Olympic Highlights: Part 1

Friday, August 3, 2012

Okay. So.. I have a confession. Basically, I promised myself I wouldn't post about the Olympic games because, well... everyone was going to be watching, writing, blogging, tweeting and posting on Facebook about them but I that has kind of already been nixed on my Twitter as I've posted a few things here and there. To change up from the norm, I thought I'd post a few of my highlights (complete with pictures!) - and then the question for you all: What have been your favorite moments and who are you rooting for?

  • Day five: The U.S. women's gymnastics team winning the gold - for the second time ONLY in Olympic history. This was awesome. I am so happy for them! They worked hard for this - this was truly a 'golden' moment for them. 

and on a side note, if you only compete in one rotation for the team - what a way to earn that 'golden' moment. McKayla nailed this vault and commentators say it was perfect. 
  • Day six: Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh's set. For the first time, I was holding my breath that they'd continue on! Four years ago, I was engrossed in their sets. 2012 is no different.
  • Day six: This relay was the first event that prompted me to stay up for the entire run of the Olympics! I was on the edge of my seat before watching Alison bring it home for the win - keep it up, girl! 

Really the entire swimming team is meeting and surpassing expectations. They are doing the USA proud. From Ryan Lochte to the young 17-year-old Missy Franklin, I am enjoying every meet - and the results. Seems this Olympic team can do more than just make a parody of a popular song. *wink* Despite the media trying their best to be dramatic and muddy these athletes, they are doing a fantastic job representing the states! Though 'the games' are not something America needs to survive, I'll admit: I am enjoying them, and sporting the red, white and blue while watching everything unfold from the comfort of my living room. It doesn't inspire the same sense of patriotism and pride as our military, seeing our flag so well represented is fabulous.

Team USA all the way! 


  1. Well, I, for one, don't mind you posting about the Olympics at all, because I love them and am following them diligently.

    I'm all for Team The Netherlands ofcourse, but I just like seeing so many different sports in such a unique world-wide event. The stories behind the athletes successes are often very interesting. I'm looking forward to the equestrian sports (mainly dressage and showjumping) most, as we have quite some chance of winning there and I just love watching equestrian sports. It's quite rare that it gets attention here, so it's a nice treat.

  2. USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^^that's me, excited. ;)

    I was SO thrilled when Gabby won the all around gymnastics final, although I though the silver medal Russian girl's floor routine was AMAZING.

  3. USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^^that's me, excited. ;)

    I was SO thrilled when Gabby won the all around gymnastics final, although I though the silver medal Russian girl's floor routine was AMAZING.

  4. I absolutely, positively adore the Olympics and have been watching every single night =) And I myself was planning on doing such a post =D

    The Women's team and all around competitions in gymnastics were my favorite....and then Michael Phelps winning (what is it now) twenty medals....Missy Franklin and Ryan Lochte. Yep. It has been great =D

  5. Birdienl - lol! Thanks! This was a fun post that went up really quick.

    I don't watch the Olympics religiously - like tonight, other than thirty mins., I watched a movie instead. It gets old after a while plus I wasn't interested in track and field.

    Cool! I hope the Netherlands do well in the equestrian. I haven't watched any of that but know that the Brits (specifically the royal family) are cheering their countrymen on. :-)

    Rachel - yes, indeed! You are so excited, girl that you commented twice. LOL! It's great though since you've been missed around here!

    Gabby's win was awesome as was the entire U.S. gymnastics win - I was thrilled for them! GO USA! The floor is always a wonderful routine to watch though the Russian's were not good sports in this competition. And that is telling.

    Ella - yes, the U.S win in gymnastics was fabulous! Loved it! The swimming has also been exciting - loved the women's relay and actually watched 'til 11 that night just to finish watching the entire competition.

    Phelps - I think he has 21 or so medals. Quite impressive.

  6. The Olympics were absolutely epic. (In the dictionary.com way, of course.) I loved every minute! Well, perhaps not-- it wasn't any fun to watch men's gymnastics fall apart in the team competition or Aly Raisman have to give up bronze, but still, they've been fantastic. And USA is holding their own!

    By the way, thanks so much for guest blogging for me, Rissi. I really enjoyed it! And I love the new format!


  7. They have been fun, AnnaKate! Because I get bored after so long, I haven't watched everything and will instead switch things up by watching a movie or show then turn back to the TV and see what happens. :-)

    The USA will not have to hang their heads coming home - they have been AWESOME so far (especially swimming). Poor McKayla was so disappointed in her self yesterday but she still 'won' in my opinion by capturing the silver. That was great for her. (Who'd have wanted to win the gold when you knew you fell?) Aly was lovely and will have a chance to win in the floor exercise tomorrow - perhaps even go 1-2 with Jordan. :-)

    Aw! Thank you! It was fun and I loved your questions. :-) I am glad you are back and had such a fun trip.


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