Hart of Dixie, Season One (2011)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hart of Dixie

After being left with a bad taste from a now-cancelled CW show that had promise (and then promptly squandered it), I haven’t really been too interested in their network but this small-town drama piqued my interest, and despite my best intentions, it wouldn’t let go.

Following in her father’s footsteps is all New Yorker, Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) ever wanted. Much to her publicist mother’s horror, Zoe went to medical school and is now doing her residency at a bustling hospital on her way to being a promising surgeon. She just has one teeny, tiny problem: Her bedside manner is sorely lacking. When the fellowship was vying for goes to someone else, Zoe is left with little more than a general practice option. 

This leads her to a small town practice in Alabama suspiciously left to Zoe by its proprietor. Up against a loyal community with loyalties and ties to Dr. Brick Breeland (Tim Matheson), Zoe struggles to find a welcome in Bluebell. Also crossing her path are George Tucker (Scott Porter), the town's handsome lawyer, and Wade (Wilson Bethel), her annoying but charming neighbor.

Though it’s a much “hipper” show likely catering to a younger demographic, Hart of Dixie is good “old-fashioned” fun. Wit that sparks easy laughter and characters that endear themselves without trying lead towards the perfect balance. This all makes this that one show of the year that has captured my attentions in every respect. And all while making it look effortless. This show has pizzazz. It frustrates us (Zoe’s misplaced loyalties) only to then surprise us with its restraint.

Let me start with those characters. Before I answer the “why,” I'll just say this, I love nearly all of them! Each has failings and strengths. A group of lovable characters led by the comedic, mistake-prone Zoe. In Zoe, Rachel gives us a characterization that might not convince me as a doctor, but is such a “messy” character, it's impossible not to like her. Somehow all her attempts to fit into the close-knit community of Bluebell backfire with forgivable and humorous results. If her antics don’t make you chuckle, I am not sure what will. She and Wade are fantastically fabulous together while the would-be relationship she has with George should have been left closed instead of the back-and-forth drama. 

Early on, I wasn’t all that fond of Wade and even at the finale, I'm still warming to him. This said, I cannot argue that he and Zoe have something. I love that he brings out a bit of her wild child side and she makes him want to be better. Because of its (mainly) wholesome nature, it is one TV romance I don’t mind rooting for… if only Zoe would get George off her mind. Characters you will also meet are Lemon Breeland (Jaime King) and Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams).

So many of the installments are memorable, all of which sparkle with plenty of personality. If there is one thing you should know about the show is that it’s southern from the top of its head to the tip of its toes. It’s a mechanism meant to contrast the difference of city living in NYC and a small town. Likewise a bit outrageous is the clothing Zoe wears (but Rachel rocks most the looks). The writing has a good grip on nearly every situation and no matter how crazy some of the situations are the show is infectious. It possesses a big ‘hart.’

CONTENT: There are two scenes of couples in bed together [once clothed, the second sheets appropriately drawn up] and they share some conversation. Another woman almost sleeps with someone but decides against it [there is a joke about condemns], later a best friend sleeps with a guy under the ruse of discovering if he’s “gay.” Various remarks are sexual in nature but usually not graphic. A young teen gets drunk and nearly dies from alcohol poisoning. Some of the medical problems that arise involve blood including a child birth scene in the pilot in which the mother supposedly didn’t “know” she was expecting [this leads Zoe to quip that the town didn’t have good sex education]. Profanity is limited to commonplace swearing da*n, h*ll and the like. The show is rated TV14.


  1. Hm. Haven't heard of this one. Great review, Rissi!

    1. It's really cute, Rosie but not without its flaws! I was hooked nearly from the first episode, my mother wasn't until a couple in but she even wound up finding it addictive. Loved the cast and humor. :)

  2. I adore this show! Season 2 is more scandalous but still fun.

    1. You and me both, Juju! It was your comments that made me more excited to check into this... so thanks! Season 2 is more scandalous!? I cannot imagine that. ;D

  3. I only watched a few episodes of this show but I'm kind of sad that it was cancelled. I absolutely LOVE Rachel Bilson!
    xo TJ

    1. You should watch the entire run sometime, TJ - it's really a little jewel of a show. The humor is great and Rachel Bilson (though not entirely convincing as a doctor) is FANTASTIC. Loved her character. :)

      To the best of my knowledge, this show has not been cancelled and is in fact in its second season. Perhaps I haven't seen the announcement yet though...?


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