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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dear Autumn, you are not officially here yet but… you are HERE! I am so grateful for the crisp, almost chilly temperatures you have brought with you in addition to the bright sunshine. Could you please stick around for a while? Snow is not my friend.

Dear Bedside TBR-Stack-of-Books, why do you keep growing? I am apparently not a speed reader and it’s not cool that you continue to pile up. I claim no blame.

Dear Boots, I saw you all proudly displayed at Berger’s and oh, I wanted a pair. However, given that I was with dad, I thought it’d be best not to pause for shoe shopping.

Dear Deadlines, I would just ask that you please stop creeping up on me. Fortunately for you, I’ve met my most crucial one and can now breathe a sigh of relief that it has passed for a while now… but really, could you be kind to me?

Dear Downton Abbey, the fact that you chose England as your place of premiere hardly seems fair. Never mind that you are British-based, star British actors and were created by a Brit… it is just not cool! I would forgive you should you decide to premiere in the states at the same time though. Do we have a deal?

Dear Followers/Friends/Readers, have I told you all lately how awesome you are? If it weren’t for your kind comments and patience with my rambling, long posts (I promise, I am trying to taper that!), I wouldn’t still be blogging. Since we are having this conversation, tell me, which topics/subjects do you prefer best around here?

Thank you, thank you for making “year one” so much fun – should we go for a second!?

Dear October Baby Film, you actually made me get all misty-eyed - I never do that. The story you had to tell was beautiful. For that, I quite liked you. 

Dear Once Upon a Time, you are so entertaining though surprisingly, I prefer you in the “real” world not the fairytale. That surprises me. Good for you!  

Dear R, J, I and A, I cannot believe I missed your birthdays. I must ask that you all STOP growing though – I miss you all and am proud of who you are becoming. Love you.

Dear Recipes, why must so many of you be so tempting? There are mini cheesecakes. Cranberry swirl bread. Tiramisu, and oh-so-many more. You know I cannot make you all… or that is what I tell myself.

Dear Revenge, the fact that you are so morally wrong in your premise but are so clever from a story-telling perspective is really NOT fair. Having said that, all I must say is: Keep it up.

Dear Star Sweater, I am so ready to wear you with some funky jewelry. You look so cozy and warm.

Dear Sugar Cookies, you know, I am NOT looking forward to decorating you today. Apparently you have the ability to make me grumpy… but thanks to Liz, I won’t have to face you alone.

Dear Tomatoes, I sure appreciate you during the winter months preserved on the shelves as ketchup, pasta sauce and salsa but you won’t mind if I tell you, I am so tired of de-seeding, chopping and canning you, will you? My apologies but it is the truth! 

Linking up with the lovely, Emily today. 


  1. :-D Yes, another year sounds great! I love your rambling posts because on most occasions I can relate. And its nice to know I'm not the only one insane....

  2. LOVE this--especially Downton, Fall & Once Upon a Time. I personally am doing a "rewatch" of OUAT episodes {all that are on Hulu, though.} until the 30th. =D

    {Nice Castle header, by the way! ;)}

  3. That was totally precious. I loved it. I'm soooo with you on Fall. :)

    LOVE the header!
    One more week.

  4. Dear Bedside TBR-Stack-of-Books, why do you keep growing?

    LOL the eternal question for me too ;)

    Love your new header/layout btw! =)

  5. I enjoyed this post.
    I might steal it and do my own version of it:)

  6. Love this post! I laughed over every one I think. :-) It's great that you can tomatoes! Maybe next spring, I'll try a tomato patch and adventures in canning. :-)

  7. This was a blast....and I must say I quite agree with you on the Revenge one....

    And're not kidding. But I met my big one as well, which is good

    And could always "cheat" you know ;-)

  8. This post is FABULOUS. =D

    I've avoided your recent recipe posts since I'm low-carbing again. The up side means feeling better and losing weight -- the down side means no cookies/muffins/everything I love most for awhile. =P

  9. Rosie - thanks! Your kind comments mean a lot to me and I appreciate you reading those posts. :-)

    LOL! Yep, we "insane" writers must stick together. You are not alone, friend!

