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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey, Bloggers! I don't know how many of you buy TV on DVD or if you are "ABC fans" but if you do, bookmark the site, ABCTVCoupononDVD[dot]com. Here you will find coupons for ABC's upcoming television releases (one worth a $10.00 value!). Right now they have the first season of Revenge available. I picked up the season for $27.99 at Best Buy (price good until Saturday) and got the ten dollars off that sale price. (What a deal!) 

It is my understanding that ABC will also release a coupon for Once Upon a Time (out 8/28) and the upcoming fourth season of Castle. Just thought I'd drop by to share those savings...

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Hope you are all having a happy-faced kind of week. 


  1. I am DYING to hear your thoughts on Revenge. I love that show....and definitely tempted to buy it myself!

  2. I don't usually watch ABC. But Once Upon a Time is a GREAT exception and my mom and I were just talking about maybe buying it. THANK YOU, RISSI! :D

  3. Ella - hey! Great to see your name here again. :-)

    (Your opinion was one of the BIG reasons I wanted to see this show.)

    Okay... so my mom and I were basically glued to the TV last night obsessively (it was sort of embarrassing to be honest) watching Revenge - I'll leave you with one word: wow! The rest will come in my review. ;-)

    If you decide to snag this one, Ella, the Best Buy sale ends Saturday.

    Rosie - really!? I love ABC because of Castle. (And, I am kind of "into" DWTS now though usually I detest reality shows.)

    OH. MY. GOSH! I cannot wait to watch 'Once.' Every one whose opinions I trust was raving about it - yours is now added to that list. :-) The coupon hasn't released YET but it should ASAP. The sale price at Best Buy is $29.99 for 'Once' (starting Tuesday) and the coupon will knock ten dollars off of that which is an awesome price for a new TV show set!


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