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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Today, I am answering the questions of one of those 'tag' posts because I was 'tagged' by my good blog-y (that's not even a word, right!?) friend, Rosie! Thanks so much, Rosie! That was so sweet of you. Since I have done these before and I think everyone probably got tagged, I won't make up new questions (I wouldn't want to bore you all with repetitive ones) or chose any bloggers but I'd love  it if any (or all!) of you would accept this and use Rosie's questions - if you do, make sure you stop in again and leave a link as I would love to read your post. *smile* So without further ado... here are the questions and my answers. 

1) You're stuck on an island. What do you bring? Gosh, I haven't a clue. I'd like to think I'd be practical and chose things that would be useful. Obviously the practical side would suggest I'd want some basic provisions, though my impractical mind would want a stack of books. 
2) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Europe. Watching all of the British films that I have, I think I'd love visiting some of the grand houses and just being in the country where so many Jane Austen adaptations were made. 
3) What seems funny to you but not to anyone else? I don't know that I have anything specific to share but there has been comedy in movies or a commercial that no one else but me found funny in my family.
4) If you were the richest person in the world, how would you use your money? Since I am not a wealthy person, I don't often think about having wealth... I know there are a lot of great programs out there for the troops that would be a worthy cause. I am not above saying there'd be "selfish" wants but honestly, I don't live with that mind-set. 
5) Paperback/Hardcover or ebook? Um, no contest there - definitely the "physical" copy. I don't even own a reader, and plan on keeping it that way unless I suddenly travel a lot! Then there could be a practical reason to purchase one. (And, of course, if - heaven forbid - PB or Hardcovers are ever not published.)
6) What's your favorite past time? Basically, all the fun activities my family has done over the years. And all of the things my cousin and I used to do; swimming in the summer months or my aunt taking us out and about for pictures, etc.  
7) What's your favorite movie? To pick one... I think I'll give three titles: 
  • Amazing Grace is an incredibly wonderful Christian story - its simple script is what makes it so impacting
  • If you want a fun rom-com, they aren't much better than The Proposal 
  • "True" love stories aren't much more epic than The Young Victoria
There are the three I thought of for today... ask me tomorrow and it may be something completely different
8) You are given seven days to live, how do you spend them? Honestly, this isn't something I ponder because it is a morbid thought but... if that was all the time I had left, I'd want to spend it with those who mean the most to me and not be worrying about regrets. I'd want to live those 7 days to their potential, not wasting a second.
9) Which do you prefer: spring or winter? Winter. Spring is such an unattractive season until things green up, winter is likewise unless you have snow on the ground all the time but when the world is covered in white, it is beautiful! Usually around here, it goes from winter to summer without a nice spring! 
10) How many books do you own? (Give us an estimate) Probably around 100...? I own a lot of the little "Steeple Hill" novellas but right now I am trying to sort out my books, and already have three boxes full. I am quite proud of myself as I haven't had the desire to go through those boxes again and pull out some of the books. This is progress. *grin*
11) What's the one thing you desperately want? If I want to sound materialistic, my answer is a LAPTOP. I had an old one that worked but it quit on me about two or three years ago and I still haven't replaced it - this would be my first new one! 


  1. You're welcome, Rissi! Thanks for participating! :D

  2. Awesome answers.

    I prefer Winter too.
    If I had seven days, I'd like to spend it having fun with family.
    Regarding riches, I like the way Paul Newman did things. He started a great natural food company, donates lots, and started a great organization for sick kids.

  3. I loved your answers! I don't want a reader either - I mean, the physical book is part of the enjoyment. :)

  4. Rosie - sure! It's always fun. :-)

    Juju - thanks. :-) I am so glad you dropped by.

    - Yeah, winter is usually a "prettier" season than spring.

    - If only given 7 days? I think most of us would chose to spend those days with family.

    - The riches question is hard but I know a lot of good organizations that do a lot of good things for the troops. It would be a small way to say "thanks."

    Lydia - thanks!

    Yep... no reader for me! The only thing I would like about it would be for travelling (more practical) but since I don't travel... we're all good. :-)


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