    Meghan - this was SO fun to put together. I must credit Emily though but still... I got way too much enjoyment out of it plus it went up super quick. Love those posts. :-)

    Just finished 'Once' so do be sure to drop back by with your re-watch impressions when I put that review up as I'd love reading them!

    Thanks - using anything Castle for the design is always easy. :-)

    Juju - thank you for reading! As always, I enjoy your lovely feedback. :-)

    Thanks! Those pics are cute, right!?

    Lianne - I know! To say I am annoyed with my TBR stack of books is an understatement - it is SO not my fault! LOL!

    Aren't those photos of Stana and Nathan adorable!? I saw them on Tumblr and I thought, "NEW HEADER!" Ironically, I had just changed the header but hey, it is too much fun to NOT put up new ones frequently. :-)

    Ella - thank you for taking the time to read; this was sure fun to put together! Please do "steal" this idea. Trust me, it is not only a quick write up but is fun. :-)

    Gwendolyn - you are the one who should be thanked for taking the time to read! SO... thank you! LOL! I am amazed I could write that many 'letters' that would be comical. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    My mom has canned garden produce ever since I can remember. We live on an old farm that is no longer a dairy farm so there is plenty of space for a garden - and my parents take advantage of that. :-) I sure enjoy the profits of the labor but yeah... I am totally burnt out of all the tomatoes. (This year there was an insane amount of them too.) Fortunately for us, it is slowing and the first freeze is forcasted for this weekend so we are nearly through. YAY!

    Good luck with your garden!

    Ella - yes, indeed. Revenge is awesome (just emailed you!) but it could use a moral check. :-) Still... it makes up for it in other things.

    Deadlines are not my friend. I used to feel so much more organized but I've overwhelmed myself with book reviews and such. My fault, I know.

    Trust me, I am sorely tempted to "cheat" with 'Downton.' Really, I am. It is the one thing that could tempt me but I've held off. I did pre-order it and paid the extra to have it delivered the day of release but I am not sure if that will hold me. *sigh* We shall see.

    Charity - thanks! I had lots of fun with it.

    Oh, I get where you are coming from! I wish I had more self control. It is horrible how much I "snack" sometimes and then other times, I am quite disciplined. *sigh* Guess that is all a part of human behavior. We are strange creatures.

    Love each of your sweet comments, friends - you are all so much fun to blog with! Thanks for making this an experience that I am still loving. Now that we've done this once... tell me, should we do it again in the near future? As my loyal readers, I always appreciate your feedback...


  11. I love fall. I'm waiting for it to get colder here so I can bundle up and walk down and get the punkin spice thing at Starbucks.


  12. downton abbey definitely has to start premiering in the states at the same time. addicted!!
    and so excited for autumn and the start of layering :)
    xo TJ

  13. I wish that I had a "book piling up" problem. I read so much and so fast that I'm always scrambling trying to find something to read!

    I'm really curious now to watch Once Upon a Time - I'm a hopeless addict of anything remotely fairy-tale-ish. :)

  14. Lydia - aw! Thanks! We'll keep it up around here... so stick around. :-)

    Miss Jack - as do I. It is such a lovely, nearly "perfect" season.

    Starbucks = YUM! I love their seasonal drinks. Really, who could beat that? :-D

    TJ - agreed! Do you suppose we could start a petition? I'd so be in!

    Layering is great. I probably don't do it as often as I could but I'll see it done in a magazine or somewhere and love it - wish I would use scarves more often as I think they look great with layers.

    Kellie - really!? I am in major "meltdown" mode about books. I am a part of several of the review programs so despite it all, it is my own fault. *sigh* Oh, well! I'll get through - hope you can find something to read! I've got several fiction reviews up coming if that is your preferred genre. :-)

    'Once' = fabulous entertainment! Stop in again in the next few days as I should have the S1 review posted on or by Monday. My mom and I just finished it and were quite impressed by its climax. Hope you enjoy!

  15. I ♥ Dear Revenge! lol. And completely agree on Dear Deadlines....I so hate deadlines

  16. Thank you, Shai. :-) Revenge is a great show from a script POV but its character's are lacking when it comes to moral judgment.

    Deadlines are NOT my friends. They never seem to give me a break and yeah, it's annoying!

    Thanks for dropping by!


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