Downton Abbey: Series Three // First Photos

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I feel like I am getting ahead of myself because (unfortunately), series three of Downton Abbey won't make it across the pond until January - February for those of us who await the DVD's. It hardly seems right that U.S. viewers cannot get it at the same time as the Brits but then... I am sure, to be fair, they have thought the same thing abut other productions we get first over the years. And yet... we do survive! Barely, mind you. *wink* Despite the fact that I haven't ever watched this on the computer... I may have to "cheat" and watch at the very least, episode one. We'll see how resolute I am while everyone is a-twitter with the excitement when it premieres overseas next month. 

Until then... I came across this charming collage of pictures from the third series today - it is the first "real" set of photos I've seen. Isn't it great!? I think it looks lovely - notice the new "roaring twenties" fashions? *squeal* To say I am excited is an understatement. This even got me to post a second time today - quite unusual for me. 

Tell me... what do you all think about this upcoming season? 
Anyone else as "giddy" about this as the rest of us? ♥


  1. I'm so excited about all of the Downton news! I love the '20s fashions, and the Sybil/Branson picture? Adorable. :)

  2. The 20's are not my favorite time period, either hair-wise or costume-wise, so I'm glad they are not cutting Mary's hair! It makes me happy to see Edith with Sir Anthony, and of course I love the picture of Matthew and Mary.

  3. AHHH! I CAN'T wait till season 3! So excited =D But you can watch it come January rather than waiting till the DVD's come out in February =)

  4. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait for Season 3--gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing! <3

  5. There has never been a time I wanted to be in Briton more...... SO, SO, SO excited!! The family and I just finished rewatching Season Two. :-D

  6. Ruth - you and me both!!! CANNOT. WAIT. :-)

    That picture of Sybil and Branson = SO adorable.

    Charity - really!? I didn't used to think I liked this era as well but thanks to books and certain costume dramas, I now do. So pretty. :-)

    Yes! Isn't that pic of Edith and her beau charming!? Love that she is going to get her "due" this series. :-)

    Natalie - me either! It looks gorgeous, doesn't it?!

    Actually, my location / reception doesn't allow for PBS to come in. :-/ It is quite distressing but... I survive. :-)

    Meghan - aren't they though!? Cannot wait to see more. :-)

    Rosie - I know, right!? That would be ideal. :-) I finished 'Downton' S2 this past winter so I am way overdue for a "fix" of my fave British series. :-)

  7. Love the outfits! Beautiful pics! I am afraid though I am not as huge a fan of Downton Abbey as so many of you all are! But those are beautiful pics nonetheless! Thanks for sharing! I did watch the first two seasons, but was not satisfied with the story. Too many flaws in the good moral characters for my liking! Very conflicted if you ask me. Not really thinking I will watch the upcoming season because of this!

  8. Eeeep! I'm SO CRAZY EXCITED for season 3!! Love the photos!!

  9. I want to start watching this show! I've heard it is VERY good and it has a lot of British actors I've seen from other shows in it, so it has to be good 8-D

  10. Season three looks good,but I am only half way through season 2,so I can wait:)

  11. aw, SOOOO pumped for season three of downton abbey. adore!
    xo TJ

  12. Hniebel - they sure are! I think these are gorgeous and can hardly await the HQ versions plus any additional images there will be!

    Really? I do "get" where you are coming from. For me, I view the characters as "humanly flawed" but not immoral. (Though that could be argued in Mary's case... sometimes.) Being flawed allows the audience to relate more in my opinion. I think S2 saw everyone changed and grow to become better people - and that is grand!

    It is okay that it just doesn't "work" for you - sometimes, I feel like I am the only one NOT liking some of the fan-girl's crazes. ;-)

    Maria - my thoughts EXACTLY!

    Miss Jack - *gasp* You've not seen Downton Abbey!? you must remedy that!! :-) It is fabulous and yes, has a great British ensemble cast.

    Ella - unfortunately, I watch these WAY too fast. Then we I am done, I feel like I should be able to immediately watch the next season! :-)

    TJ - you and me both! Aren't these just the icing on the cake!? :-)

  13. Oh my gosh am I excited or what?!? Heck yes!! I love me some downton abbey:) Love how its intriquing whils still being amazingly clean, love the sets and the clothing, love love love. the end:)

    oh and I can't wait for season three.haha

  14. Heck, yes is right! I CANNOT wait for series three. Hopefully I'll be "good" and wait for the DVD's (we don't get PBS) but if not, I may just cheat this year and watch part of it on-line. :-)

    Everything sure is beautiful about this show, Emily! And those costumes are at the center of that. :-) To say I am a Downton Abbey fan-girl would not be an understatement.

  15. love love LOVE Downton!! Have you ever heard of UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS? Apparently that is even BETTER! Gonna start it tonight;)

  16. YAY! Another 'Downton' fan. :-) It is such a special series.

    Yes, I have seen the entire first series of Upstairs Downstairs last year. In my humble opinion, 'Downton' is LOTS better. The latter is more personable... the former much less compelling when it comes to characters. Hope you enjoy it, Ginaorma. My review of it will go live sometime in the next two weeks, so drop back by to discuss. :-)

  17. *squeals and jumps up and down* I am way too excited and giddy for Downton Abbey that I almost cannot wait any longer! The released photos from Season Three are fabulous. The new roaring twenties fashions look wonderful. And with all the new characters and new plots evolving, I do believe we're about to see another interesting season. So I'm really, really, really anticipating it!

  18. *High Five*

    I am right there with you, Jemimah! Totally agree and I love the "look" of these photos.

    SO glad you stopped in, girl. :-)


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