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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good evening, readers! The newest issue of Femnista has launched - this month's theme was "Sci-Fi & Fantasy." In this issue you will meet again with countless Marvel heroes, be swept into the fascinating world of Stardust (welcome, Jessica!) and introduce yourself to the first "western" sci-fi. 

The next two themes are filling up fast but if you would like to write for Femnista, up-coming is "True Stories" and the genius of Alfred Hitchcock. Don't wait if you want to get in on contributing or if you have suggestions for any 2013 themes, please share them as we'd love your input. Here is the list of topics taken for the next issue: 

Sept / Oct 2012: Based on a True Story
Topics Taken: The Vow, Sophie Scholl, Soul Surfer, Seabiscuit, Amadeus, Catch Me If You Can, Secretariat, Walk the Line, The Social Network, Marley & Me, Freud's Last Session, The King's Speech, The Blind Side. (2 spots left.)

Submissions due: Sept 17.Sept 17

Until then, click on the link below to download the latest issue or find the "read Femnista" drop-down tab on the right sidebar to scroll through it on-line. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for (for a lack of a better term) pimping this for me. As always, I enjoy your submissions. =)

  2. Love love love this issue! I mean I love them all...but this one, just makes me happy. :)

  3. Charity - LOL! We'll go with... promoting?

    Ruth - this one was fun, wasn't it!? I've been "out of the loop" the last few days so I haven't even read much of it yet but I LOVE the layout!!! :-)

  4. This issue was fantastic! I haven't read all of the articles yet but I love what a broad range of sci-fi and fantasy shows and movies that were covered <3

  5. As always, Li! I haven't read most of it yet either (anymore, I don't sit down and read it!) but it looks wonderful! Love the range. :-)


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