Downton Abbey: The Wedding // New Photos

Friday, September 14, 2012

How sweet is this!? Lord Grantham seeing his little girl for the first time in her wedding gown. So precious!


Aw! The moment when first they lock eyes. *smile*
 Though this is probably premature to post since more photos of Mary and Matthew's special day are most likely to be released in the not-too-distant future, when it comes to Downton Abbey, obviously, I cannot resist posting about it. *grin* Tell me, do we think these teaser photos are stunning or what!? Thanks to Tumblr, I am so glad I came across them. Also, take a look at what I hope is an authentic picture of the family Branson. It's darling, right!? 

Have you all come across any new images of series three? If so, I'd love to see them, please share those links! 


  1. Rissi, I'll love you forever for posting these pictures!! :D Ahh I can't wait!

  2. Far as I know, these are from the Downton Abbey companion book, which was just released in the UK and hits stores in America in November. Looks like a great thing to ask for, for Christmas!

  3. These pictures make me SO happy. WoW!!! SO gorgeous!! Today & tomorrow are going to *crawl* by till Sunday!

  4. I can't wait for the next season! :D

  5. These had better be in Series 3 or so help me....;-)

  6. ahhh! I cannot wait until January!!!
    I Love downton abbey!!

  7. Ah! Hello my fellow 'Downton' fans! You guys are awesome to continue indulging my - shall we say, obsession(?) with this British jewel. Love our chats.

    Rosie - aw! Thanks - it is my pleasure to do this though sometimes I think some of my followers see 'Downton' on the title line in their dash and go, "really? Again!" LOL! ;-)

    You and me both - February cannot come soon enough. Don't ya' think we should petition whomever it would concern to get this the same time as the Brits? That'd be epic - and fair, right!?

    Charity - well... that is still cool! And would make since considering the photos aren't HQ. Whatever the case, I just hope they are authentic. :-)

    Hm... are you hinting at a Christmas gift? ;-D

    Meghan - aren't they though!? Love that this is THE season - nearly every single character (first Sybil, now the other two) are marrying this set. It is a season all fans will delight in... I hope.

    I would LOVE to know your thoughts on E1 after you see it.

    Lydia - ditto! If these photos are any indication, it will be stunning at the VERY least. :-)

    Ella - oh, they are. Never fear. They are. ;-D

    Let me know what you thought of the premiere...

    Alexandra - neither can I! Though in my case, it will be February since I cannot get in any PBS stations and must await the DVD set. I am SO paying for shipping to get it faster though. :-D

  8. The wedding and the baby! I don't think I can wait any longer for season 3 to come!

  9. No, I don't usually pander for Christmas gifts... except from my brother, who is always happy to buy me books. ;)

    You know, the episodes usually go up on Masterpiece Theatre online by the next morning, so you really don't have to wait to buy the DVD to see them...

  10. Jemimah - totally agree! These photos are so tempting. :-)

    I hope you share your thoughts on the season as I'd love to know / read them. :-)

    Charity - LOL! I was just kidding with you... but that is what brother's are for, right!? :-D

    Yeah, I know... I just have this thing about not enjoying anything longer than a 3-minute music video on the desktop. I like to be snuggled up on the couch in front of a TV screen (such as mine is!). That doesn't stop me from moaning about it though. ;-) If I had a laptop I might indulge but hey, honestly having a "rule" about not watching TV has taught me SOME patience. I couldn't resist last night and I've already pre-ordered the DVD set so we'll see if that keeps me in line. ;-D

    PS: Obviously I used the wrong word in my prior response - I meant "sense."

  11. I'm not huge on watching TV shows on my PC either, but if that's how to see them as they air (like The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who, Major Crimes, Once Upon a Time, etc), I'll do it. I'm leery about ordering things I haven't seen, and hate waiting four to six months after the series ends to catch up!

  12. Hi Rissi. I found your blog through Charity's Femnista page and have enjoyed reading it.

    I CANNOT WAIT for Downton Abbey Season 3!!!!!! I've watched every single preview and trailer I could find and am SOOO looking forward to it! I hadn't seen these pictures though. The wedding dress looks gorgeous!!

    Miss Melody Muffin

  13. Charity - yeah... it hasn't even been my thing but if ever there was something that could change my mind, it'd be 'Downton.'

    I usually go the pre-order / purchase route because I feel confident I do enough "research" plus I have a wide circle of trustworthy friends (Internet) and family who keep me up-to-date on what's good and what's not. That always helps. :-)

    Melody - great! I am glad to hear that is how you found this blog - thank you for sharing that. It is great to "meet" you; thanks for stopping in to introduce yourself, and for your kind comments - I hope this won't be your last visit either. :-)

    Aren't these just gorgeous!? I think this much anticipated event at 'Downton' will definitely live up to my expectations - Fellowes did a superb job if these photos are any indication.

  14. Downton Abbey! Obsessed! And that quote just melts my heart, "I'll never be happy with anyone else as long as you walk the earth"!
    xo TJ

  15. You and me both, TJ. :-)

    That quote is just precious, isn't it!? Love it - and how it is used on the page. So romantic. :-)


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