Revenge of the Bridesmaids (2010)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

When being an ideal bridesmaid for your friend’s wedding is just too much to ask, of course the next best thing is shredding her dress; ruining her cake and the ice sculptures, and with it her ideas of the most beautiful wedding ever.

Best friends stick together. Best friends anticipate each others moods. Best friends know who each other’s secret crushes are… Since they were little Abigail (Raven-Symone) and Parker (Joanna Garcia) have been best friends, but as quickly as they earned their diplomas, they were gone from their small Southern home town. Now they are both living in the Big Apple where Abigail is a NY Times bestselling author and Parker is a struggling off (off!) Broadway actress. When Parker’s parents celebrate their anniversary with a party prior to a cruise, Parker drags Abigail back home where they encounter another member of their group in the form of their close, sweet-natured friend Rachel… and they aren’t about to stand by while Rachel (Chryssie Whitehead) watches – from the sidelines, the man she loves marry their arch nemesis!

Caitlyn (Virginia Williams, Fairly Legal) was one of the “popular” girls in high school and even as a child, Caitlyn was always the one in charge – of everything, and she is only too pleased to have taken Tony (Lyle Brocato) away from Rachel. Since Rachel is too sweet to fight for herself, Abigail and Parker plot to become bridesmaids and steal Tony back from the conniving Caitlyn. Their plan was simple enough but that was before Parker knew fellow classmate Henry (David Clayton Rogers) was now a detective.

Something that revolves around disastrous bridal affairs is common in movies but this one was kind of “different” in its plotting and casting. Even still, now and again the idea behind this might bother some viewers – mainly female viewers because it emphasizes a competitive nature that some women are capable of given the right circumstances. Here it isn’t too difficult to root for a happily-ever-after because the girls aren’t trying to destroy a beautiful childhood dream as is the case in the movie Bride Wars but instead, they are trying to ruin someone’s fabricated life with potential to hurt others. Caitlyn may be wealthy and have her mother’s undivided attentions but she isn’t above lying when it will benefit her own desires. She tells a big white lie in order to secure a future like the one she is accustomed too.

Funny thing about this movie was that recently I had seen Virginia Williams in another television movie where she was the one being dumped at the alter. Her performance is certainly much more impressive here but it is Joanna and Raven who steal the show, especially Raven. She is flat-out hilarious in this role. Her Abigail has authority “issues” and she isn’t shy about saying what she feels. Casting directors couldn’t have cast two better in these roles; Raven and Joanna are prefect together and play off the other really well. Honestly, this may only be a TV movie, but I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed an on-screen girl-power duo so much. They are adorable and have some of the wittiest lines. It really impressed me how well-scripted the movie was; writers had a remarkable grip on what good comedy is meant to be. Sure there are a few jaded lines or implications left hanging, but it never did offend me because nothing was that terrible. The movie is funny and cute without being too fluffy in terms of an over-abundance of gushing romantics. True, its ending will make you sigh with pleasure (it is just so darn adorable!) and its lessons of morality may be lacking but with the right group of girlfriends or with your mom (mine loved it! We still laugh ourselves silly when we watch it), you can watch this without fear of being corrupted.

(References are made to one night stands and Abigail calls Henry’s sister a “slut.” Abigail makes a joke that Parker sleep with Tony or Caitlyn. Basically, the girls’ attitude towards sexuality is pretty loose – Parker quips that she doesn’t sleep with a guy unless they’ve dated for three weeks; some crude humor and profanity is thrown into the mix. Characters imbibe drinks more than once.)


  1. I absolutely love wedding movies--of all sorts. I keep seeing this one on TV, but I haven't checked it out yet....but I will =)

  2. This sounds pretty awesome.:] I need to check it out for a sleepover w/ my bestie!

  3. Ella - this one is adorable if not totally cliched. The first time I saw it was with my mom and we laughed our heads off. I don't know if we were just in need of a sunny mood booster or if we actually found it that comical but either way... it was hilarious. My poor father probably thought we'd lost our minds but then, it wouldn't be the first time. ;-) LOL!

    We still giggle through it today. Hope you enjoy!

    Brooke - definitely one for a girl's "night in." This one is lots of fun. :-)


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