Little Letters: Edition Four

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dear Apple, you know that commercial that is supposed to be about you without actually saying that it’s a spoof of your in-demand products? It’s kinda amusing. Yes, thank you we have experienced déjà vu.

Dear BBC/ITV, you've done it again. I applaud you.
Dear Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, you two were hilarious together at the CMA’s this year. Yes, some of your jokes were tasteless but that whole (ridiculous) ‘Gangham Style’ thing… yeah, it was the best part of the entire show.

Dear Button-Down Shirt, before 2012, you were absent from my closet. Now, you’ve become a staple. How’d that happen?

Dear Computer, so… it wasn’t very nice of you to quit on us. I knew you were tired in addition to being an antique but really did you have to quit now!? That being said… I admire your strategy. You’re good. Very good. (Thanks. I think.)

Dear Fashion, despite tending towards “preppy” styles and polished elegance, I cannot help how much I am loving what’s “in” these days. It surprises me that I am going for the bolder colors and looks that I’d never thought were “me,” but your trends are growing on me. I may thank you but the finances don’t.

Dear Juju, goodness sakes! I so agree with you about Hart of Dixie. Your thoughts on it were spot-on and asking your opinion was the last confirmation I needed to break down any lingering reservations I had about the show. I do thank you for that but at the same time, you won’t mind if I blame you just a teeny bit for adding to the addiction I have of yet another show. Will you?

Dear Kellie, thanks for linking up. It’s fun!

Dear Readers, thanks for your lovely comments from the past week! I know I was absent and they were a lovely thing to find upon logging in. Thanks for being so fun to blog with.

Dear Target, why do you have to be so darn fun to walk through? I swear just as I am about to “move on” and actually shop for the practical things I went into the store for, you snag my attention with some other cool decoration, clothing item or jewelry. Thank you. I like you.

Dear Thanksgiving, wow! How is it that you are less than a week away? That's insane. No matter how unprepared you make me feel, at least I'll get a tasty meal from it.

Dear Tumblr, I’ll have you know that I merely signed up with you as a place to post my blog links and was in fact not impressed with you for a long time. Now, I owe you an apology. I am addicted to your GIF photo sets (gah! Those ‘Downton’ wedding shots were STUNNING…. and then you broke my heart with the spoilers of ‘Downton’) and love that so many feature my favorite shows. Spoilers? Yes, please!

Do you have a ‘little letters’ post jumbling around in your mind? If so, why not link up!? Drop by anytime with a link; we’d enjoy reading your spin on this fun meme.


  1. I love walking through Target too. *sigh* If only there was one nearby. lol It's so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week! Unbelievable. :)

    1. Target is kinda magical, Rosie. I love it's "style" in nearly everything from home décor to clothing (seriously, I go crazy in the clothing department!). I don't go often but do love it. :)

      I am in "awe" that next week is Thanksgiving. This year, my family is hosting so that means plenty of work is ahead of me next week. Busy days!

  2. Too bad your computer shut down for abit (but they tend to do that).
    I want to go to target soon and try some of the products. Have you tried them?

    1. I know! When the computer goes, I get rather annoyed but everything is good again. :)

      Love Target! Their products are so stylish and classy. E.L.F is not a brand I've tried, Ella. I love Maybelline, L'Oreal and CoverGirl though! Maybelline has an awesome new nail color line and I just saw an add for CG that showed some neat new nail polish colors also. So fun!

  3. *after skipping any potential Downton spoilers* (I haven't seen S2 yeat, hehe)

    Again, yes, yes, yes and yes. I just love Target! =) Everything in that place seems like it was made for me. And what can I say to BBC? Only that without them, my television life would cease to exist. =)

  4. Oh, also... you have a tumblr? =D Would you mind providing the links so that I might follow you?

    1. *GASP*

      Girl, you've not seen S2 of 'Downton' yet!? If you enjoyed the first, AnnaKate you must see it. I'm watching S3 now and hope that when you get there, you'll stop by and chat about it (my review will go live soon).

      Target is totally awesome. What else can we say!? :D

      BBC is equally fabulous - I love what you said about your TV life not being in existence without them. That is true!

      I do have a Tumblr page! For a while, I basically ignored it because I wanted it to be just for my review links but I've had some fun with it and love to hit the "heart button" and re-blog things. Sure, you can drop by/follow my Tumblr - I've love that. :) You can find the link (the heart) up under my "welcome message" on the right sidebar or find it here:

    2. Thanks muchly, dear! =)

      I know, I know... I really am dying to see it, but my family only has instant watch Netflix, and because the owners of Netflix are evil they haven't put S2 on yet. I'm really-really-really dying here. haha

    3. WHAT IS WRONG WITH NETFLIX!? Seriously? That is not appropriate to hold-out like that. It's insane how popular the series is now - hope they get it soon, girl!

      Enjoy, AnnaKate - it's lovely. :)

  5. lol, I don't know if I want to ask how old your computer is ;) Glad to hear it's working again, computer problems are such a pain =(

    Button-down shirts are such a staple in my closet (especially during grad school), I <3 them

    I got so confused last week because I thought your Thanksgiving was last Thursday! Apparently they're just starting the Black Friday shopping events early -_-; lol

    1. We were just trying to decipher that (the computer) the other day... it's got to be over ten years old. That is... bad. In my book, that constitutes an antique for a PC, right!? Anyway, we're set up with a new one now - YAY! So excited. Who knew a new computer could be so fun... and fast!?

      I've not got many button-down shirts but I have a couple plaid shirts (who knew plaid could be so cute?) and a jean one that I love and am looking forward to pairing with some sweaters. :)

      Yeah... it's hard to keep track of one's own holidays - who can keep up with everyone else's right?! LOL! Black Friday is INSANE here! Now it runs the entire week up to the day PLUS that day is crazy busy. The closest I get is the footage on TV. :D

      Thanks so much for linking up, Li!


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