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Friday, September 21, 2012

Developing a fashion "look" hasn't come easy for me because... well, I used to (and probably still do to some extent) put things together that spelled disaster. When I was a teen, I wore nail polish that clashed with my shirt and nearly all of my fingers had a costume jewelry  rings adoring them. (Personally, I find it a bad look.) Fortunately that has changed (can anyone say, disaster averted!?). 

Through the years, my tastes changed and I actually picked lots of neutral colors for most of my wardrobe. My thought behind that was it would "wear" better for a longer time since you could "dress it up" by adding new accessories with jewelry or a scarf. Since orange was the "it" color this past spring/summer season, I went with brighter, bolder colors and found that color is FUN! Even while I was pulling browns or deep plum colors off the rack, I still had color in my wardrobe but I think this was the first year that I bought nearly nothing bland and found mainly colorful patterns and colors instead. 

The styles I saw this year was a lot of shirts that were "over-sized" in their design - so they were meant to fit the wearer "big." Normally I don't go for that look since I believe you should wear things that fit you properly but not skin tight. I did buy some of the shirts with that design and found them comfy and stylish. For this fall season, a color I've fallen in love with is a deep golden, yellow shade. Not only does it look nice for the Autumn season but it compliments my new hair color nicely. 

Below I've compiled photos of a few of the clothing that actually is in my closet (maybe just figuratively speaking since my closet isn't exactly housing all my clothes) and some ensembles that I just thought were cute. 
  • At home, I basically live in t-shirts and jeans so when I go out - even if only for shopping, it is fun to "dress up." I bought this cute pullover sweater at Target which will be well paired with jeans (I still live in them even when not at home).

Here is an example of what I'd put with this sweater - not liking the scarf but that bag is great! 
Also found this at Target - isn't it cute!? 
  • This tangerine color is one that really "pops"! It is pretty and is well paired with those woven bracelets

  • Cute understated look - love the simplicity, the sweater looks perfectly cozy! Though for all these looks,  I'd use a neutral bag since no matter how cute they all are, it is impractical to have one for every outfit. 

  • What cute pink stripes! I'd totally wear a shirt like this, and it is an example of the over-sized "look." If there is one thing I could say about all of these pairings, I am not really liking the jewelry. 

  • Again, a lovely ensemble with the golden yellow as the color everything pairs around 

  • This is a cute look. Last summer, I bought some tights in order to wear some of my knee-length skirts in the cooler weather. I never did that, so hopefully this year, I will. 
For fall, I am liking the bright nail polishes still "in" and the pullover/cardigan sweaters - so cozy! Just another reason I love the autumn weather - its cozy "style." *smile* Also here is a quick nail polish tip that you may all have known already: For brights, paint your nails with a coat of white then your color - it will make the color "pop" more (and it really does work!). So there you have it... a peek at my style. What is yours? Do you have a favorite style or color? Fill up the comments below! ♥


  1. Cute outfits,especially the purple one:)

  2. LOVE them all. Especially big sweaters and boots.

    Is that you? You cutie patootie!

  3. Ella - that is cute, right!? I loved it. :-)

    Love your new profile pic, girl. :-)

    Juju - I know! I love sweaters and boots - they just "scream" fall. :-) I have a pair of caramel boots that are "cowboy" styled, which were bought at Wal-Mart and though they may not be "big" anymore, I LOVE them so I am still getting use out of them.

    I'll confess I am a bit Internet photo shy, so no, as of yet, a pic of me has not appeared on-line. I believe in being cautions about what you post because once it's out there... well... it's out there! LOL!

