Iron Man (2008) - The Superhero Who Started the #MCU Legend

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

With the release of The Avengers I wanted to see one more superhero flick to complete my mirage of the fearless heroes who were almost too “big” to be in the same frame let alone in the same film. He was Tony Stark or Iron Man as his alter ego is tagged. What I came away with was this: I liked the cocky billionaire a great deal more than reviews would have me think of him.

A brilliant mind is not all that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) possesses. His brilliance also extends to his wealth, which is quite impressive. Not just in America but in the worldwide. The company, Stark Industriesm that his father started with advanced WWII technology today supplies weapons for the U.S. military. It is this company that has allowed him to live in luxury. 

While in Afghanistan to demonstrate his latest missile technology, Tony is snatched from his convoy and taken to a remote location. When he finally awakens, Tony learns from his fellow captive that he barely survived the attack and is being kept alive by a device attached to a common car battery that is stopping the shrapnel from his wounds that could not be removed from reaching his heart. The purpose of Tony’s capture by the band of renegade terrorists is to force him to duplicate the missile. Unbeknownst to his captors, he instead builds a suit of armor as a means of escape. It is this that changes his life.

Following rescue by his military friend Rhodey (Terrence Howard) once on American soil, Tony now sees his inventions as a danger to the world instead of barriers that protect lives – he saw how easily they fell into the hands of people who wish America harm and as a result, he is pulling his military connection much to the shock and anger of Stane and the press. Firm in his decision, Tony is not about to be swayed by the press or his business partner – no matter what. Not even his loyal assistant, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) confusion is changing Tony’s mind. Instead of building more weapons, he vows to protect the people from the very weapons he engineered.

Because of the reviews I’d read or discussions I’d had about Iron Man back when it was making news, I had a fixed idea of who this man was as a character. I had him pegged as a selfish, easily unlikable dude who spent his days playing with the toys his billions bought him that was about all there was to him. Imagine my surprise when I discovered for myself that there is a lot more to Tony Stark than first impressions. As my opinions had started to form from this summer’s earlier blockbuster, I was pleased that my notion of him from that wasn’t totally destroyed. I won’t deny that he is a playboy stereotype because, well, he is (before twenty minutes pass, we see him take a girl home in a love-em-and-leave-em scenario, then leave Pepper to deal with it) but I couldn’t help but like him – probably partly because of the part he played in The Avengers which is where first I “met” the eccentric billionaire.

Strictly from a production value, this movie is totally awesome. It has gizmos and gadgets galore, and the special effects are cool in those respects. The opening gamut gets the movie off to a great start but then about fifteen to twenty minutes in, things begin to move a bit too slow for my tastes. Following the capture of Tony, the film flashes back 36 hours prior in order to lay some background which is why the particular section of the film that follows could have benefited from better pacing (until then, it was quite good). It is actually important to know that this movie tells how Tony Stark came to be Iron Man and therefore is less about ridding the world of bad guys in terrific showdowns and more about learning to become the kind of guy who could accomplish that – and want to do that without selfish motivation. It surprised me that it wasn’t more of an action packed kind of movie but on reflection I liked that it took time to change Tony over the near two hours because in the end that was more important than anything.

Irrespective of his troubled personal life, RDJ is a fabulous actor and not unlike some of his other memorable impersonations, he does this one justice. The banter between he and Paltrow’s Pepper is rather underwhelming as is their screen time together but they are cute whenever they are together, and I look forward to discovering how they reaches the comfortable place they are at in their relationship. Likewise veteran Bridges is superb joining the ranks of the rest of the equally fabulous supporting cast. 

Ever since this franchise was first made for modern audiences and as a live-action film, this movie appealed to me. I held off because I was the only one in my family who showed much interest but seeing the other Marvel films that I had, I knew seeing this would come about sooner not later. It may not be as exciting as some of its counterparts or quite as stirring but Iron Man is a phenomenally good time. Now, all I need is Iron Man 2 to bring everything full circle.

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(Rated PG13: there is one scene that shows Tony and his one-night fling rolling around in the sheets [they fall off the bed clothed]. We do see her the next morning walking around in only a shirt; there are a few other instances of immodest clothing. Profanity is scarce but a few minor ones do pop up here and there. Violence amounts to a military convoy being blown up; exploding vehicles and soldiers being shot [there is some blood]. Briefly we catch glimpses of Tony’s crude surgery procedure. A man wipes out villages and kills innocent people; men are killed with machine guns [off-camera]. There are some tense moments including the climax in which multiple things blow up or are tossed in the air [i.e., cars]. There is drinking.) 


  1. My sister and I love this movie 8-D One of our favourites in fact. We are eager for the third, and sadly the last, Iron Man movie.

  2. Ah, this movie. =) I love Iron Man 1 and 2. The first one is far superior in plot, but the second one is really, really fun and I may even like it a little better!

  3. Miss Jack Lewis Baillot - I really enjoyed this one; am looking forward to the second and eventually the third. I think I read somewhere that the 3rd was to be the last - or the last with RDJ but sometimes that changes. ;-)

    Hope it will end well!

    AnnaKate - that is great to know! I am definitely going to see the second one and when the third comes to DVD, I'll see it too. I suspect I'll like the 2nd movie best too... but I could be surprised.

  4. loveeeed this movie. RDJ is just... so kick butt awesome. I thought that the second Ironman was a huge letdown... it wasn't nearly as good.

  5. I love these movies and hopefully I get to see the Avengers soon. I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't seen it LOL!

    xoxo~ Renee C.

  6. Loved "Iron Man", and I'm looking forward to seeing "The Avengers"! My sisters loved it.

  7. Rachel - oh really? That is too bad. My first impressions are that I'll like the sequel a great deal more... but perhaps not...

    Renee - you and me both! I am so loving all of these superheroes; how can I pick a fave!? LOL!

    That is how I felt before seeing The Avengers. I swear nearly every blog I follow posted a review and it was like, "gosh, I really have to see this one!" LOL! I hope you enjoy it - I thought it was marvelous albeit occasionally silly. But then... it wouldn't be a superhero flick, right!?

    Ioana - me, too!

    Gwendolyn - I enjoyed it a great deal and am looking forward to (hopefully) catching the sequel this weekend. YAY!

    Your sister's have good taste. :-) The Avengers is worth seeing on the big-screen but will be equally epic on the "small screen." Hope you enjoy!

    Thanks for all your comments, ladies! Anyone else want to weigh in? Who is your favorite "Avenger"? Do type away.

  8. Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie Rissi! My favourite part of the movie is exactly what you said, the fact that we got to see how Tony Stark became Iron Man.

    I sort of dropped off on catching up with movies so a) haven't gotten around to seeing the second movie yet, b) still haven't gotten around to watching Captain America from start to finish and c) err, yeah, I think I told you this but I'm going to be watching The Avengers on DVD. lol. But I like how all of these individual movies were slowly linking up and leading to The Avengers which is pretty cool xD

  9. Back-story is great in books/movies, I just didn't realize that was all this one would consist of. Still... I loved it, and like RDJ in this role a great deal. Like Sherlock, he makes it his own. :-)

    I haven't watched the sequel yet either; hoping to remedy that sometime this weekend. Oh! You haven't seen CA yet??? That is the awesome-est of all. LOL! Where Thor tends to move too fast, the former can drag a bit. Still, it is awesome! Hope you get to see it soon, Li - and enjoy!!!

    The Avengers = AWESOME!

  10. I love this movie! :)

  11. You and me both! ;-D


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