Little Letters: Edition Three

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dear Blog, I just wanted you to know that I sorta like how you are looking these days. Yes, you are in the same general “pattern” but it suits us. Now, for an idea once the Christmas/winter season rolls around (yes, I am a long-range thinker) – what should I deck you out with!? I cannot help that I am a bit compulsive when it comes to which photo shoot images I could use and changing things around here – what can I say you make it too much fun! Now… if only designing had nothing to do with HTML coding. I detest that part.

PS: Allow me to put a question to you, readers and friends – do you have any idea websites that offer simplistic layouts or designs? Sound off below in the comments if you do!

Dear Drafts, if you weren’t so ridiculously daunting, I might be motivated to actually set a game plan to finish more of you and then hit the little orange “publish” button. As it is, you and I seem mortal enemies right now. The problem must lie with you.

Dear Fall 2012 Television Season, please quite growing! I am in awe of how many new seasonal shows you have managed to snag me with. In order to play fair, you will please restrict yourself from creating so many unique concepts. That’s my order.

Dear Fall Colors, wow! What more can be said!? You were stunning this year – your cascade of autumn gorgeous-ness was without equal. How can anyone say creation evolved? Obviously, only a true Creator could have painted your dress so beautifully.

Dear Giveaways, I am so glad I hosted my first one in spite of myself. To be honest, you are a lot of fun! I cannot wait for my Christmas one to begin – only 60-some more days to go!  Shall we countdown?

Dear Kuerig Coffee Machine, you have not yet converted me into a coffee drinker but I sure enjoy your single serve Café Escapes (your new Café Carmel flavor is to die for!), apple cider and hot chocolate. Thanks for nothing.

Dear Lianne, thanks so much for linking up last time! You rock for doing that.  

Dear Movie, wow you were good! I wasn’t sure Liam Neeson could give more to his role as Bryan Mills but HE DID. Liz wasn’t kidding when she said it was as good as the first film. That being said, if you’d ever get ‘Taken’ again, I may have to wonder at your mental sanity.

Dear Nashville, wow! I expected nothing from you as a television drama (save for maybe some “soapy entertainment”) and what I came away with from your pilot episode was the creativity for a decent, potentially fabulous show. Don’t mess it up.

Dear Readers, goodness, I cannot thank you enough for the lovely response you’ve all had to this meme posting. It has been loads of fun for me to write so thank you for reading it and encouraging its presence on this blog. Your input is important to me.

Dear Taylor Swift, I take back everything I said in my last “letter” to you. Almost.

Dear Weekend, you arrive in a flurry, announcing your presence by tempting us with chilly Saturday mornings that beg for us to laze around in bed thinking or reading and then… you are just gone. If you could start cutting into the work week more, I’d be forever in your debt!

Do you have a ‘little letters’ post jumbling around in your mind? If so, why not link up!? Drop by anytime with a link; we’d enjoy reading your spin on this fun meme. 


  1. I love these posts. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the holidays and I'm very curious of what shows you're hooked on :)

  2. Love these posts, Rissi! Especially the comment for Taylor. Hehe.

  3. I love your blog design!
    The Fall colors this year are really pretty!

  4. Yes, yes, and yes to the "Taylor" letter. She's growing so much in her musical and lyrical ability!

    As to web designs, let me know if you'd ever like any help whatsoever. =) I've been dabbling in the world of blog design for months now (although my current design is not my own) and am actually just about to launch my own new design. So if you need me, just holler. =) You know where to find me!

    And can I just say how much I love this? Yes? Okay. When I get my blogging act together, I'm so linking up. =) xo

  5. Juju - thanks! I enjoy writing them. Since Christmas is one of my most favorite times of the year, I am going to be super excited to design something new around here - I can't decide what though! There are too many options - do I go classy? Funky? Simple? *sigh* It's never-ending, right!? LOL! I love your "silhouette" designs: If I may ask, do you do them or someone else?

    Shows: Loved Nashville and the CW version of 'Beauty' has potential. Most of all? I am addicted now to Hart of Dixie! That is partly your fault I'll have you know. :-) LOL! There are lots more that I've not even watched... yet!

    Rosie - thanks! I had to take back nearly everything I wrote about Taylor because, well... I am liking her new sound even though the stories are the same. How about you?

    Ella - thank you! This one went up easily - and yes, because of those fall colors, my purpose here was to use fall colors. They are always lovely aren't they!? This year nature was particularly brilliant!

    AnnaKate - isn't she though!? I am loving her new sound even though the "stories" of her songs are much the same. I am hoping that this is the start of more growth for her sound and lyrics. Cannot wait for next week to get my hands on the full album!