  4. Those outfits are so cute! I love the sweater with the pumps, the pink striped shirt with the flats, and the yellow shirt with wedges the best. :D I'm with you - when I go out, I like to dress up somewhat. :)

  5. Love those outfits, Rissi! Sadly, I cannot ever seem to find anything that goes together when I'm out shopping.

  6. Ah, so cute, Rissi! I love that last one especially-- so something I would wear. And yep, I am so into cozy sweaters and happy nail polish. In fact, this summer's color was Avatar blue. ;) Call me crazy, but it made me happy... and hey, that's what fashion's about, right? ;)

    Thanks for sharing, dear! This was very fun. =)

  7. Ooooh I love the last outfit! SO CUTE. Fun post! :)

  8. Lydia - as do I! That "sweater outfit" is one I kinda want. :-D

    That golden yellow is a lovely "go-to" color for Autumn. I have a few pieces in my wardrobe that are that color but I wouldn't mind getting a cardigan yet. :-)

    Rosie - they are cute, right!? I know what you mean about the challenges of finding pieces that match but usually if you stick within the same brand you should be golden. Or that is what I've found. :-D

    AnnaKate - who isn't right!? LOL! I love fall fashion because it IS so cozy. Bright nail colors make me happy too - I am loving a green-ish color right now, it is just... lovely!

    So true - fashion is about having fun and I love that about it!

    Hope everything is going well with the move (changes) in your life.

    Maria - I would have to agree! Love it - especially the yellow cardigan! :-)

    Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  9. I think my favorite thing about it is the cozy style too!
    but I can see why you have fallen in love with that color! it is so wonderful and perfect for fall!
    I really liked this post.
    and I have been starting to like a lot of the loose fitting shirts! I am really skinny, but they look reallyy good still!
    have a great rest of your day!

  10. Great post, Rissi, I love all of the outfits you posted here--I want all of the jumpers and scarves xD I looooooooooove fall because it's personally my favourite time to dress up. Cardigans have been my thing for the past two years--and scarves!--so it's nice to be wearing them again =D

    It's funny because I've been more of a Converse girl when it comes to shoes but I'm slowly starting to get used to wearing flats (I used to find them uncomfortable--I do a lot of walking so I always thought they were not the best shoes to wear). Now if only I can procure a kick-butt pair of boots, that'd be fantastic =D Still love my Converse though <3

    Right now my colours seem to be rich shades of green and blue-violet/dark purple--they're just so rich and pretty =D

  11. Morgan - the great thing about Autumn is the cozy sweaters - and yes, that color is just do brilliant! I love how versatile it is, really.

    Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by - please do so again anytime. :-)

    Lianne - I found these pics here and there (probably on one of my rare trips to Pinterest) and thought I should snag some for a fashion post! Around here, those are rare for me to publish but it's fun every now and them.

    Fall is a GREAT time to dress up because of its rich tones and cozy styles. I love scarves but don't wear them as often as I'd like. Like you, flats weren't really mt thing either (I prefer boots or heels) but I wore a pair yesterday with a new plaid shirt and they went well with the "look" I was going for. Who knows maybe I'll end up liking them!? LOL!

    Those colors sound gorgeous, Li!

  12. I'm kind of a casual girl, although I do like to dress up. High heels, jeans, and tank tops for casual wear; black for special occasions. If it was good enough for Johnny Cash, it's good enough for me. ;)

  13. Charity - I am more of a casual girl also though I always have been more of a "girly-girl" and love my high heels. :-D My father thinks I am nuts but I'm also practical and know that I cannot wear them on long shopping trips or if I am doing a lot of walking. It just doesn't work for me.

    Ha! Love your comment about Johnny Cash and black. ;-)

    Ella - thanks! Changing things up is ALWAYS fun. :-)

  14. It's really strange seeing another Charity around since it's an uncommon name...but I think I like this. :)

    I like your fashion! Jeans and a basic t-shirt are what I wear year-around (with the addition of many layers on top during the winter). I've really fallen in love with scarfs this winter, and am wearing them almost every time I dress up. And boots. Scarfs and boots. Love them right now. :)

    1. You ladies have such a pretty name, Charity. :)

      Thank you! In recent years - probably the last two, I've tried to change things up a bit and try new things. It's been fun and you can usually find some crazy things to feed that new inspiration. Love boots! They're a fall/winter staple. :)


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