You Again (2010) - Kristen Bell in Disney's Comedy about "Frenemies"

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Odette Yustman and Kristen Bell

No matter your age, it is always fun to find something that reminds of childhood innocence – no matter how trivial. And for those who have ever felt like they just didn’t fit in, here is a story that will resonate. If you are a movie buff than some of the endearment captured in this little Disney darling will have accomplished its purpose – and perhaps more, but if not, then you will find this a poor way to spend the evening.

High school was a horror movie for Marni (Kristen Bell). Her main source of torment was the cheerleader-perfect, J.J (Odette Yustman). Big brother Will (Jimmy Wolk) always acted as her protector but he can no longer play that role. Now, ten years later, Marni has left high school life behind and made it as a successful PR career woman. Her brother is about to be married, which naturally means she's headed back to her small hometown for the wedding.

On the flight she learns from her mother, Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis) that Will’s fiancée is Joanna, one of the girls Marni went to high school with. Turns out, the wedding weekend is about to be a sequel to high school for Marni. Joanna is none other than J.J! The very bane of Marni’s existence. Wondering how her brother could possibly be marrying this evil-tormenter-turned-do-gooder, Marni that J.J. has her family wrapped around her finger—including her father (Victor Garber).

You Again

Back when this played in theaters, I had two choices to decide between for a theater outing. It was between this and Life as we Know It. Though I choose the latter only to discover upon You Again's release to DVD what a fun time was to be found in Disney's comedy. High school gags are the basis for many a story, but the formula has never quite been such fun or as animated (and silly!) as it is here. It might not be a “fresh” idea or even an idea with a lot of innovation behind it. That said I think you’ll find, in its own fashion, You Again has more than one refreshing treat in store.

Silly shenanigans aside, this is actually one of the cutest movies of its genre. The casting was fabulous. Kristen Bell is a doll, and it’s been fun to discover her in feel-good flicks such as this as well as seeing her in roles with more maturity (Gracie’s Choice). Jamie, Sigourney and Odette are all were commendable. (The guys also deserve credit in this all-out girl’s war. Plus, Kristin Chenoweth appears as a crazy bridal planner with hilarious results.) Some of the characters antics can wear thin. This then leads to unbelievable, short turnarounds for those same players. Plus, Gail offers advice to her daughter that is an oxymoron considering her past. but then, likely I'm over-analyzing things. (Really, I promise this is too much fun for that!) In accord with traditional ideas, the things that should, come together perfectly at just the right time.

You Again
The script is pretty sharp and keeps us laughing. Even amongst its juvenile setting and angst, the idea behind the story is “fresh,” something that makes a movie more appealing without much effort. Most of all, there are lessons to be learned within the heart of the story. Some may think it shallow, and indeed in many ways it may be (so… this girl tortured you in high school – that is not who you are anymore: get over it!), but even still, some films don't need redeeming values nor do they need to impart reality checks. You Again does what it does best and does it well: entertains. It's bubbly, happy and best of all, the ending is, as one might expect, adorable.

(There is some mild PG-rated banter. Petty grudges are held onto for ten, thirty, fifty years. Some people implement schemes that have the power to hurt others; specifically Marni thinks that protecting her brother includes outing Joanna for the fraud she is and enlists her little brother to help. There are some lies and comical “violence” in the form of fighting.)


  1. Huh. I remember when this came out,but I didn't pay much attention to it... I thought it was an "adult" movie. Something with an R rating... :) Thanks for doing this review or I maybe never would have thought of watching this. I'll try to find it somewhere to watch!

  2. Believe it or not, my brother LOVED this movie. He laughed his head off....I did too. And while Betty White's jokes do grow a little old, we still love her for some reason =D Kirsten Bell, being the same height as I am, holds a special place in my heart.

    I laugh at Chenoweth's character "Hey y'all...I'm Georgia King." Yep...I'm laughing now =D And the "Buyer Flyer"....oh gosh, I need to watch this movie again =D

  3. I LOVE Kristen Bell. She has such great comedic timing, and she's so adorable in everything. This was a cute movie.

  4. We just watched this one on Netflix!!!! I thought it was totally adorable!!! :)

  5. Trinka - this is about as far from an R-rated movie as one can get. And, that is refreshing. I have been under that assumption about movies before too. =)

    I hope you get to see this on sometime - it is SO cute!

    Ella - we just re-watched it last night and I think I liked it better the 2nd time through. The 1st time seeing it, I did like it but it was way more slapstick than I expected. So that was kind of a "turn off."

    Betty was hilarious - love her in The Proposal, too. Kristen is priceless (have you seen her Christmas flick!?); so funny.

    Charity - completely agree; Kristen is adorable. Wish she'd do more movies like this...

    Tory - I know, right!? So adorable - glad to know you also enjoyed this one, girl. =)

  6. I love this movie!

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  7. It is really cute, isn't it!?

    Thanks SO much for letting me know about your giveaway; I really appreciate it. I did stop by your blog and it is lovely. Thank you so much for stopping by here, Sunny and Star - I hope you do so again soon.


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