Britt Nicole: Gold

Thursday, April 19, 2012

About the Album:
Released: 2012
Writing Credits: Britt Nicole, Ben Glover, David Garcia
Label: Sparrow Records
Genre: Christian Pop

My Thoughts: At first glance, Britt Nicole’s music may not seem any different than any other Christian or mainstream artist (Taylor Swift, Colbie Calliet or Selena Gomez) – something I do not mean as a slight, mind you. Prior to this collection of songs, I loved Britt’s music (her prior two albums were Say It and The Lost Get Found) and more importantly, her heart for God shines. On this, Gold Britt’s third and latest studio album, I found myself disappointed in a couple of the tracks but it isn’t because they lack Christianity’s message, instead I realized I wasn't wild about the "tones"of certain songs.

Britt starts things off right with the title track, “Gold.” Its message is a heartfelt one about believing in ourselves and not taking to heart cruel things peers may say about us. There is a message and heart to the song as Britt (and her co-writers) weaves together a song that teaches us to recognize that beauty is so much more than skin deep (from the inside out, it's true - you're worth more than gold). “Who You Say You Are” is a lovely ballad about believing in “who” Christ is because he has never been anything but “real.” The lyrics are rich and thought-provoking, and meld well with the music; He knows our "name" and our "story." Having hope in the midst of loss is chronicled in “The Sun is Rising” and a really fun girl-power ballad manifests in “Still that Girl.” This is a song that is a letter of sorts encouraging girls to never hide their lives away – to never give up on something that we may believe it. Incidentally it is a favorite.

Collaborating on “Ready or Not” with Lecrae Moore, this track was a highly-anticipated cut prior to the release of Gold. I did not care for the song. It is peppy, has a great beat and the lyrics are perfect as a summer tune but the addition of an opening that is more of a rap ruins what would have been an otherwise catchy beat; I am not the kind of girl who goes for that sort of music. Right or wrong, it is not my thing. Back to some of the jewels, there is “Looks Like Love,” (reminding us to enjoy little things in life) “Breakthrough,” (also not a favorite) “Stand,” and another of the best tracks, “Amazing Life.” We all get caught up in the busy-ness of life, daily tasks, or sometimes there is that one moment when we question or wonder what life is really all about. The song reminds us what an amazing life God blesses us with – the gifts he bestows on us, and the things that should never be taken for granted. Completing the 11-track album is “All this Time” but then, you all already know how well I love that song. It is a very personal moment in Britt’s life that she has shared with her fans in a lyrical outlet, and the result is beautiful.

All told, this album is a five-star stunner – I have it playing on my iPod, WMP, and the physical album. (My copy is in all likelihood getting worn out already.) Since picking up the copy, it has been “on repeat.” What a memorable collection of songs. Nearly all of its messages are about realizing our worth from the inside, and living life to the fullest - for Him. Now taking all this advice to heart: Go shine.

Hold your head up high / From the inside out / It’s your time to shine / You’re worth more than gold


  1. I've heard quite a lot of Britt Nicole songs, and now I can hardly wait to hear her new album Gold!

  2. I have never listened to any of her music, just because I'm not a really huge fan of Christian music, but after seeing a few reviews of this CD, I think I will try some of her songs! :)

    Love those lyrics at the end of the post!

  3. I'm only just now discovering Britt Nicole (although I have done Christian music for years.) She sings one of my current faves (Walk on the Water). So I just might have to check this album out

    I hate though when songs sort of have rap in them. Jason Aldean has a song like that----consequently, it is one of my least favorites =D

  4. Jemimah - it is a keeper! Hope you like it! =)

    Rachel - really? I like quite a few genres but do draw the line at some. ;D This is a lovely collection of songs in my opinion. Hope you enjoy it if you do decide to give the album a try. =)

    Ella - that song was on her 2nd album (I think), and I can remember getting that one and thinking how much her music had changed, how it had matured. Gold is even better.

    Yeah, I am not a fan of rap music. Jason Aldean having a song like that surprises me because... well, he does not seem the type. ;D

    Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did, Ella! =)

  5. I love Britt Nicole. I haven't heard much from her new CD. However, I absolutely love "All This Time."


  6. @Rissi:

    It's not that I don't like Christian singers, but the lyrics/genre isn't my thing. :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! love all your comments! :) I agree with you totally about Taylor Swift. I love her to death, but sometimes I just get a little tired of her. Have you heard her "Eyes Open" song? She sounds so different and unique and just amazing in that song!

  7. Jessica - as do I! Her music is phenomenal - and "All this Time" is probably my favorite yet. =)

    Rachel - Christian music is primarily all I listened to growing up. By the time I reached my late teens / early twenties, I had expanded my genre and now enjoy many different musical genres. But, then, of course I love music - it is something I just cannot explain but music has always held meaning for me.

    Aw! Thanks. If ever I am being a pest, just tell me. ;-)

    Taylor doesn't have the best voice but I still love her music and song-writing (seriously how could one not think "Love Story," "Mine" or "Enchanted" were sweet?). I have heard "Eyes Open" as well as "Safe & Sound." She actually has a really cool sound on both tracks. I am super excited to hear her new album this fall also - hopefully it will be equally grand. =)


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