    YAY! I appreciate the offer for blog design advice/help. I detest HTML coding so need all the help I can get! I'll be on the look-out for your new design and perhaps will contact you about the Christmas design. I like to think I'd want something simple but different so we could come up with something unique but not too drastic. Trying to thing of some ideas I'd like...

    Ooooh! I'd love for you to link up - any time! I don't think this is going to be a weekly posting but I am hoping to keep it up at least bi-weekly or a set amount of times per month - at least until everyone gets tired of it. ;-D Can't wait to read yours!

  6. Some of the stories are the same but I don't think all are. I'm with you, I like this new sound. :-)

  7. haha! always so fun to play around with design.

    i'd recommend pugly pixel -- great, simple layouts. they're just quirky enough, but so calming to the eyes. : ) xo!

  8. Teeheehee, I love these "little letter" posts . . .

    I have the same feeling about the Kuerig Coffee Machine. My dad got one for Christmas and I thought, "ooohhh, now I'll like coffee because it's so easy and chic with this cool machine . . ." and somehow it didn't quite work out.

    If I use it I dump half the coffee cup out, and replace it with loads of sugar and flavored creamer (so much that the family gets irritated that I'm using so much expensive creamer), and then drink half of that :)

    Fabulous though for Chia tea!

    Did you buy one, or occasionally use one from the family?

  9. Rosie - I'm with you: This new sound suits Taylor! CANNOT wait to hear the full album next week. :-D

    Bridget Anne - it is, isn't it!? It's the reason why I change it so darn often. :-)

    Thanks so much for that site - I appreciate it! And for dropping by - do so again sometime.

    Camille - thanks! These are a chance for me to try writing something different - and work at using some humor! Whether or not that is working out, remains to be seen. ;-D

    Kuerig - that story is funny about your dad. :-) It was the opposite at my house: My mother wanted one but dad (the coffee drinker in the family) thought that was silly. We got her one for her birthday and now a few years later, my dad is ADDICTED to it. He can't go without it (we had to replace the original one a while back). Now we all enjoy it - I'm not a coffee drinker (unless it's the iced drinks at Strabucks with whipped cream) but I enjoy the chai latte and hot chocolate plus the Cafe Escapes are delicious! Your version sounds tasty - possibly the only way I'd drink coffee. :-) My family has a machine in our house and it works for us.

    Thanks SO much for the follow, Camille - drop by and share your input anytime!

  10. I hope you can find a nice blog idea layout! I've been looking for a site kind of what you are looking for too.

  11. I think fall is passing me over this year! Leaves haven't even begun to change around here and it's killing me! I'm ready to harness fall in all it's wonderful sights, smells and TASTES...but it's hard to when the leaves are still as green as can be and it's still hot in the afternoons! :) Linked-up!

  12. Jack - as do I. If I find one I like and is easy to use, I'll have to share it. :-)

    Kellie - really!? Wow, in the mid west, they are well past peak now but goodness they were LOVELY this season. Hope you enjoy some color yet! Seeing leaves still green doesn't help in getting into the fall season - I'd agree with that!

    Thanks SO much for linking up! Loved reading it!

  13. Rissi, I just heard Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble," and everyone complaining a lack of variety in her music has officially been put to shame. (Such as myself, hehe.)

    As to the design, absolutely, dear. You just let me know. =) You have my email, right?

  14. Cool! I like 'Trouble' but don't think its my fave of her four new songs - all I know is I am impressed by what I've heard thus far and cannot wait for the full-length album! So excited.

    That sounds great, AnnaKate - and yes, I'm sure I still have your email. Just to throw this out there: I am thinking about a "winter theme" with snowflakes and in that a "delicate" design/look. Hopefully I will get my thoughts organized and come up with something - soon!

  15. Aww, thank you for the shout out *hugs*

    LOL that's me with my drafts at the moment; I've got so many saved but alas, none of them are ready to be posted xP (though to be fair I was ready to work on them on Saturday but my site went down for the entire weekend)

    I agree re: the autumn colours, don't know if it's just me paying attention this time around but they sure are pretty...I especially like it when the red comes out, in previous years there weren't as many...

  16. THANK YOU for participating - I always enjoy reading your 'letters.' xx :-)

    Drafts - they are annoying me right now but I do think since I wrote that, I've made progress and that makes me ridiculously happy. Sorry about your site being down over the weekend - that is one of the most irritating things ever (or when the Internet fails you in general). :/

    The colors this year were stunning but what's sad is that most people don't take the time to stop and enjoy them. My family annually takes a drive and though we go the same route, and the scenery doesn't change, it's just that gorgeous! Leaves must prefer a dry year!


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