Olympic Highlights: Part 2

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WOW! What a wonderful 2012 summer games. I didn't even watch half of the events and/or matches and still was impressed by our U.S. athletes - well done to all of them! I'll even confess that I got caught up in some of the athletes from Great Britain. Knowing it was in England was probably reason why but it was fun to see some of their athletes do well given that they usually don't put up such a strong showing. Here is "part two" of the events that I was most interested in.
  • Day Eight: Despite thinking that he is a bit conceited - from various things I've read or heard, it cannot be argued that Michael Phelps record-breaking number of medals at the Olympic games is impressive. The reason he won two of those golds was thanks to his teammates in the relays - and the reason he won that last medal (the color being 'gold') was due to the help of his American teammates. I hope he sticks to what he says when commenting that London was his last Olympics - he'd be making a mistake coming back if you ask me. Why not go out on a win? 
The fact that the entire U.S. swim team dominated the swimming events was awesome! Hopefully they will keep to that trend four years from now, possibly led by Missy Franklin. 
  • Day Eleven: Aly Raisman's golden win on floor exercise was nearly flawless - she had less than a point of deductions and nailed her first difficult tumbling pass. After her disappointment in the all-around, it was great to see her capture bronze in balance beam (good for her in challenging the original ruling!) and that elusive gold on floor. The entire women's gymnastics team was phenomenal - congrats to the "fab" - or "fierce 5." 
Though I wish Jordyn and Aly had gone 1-2 on floor exercise (for her sake) and Gabby done the same on balance beam, again well done! They have absolutely nothing to hang their heads about. ❤

  • Day Eleven: I confess that I love watching beach volleyball because it's fast and I got "hooked" on it four years ago following May-Treanor and Jennings. This go round, they did equally well and I am thrilled at how the games unfolded with the two American teams playing in the gold medal match - how fun was that!? Loved it. (I'll confess to being partial to Misty and Kerri for the win though. *grin*)
As strange as it sounds, all I have to say is: It's a good thing the games are only every two years - it is exhausting to sit around and watch these! The fifth found me firmly planted on the couch watching the games, enjoying a lazy Sunday. By the time it came to watching a movie... I was kind of tired out of TV! Nevertheless... Team USA did their country proud! Now it's your turn. What did you like most about the games? Do you have a favorite sport? Fill up the comments section below, readers! ❤


  1. Oh my... so many things I loved about these games! Last time, I was only interested in swimming and gymnastics but this year I opened up to more events. Rythmic gymnastics, all the swimming events (not diving though...), and women's beach volleyball. I had so much fun rooting for Misty and Kerri!! Especially in that last match!

  2. I agree, the usa vs. usa match was just to good :P I was really happy for how well the swim team did, I think we did pretty well in diving too. And of course Gabby's gold and Aly's too as well as the team golds just made my day :) I absolutely loved Aly's leotard for the beam and floor finals, don't you? I loved watching team/beach volleyball, track and field, swimming, gymnastics, bmx (wow is it fast!), and several other events that are evading me right now...
    I need to go and read your other post about the highlights too!
    Keep growing beautiful!

  3. aw, gymnastics is always my favorite event! loved this years olympics. oh and can we talk about just how adorable missy franklin is. her smile is infectious!
    xo TJ

  4. Rosie - these games were great for the Americans. I am quite proud of them! (Is that my bias speaking, do you suppose?)

    Watched some of the diving but not much - and then I did miss the men's event were the American won gold. *face palm* Meant to catch a bit of the rhythmic gymnastics also but I didn't because they were shown over the weekend - I was gone for most the day Saturday and never tuned in Sunday. *sigh* That gold medal match in beach volleyball was epic - loved it! Wish it was that way every time. I rooted for Misty and Kerri four years ago so this was equally fun though more bittersweet. :-)

    Sierra - I know, right!? I thought that (USA vs. USA) was EPIC. So pleased that Kerri and Misty won though. :-)

    The swimming was equally grand - once they started winning, they never really stopped! YES! The women gymnastics team did fantastic and I was so happy for Aly winning after just being off the podium in the all-around - those girls have nothing to hang their heads for! I watched them on the late show last night and they were too cute. (Oh! Yes, those leos were adorable. They were the best representation of the U.S. :-D)

    Watched a bit of the track (not much), no bmx but definitely the volleyball. :-)

    Ha! I realized after you said that... my first post was basically the mirror same of this! Oh, well! So I am predictable. :-)

    TJ - me, too! I love that the best - it is beautiful yet displays great strength.

    Missy Franklin = adorable! I hope she returns in four years. She was not only a wonderful athlete but she had such poise for a 17-year-old.

  5. Oh, gymnastics is always my favorite!! However, I must admit that I LOVED the cuts to Will & Kate wherever they were. It'd added a little extra for me! :) haha!

  6. Oh, gymnastics is always my favorite!! However, I must admit that I LOVED the cuts to Will & Kate wherever they were. It'd added a little extra for me! :) haha!

  7. Me, too, Jennifer!

    Aw! Those shots of Will and Kate sure were sweet. :-)


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