best, which is why FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) are asked to give lectures on their chosen fields – only this  time, it isn’t on U.S. soil. Booth is invited by Scotland Yard to give a speech and “Bones” is lecturing at a college – a class which Booth sleeps through and receives a scolding from his very literal partner for it. While in the U.K., the pair of them interact with their mirror counterparts. Booth flirts with the pretty Scotland Yard investigator who coincidentally works with the scientist who arranged Bones speaking engagements – the guy who is trying his hardest to make a good enough impression on her to engage in a no-strings-attached fling. The four of them get caught up in a murder investigation with American ties but it isn’t until the case is closed, and Booth and Bones ready to head home that everything really gets dicey.

Dr. Wexler is found in the burnt ashes of his apartment the morning of their departure and Scotland Yard requests – as a personal favor that Booth and Dr. Brennan remain behind in order to solve his murder. With the assistance of her team stateside – Dr. Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and Cam (Tamara Taylor), Bones manages to find cause of death that eventually leads them to the killer. Meanwhile, Jack and Angela (Michaela Conlin) finally obtain the divorce they worked so diligently to get from Angela’s hubby but will they now be able to move past the doubts about their relationship?

There is so much to love about this show… and so much to detest about it. It is one of those shows that we love and hate all at once. What is bad about the show is its blatant disregard of moral behavior – if it isn’t the victims or suspects being a-moral, it is the main characters themselves. This season was one of the most interesting yet. Starting out in the beginning several episodes, the fall-out from Zack’s betrayal is dealt with as is the awkwardness between Angela and Jack. Losing his best friend and fiancée has greatly affected Jack, and it was interesting to get to see more of what makes this character tick. No longer is he interested in yelling “king of the lab” (those who have watched the entire series know what this means) or partaking in experiments and he would rather snap at everyone than adopt an easy-going work place attitude. Fortunately, he moves on from his downtrodden grouchy attitude, and in one of the most entertaining episodes, Zack (Eric Milligan) makes a surprise return to help them solve their case. It’s as emotional as it is amusing, especially when Booth leaves Sweets (who is now a cast regular) in charge of seeing Zack returned to the facility he was sentenced to, and he meekly asks Booth not to leave him alone with Zack.

The attraction between the liberal, blunt Bones and the responsible, empathetic Booth grows tenfold in this season. It is all found in the subtle things like Bones actually questioning her belief that two people could maybe commit to each other. Never has arguing over an office chair been so much fun, and this series has the cutest endings in the history of television shows (or in my limited experience). Look out specifically for “Fire in the Ice,” it is one of the best. Plus, Bones announces that she wants a baby in the most unexpected setting. We also are treated to meeting Booth’s charming “little” bro (he even kisses Bones!), Jared (Brendan Fehr). Despite his being a jerk, there is something about him we love. The fact that he losses his job over helping Booth is an interesting dynamic because we do feel bad no matter his shortcomings because he was successful in his work.

Other highlights this fourth go-round is the wrap-up of the “grave digger” case which does build excellent suspense before it concludes to be surprisingly anti-climatic and also Bones is more approachable as a character. In a huge let-down, we learn that a main character engaged in a same-sex relationship during college and resumes that relationship for a brief period of time in the present (from “The Skull in the Sculpture” through “The Salt in the Wounds”). It makes for an awkward few episodes not to mention seeming totally unrealistic knowing this character. Stories range from original to being inspired by headline-making news, but as usual, we are always assured a unique one. The characters are endearing and I loved getting to know Dr. Sweets (John Francis Daley) better, seeing him interact with his co-workers and adorable girlfriend Daisy while also finding the “rotating” squints that come through the Jeffersonian amusing – most of whom are still popping up in the seventh and current season.  “The End in the Beginning” is an unforgettable episode in which the characters take on a whole new persona although the episode will literally leave you saying nooooo! Unless, of course, you cheated (like I did *wink*) and already know what’s coming.

Who is your favorite television crime-fighting duo?

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(Rated TV14 because of countless sexual innuendoes [including references to the anatomy] and encounters [one same-sex kiss is seen – and it isn’t just a peck! Plus one person sleeps with an ex immediately following the break-up]. Cam sleeps with Angela’s ex once and in one episode Bones is seeing two men but only being intimate with one. Bodies are seen in varying forms – some are nothing but the bone structure, others have more flesh but they are always gross. Profanity is less obtrusive but is worthy of mention.) 


  1. I used to watch Bones faithfully, but departed the series sometime before Angela became a bisexual.

    Favorite crime-fighting duo? Easy. Sherlock and John. =)

  2. It is really all Ella's fault that I got addicted to this show. =D

    That addition to the show was a real disappointment - particularly since it makes no sense (other than to trash the show up and be PC). Angela was constantly talking about the men in her life and hitting on any good-looking man that crossed her path.

    Sherlock and John... they are AWESOME, aren't they!? ;D


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