Castle, Season Four (2011)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

In its most bold, darkest move yet, Castle’s third season-ender was a devastating one. Those of us who where avid fans of the show “knew” that Detective Beckett wouldn’t die from her life-threatening injury but that didn’t mean we weren’t white-knuckled awaiting its resolution.

Time stops. It seems as if your world is ending and yet, no matter the effort you put into it, there is nothing you can do to change the course of uncontrollable events. This is where writer-turned-amateur detective Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is at. His real life “Nikki Heat,” Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) just took a sniper bullet to her chest at the funeral of her boss. Catching the glint of the rifle a moment too late, Castle is only able to whisper his confession of love to Kate before her world goes black and she is rushed to the hospital where her current boyfriend, Josh (Victor Webster) is a doctor. Barely living through the surgery, Kate makes a full recovery but claiming no memory of the shooting – or anything for that matter, she requests space from Castle while she heals, a process that takes her away from the city retreating to her father’s cabin. Months later when she finally returns to active duty, she finds the politics of the office much different.

There is a new boss at the 12th precinct whom detectives Esposito and Ryan (Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever) refer to as “Iron Gates” in Captain Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald). Beckett’s return also reveals that between Esposito and Ryan, and Castle, no one found a solid lead on her shooter and before they could press on with their latest evidence, Captain Gates revoked Castle’s participation and shut the investigation down. At home, Castle is struggling with letting Alexis (Molly Quinn) plan for college – especially when that college is on the other side of the country and is chosen because of a boy! It would seem he will need more than his mother, Martha (Susan Sullivan) and her sometimes questionable advice to get him through saying good-bye to his little girl.

Ah! Castle and Beckett – or “Caskett” as they’ve been dubbed – which when you think about it is kind of morbid right!? – were back for another season of crime-fighting that somehow, they always make fun! Seriously how many crime procedurals can boast such a feat? This is one that not only has it down to what is nearly a science but is certainly the one show that seems to get away with making murder… entertaining!? Warned about a “darker” season I didn’t find much altered in this series of installments save for the emotional feelings and failings of Becket resulting directly from her shooting. As a viewer who knows this is mere fiction, it was hard to watch the heroine struggle with so much pain, anger and sometimes, confusion – we want so much more for Beckett and seeing her so unlike herself was sometimes hard. Pushing away people seems her strong suit which is why, when it comes to the finale, we are more than a little giddy at her initiation to pull Castle, um, closer, shall we say. *wink*

Before moving on, it seems only fair to mention that I tire easily of premises that refuse to move forward, and unfortunately for it, Castle is one that seems stuck in the past to say nothing of being “frightened” of the “Moonlighting curse.” As a girl who actually has seen that entire run of that 1980’s show starring a young Bruce Willis and Cybil Sheppard, I can assure you that while I did find many of the writer’s choices odd – to say the least – putting Willis and Sheppard’s character’s together was most definitely not one of those disappointments. It was one of its redeeming qualities and I see no different scenario in upcoming seasons of Castle. If you watch ABC, some of the best episodes are parodies of some of their other programming including a hilarious spoof of Dancing with the Stars (“A Dance with Death”), the ripped-from-the headlines case in a “Occupy Wall Street” type case in easily one of the best episodes (“47 Seconds”) and a fascinating case in “Once Upon a Crime” that pays homage to ABC’s Once Upon a Time (can we say brilliant, please).

So (SO) much about this season was brilliant not the least of which was seeing a “vintage” Beckett and Castle in “The Blue Butterfly” or Kate nearly being taken out of Castle’s waiting arms when a British agent partners up with them. Oh! Or, Castle working with a pushing-the-rules detective in what Ryan calls “cheating” on his team. Really, there isn’t a subpar concept, case or subplot in the entire lot. As usual, I adore Castle and Alexis together. Watching her attempt to decide what to do now that it’s time to go to college was precious and I wished that I’d seen more of her and Castle inter-acting when she is interning with Laney (LOVED that minor addition!). For the few of you who may not have seen the much talked of finale, seeing it was really the icing on the cake. I loved that Kate laid most, if not all of her demons to rest after nearly dying a second time because of her obsession with her mother’s murder and the interaction between Stana and Nathan was ratcheted up ten times to create more sparks that any season before. It’s one ending that even Castle couldn’t have written better.

(What to know: There are some winking references between Beckett and Castle and as a result some minor, flirty sexual dialogue [nothing ever goes too far]. Some cases involve sexual dalliances including a victim who slept with multiple women prior to his death; Laney comments once that she and her ex occasionally enjoy “booty calls” with a no strings attached implication. Victims die numerous different ways, sometimes with more blood than others [one victim is found naked, appropriately covered]. Bodies are seen in the morgue usually covered appropriately with a sheet. Swearing is infrequent but includes standard issue uses [da*n, sh*t, GD, etc.]. The rating is TV14.) 


  1. Ah, how I love Castle.....and this season was fantastic!!! Soe said it was darker? I didn't find it to be uch different than previous ones......anyway, I shall add THIS to my long e-ail to you....which I can write now (and continue blogging) now that my dear friend has left =(

    1. You and me both, girl! This season was FANTASTIC, Ella - I loved the spoofs, Alexis' new internship, Castle/Beckett dynamics... and just everything!

      Actually the creator remarked on the season as a whole being darker. I saw that in some reflections but wasn't disappointed by it and he assures that this season is back to its light-hearted nature! YAY!

      Sorry that your friend's visit is over (*sad face*) but I'll be happy to hear from you again girl! You've been terribly missed. :D Looking forward to seeing you around here again... and hearing from you!

  2. Newly addicted! Watching the latest season on Hulu and enjoying it. :) Great show.

    1. Welcome to the club, my friend. :)

      We are delighted you discovered this one! I've watched a random episode here and there of season five but will mostly be watching it in September when the DVD set arrives. Excited! (Especially knowing all I do after reading spoilers. ;D)

      If you ever decide to start from season one, I'd be curious to know what you think - as with everything this show has grown leaps and bounds in five years! So much goodness. :)

    2. I'm really enjoying it! Psych is still my top fav (and I have a new episode for tonight! so pumped) but this one is also good. Id love to start from Season 1 sometime...there was one episode in which Castle and the girl spent a bunch of time reminiscing, and played a bunch of old footage...really wanna see the original. :)

    3. Haven't watched Psych as of yet, Charity although its promotional spots leave me in stiches. Ironically, that's probably the ONLY USA show I do not watch. Hope you enjoyed its new episode!

      Ah, yes! I saw the teaser for that Castle episode. It looked like a great "catch-up" time of reminiscing. Sometimes those can be boring (only because of the stories progression - if it's moving in the direction fans want, we are impatient to see it continue) other times, it's very well done. All that footage *would* make viewer's curious; I'm just glad you are enjoying it! I think it is probably my mother's favorite show. She gets more excited about it than even I do. ;)


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