My Sassy Girl (2008) - Quirky Romantic Comedy starring Jesse Metcalfe

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I didn’t really know much about this movie when I decided to rent it. What I did know was that Elisha Cuthbert (24) played the titular moniker, and it sounded like it wouldn’t be a total waste of the evening, plus I was so ready for something different. What I came away with was mixed emotions about this little gem.

Charlie (Jesse Bradford) is a straight–laced, A+ college student whose his parents always hoped that he would become a manager in training for the Tiller Tractor Company. He’s right in the middle of achieving this when he meets Jordan (Cuthbert). She’s a free-spirit, who on this particular evening is quite tipsy. Raised to be a gentleman with principles, Charlie rescues Jordan from being hit by a train. With nothing to go by as to who the woman is or why she whispered “darling” to him right before fainting, Charlie is puzzled... and then he see her again, and the process (nearly) repeats.

Such unconventional meetings lead Jordan and Charlie to begin dating. Eventually Charlie falls in love with Jordan, a sassy girl with opinions. But eventually their relationship begins to unravel... and Charlie has to wonder if his love is enough to sustain it... or if he'll have to give Jordan up.

Watching My Sassy Girl, an initial reaction is realizing its quirky at best and outright weird at its worst. But there is an underlying quality that endears it. There are some especially special sequences but also several trite elements that lead this movie into cheap, cartoon segments all of which earn a bewildered look from us and a rolling of eyes at the ridiculous nature of it. There is a reason for these sections, but instead of being useful, they feel out of place giving everything the look of amateur film-making. (There are a few other scenes that are just... awkward.) 

All of this is countered by some moving sequences that prompt the viewer to continue hoping this would blossom into the charming romance it could be rather than turn it off before ten minutes has passed and the ending alone makes one glad to have stuck with it. Before it’s ruined by Jordan’s crazed “hockey stick episode,” the skating scene was beautiful and pre-fainting, the dancing sequence fun.

Sticking out like a sore thumb – forgetting about the good or bad, is the fact that Jordan is an alcoholic, no matter how you slice it. Though not for “traditional” reasons she still made the decision everyday to self destruct. Surprisingly enough aside from this, there isn’t a lot of material to be concerned with. My Sassy Girl is part dark comedy, and too unique to ignore (most the time). That said, while the sweet romance is charming, this does have to appeal to the right viewer. 

For me, I didn’t want to turn it off because most of its comedy was “real” meaning that it wasn’t contrived and watching it doesn’t make you feel as if you really shouldn’t find the situations funny; the last twenty or so minutes make the film worth seeing and you finally begin to understand Jordan’s attitude, and while it doesn’t excuse her at least there is sympathy. The story as we come to find out isn’t exceptional but is special. While I wish the film would have been made by someone who would have seen its ultimate potential (it’s based on a foreign film), I’m glad to have seen it.

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(Parental review: Rated PG13 because there is use of an f-word as is the standard sprinkling of profanity. Charlie’s friend scopes out women in order to decide whether or not he’d have sex with them. He makes fun of Charlie’s limited sexuality, a remark is made about a couple not having slept together yet, using a crude reference to male anatomy [there may be other mild insinuations]. People often stare at Charlie for the odd picture he makes with Jordan slouched in his lap or draped over him when drunk in various different positions and the first time it happens, he’s concerned about touching her inappropriately.)


  1. I really like My Sassy Girl for it's cute and quirky humour. I've only watched the English version but I want to see the original Korean film as well. It's a pity the English version was not as successful as the Asian one. The original My Sassy Girl was very popular in Asia that it has sequels as well as remakes in Chinese, Hindi and Japanese.

    1. As did I, Carlyn. It was sweet even in its quirkiness. Since foreign films aren't really my forte, I'll stick with the English version but I hope you enjoy it! And, yes, it was a shame this one didn't do better. It had a lot of potential.

    2. I quite like foreign films. I watched the English version because I couldn't find the Asian one!

    3. I cannot get past the language barrier - if I spoke foreign languages, I'd no doubt like it just fine but I don't. The subtitles are more distracting than not for me. Hope you find it though, Carlyn - I totally get looking forward to seeing something and not finding it, I've experienced that a time or two. :)


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